Rector Family

Rector Family

To everyone researching the Rector's from NC and Virginia. I have traced my family back to John Rector (born between 1736-1740) in Virginia. John was the son of (Johannes) John Rector born March 31st, 1707 Germany, who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Hope in September, 1734. He then settled in Germantown, Fauquier County, Virginia. John was the grandson of Jorge Heinrich Richter and Anna Maria Drupler. Jorge Heinrich was the son of Christoff Richter, formerly a citizen of Magdeburg. Most of this information can be found in the Germanna Records #4, available through the Germanna Foundation.

After selling his land in Virginia, John Rector is said to have came to NC with his four sons, Lewis, Benjamin, John, and Ephraim. Some of these boys ended up in different parts of NC. Lewis went to Buncombe County, Benjamin to Alexander County, and Ephraim to Burke County. At least three of these sons can be traced through the NC census records which I am also adding to these pages. I have not been able to trace John at this time. It is possible that he left the state altogether.

I am continuing to work on these lines and if anyone has anything to add to them I would love to hear from you.

This is a new site and I am in the process of adding my materials so please check back often. Happy hunting to all!


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North Carolina

Civil War Troops, NC
Delayed Births of Madison County, NC
Land Records
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North Carolina Cemetery Records
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Land Records
East Early TN Marriages (Grooms)
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Family Photos
Marshall, NC Photos Page 1
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Rector's Corner
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North Carolina

Madison County:

County Home/Riverside Cemetery
Dry Pond Cemetery
Frank RectorCemetery
Frank Rector Cemetery Page 2
Oak Hill Cemetery
Pritchard Cemetery
Rector's Chapel Cemetery
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Station Cemetery

Gaston County:

Edgewood Cemetery

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