Maryland Reddish Vitals &  Land Records

MD Reddish Marriages:
John Reddish m. Elizabeth Goddard 1 Jan 1810 in Somerset Co.
George Reddish m. Eliza Ann Holland 24 Jan 1825 in Somerset Co.
Charlotte Reddish m. Thomas Goddard 18 Mar 1825 in Somerset Co.
Eleanor Reddish m. Thomas Jones 15 Aug 1804 in Somerset Co.
Hetty Reddish m. Thomas Hopkins 3 Aug 1797 in Somerset Co.
Nelly Reddish m. Zachariah Humphris 13 June 1810 in Somerset Co.
Tarsey Reddish m. James Handy 5 Jan 1802 in Somerset Co.
Zipporah Reddish m. Ezekiel Maddux 21 June 1824 in Somerset Co.
Thomas Reddish m. Rachel McDannel 1 Jan 1806/7 in Baltimore.
Elizabeth Reddish m. Lewis B. Elliott 5 Oct 1777 in Somerset Co.
Elzenian Reddish m. William Phillips 23 Aug 1841 in Somerset Co.
Eliza Jane Reddish m. Henry W. White 20 Jan 1852 in Somerset Co.
Nicholas Reddish m. Mary Elzey 24 Oct 1832 in Somerset Co.
James Reddish m. Lucretia Starr 25 June 1825 in Baltimore Co.
Hieron Reddish m. Elizabeth Johnson, widow 10 Oct 1753 in Somerset Co.
Sarah Reddish m. Hugh Kennedy 25 July 1745 in Somerset Co.
William Reddish m. Nancy Livingston 1820/30 in Worcester Co.
Martha Reddish m. John Colerick 31 Dec 1844 in IN
John Reddish, s/o John Reddish & Eliza Goddard, m. Sally A. Staten 20 Apr 1863 in Worcester
Joseph Reddish m. Margaret Holly/Hobbs 21 Sep 1741 in Talbot Co.
Robert Reddish m. Mary Kelly 29 Jan 1800 in Dorchester Co.
John Radish m. Elr. Johnson 22 Mar 1799 in Worcester Co.
Martha Reddish m. Gabriel Walters, a relative of Archer Walters 21 June 1719 in Aderly, MD.
Jane Reddish m. Ebenezer Brown 18 Dec 1779 in Philadelphia
Samuel B. Reddish m. Mary "Polly" Ansley 30 Aug 1819 in Somerset Co.
Ellen Reddish m. John T. Spear 6 Aug 1885 in Anne Arundel Co.
Mary Reddish m. Orlando Griffith 15 June 1846 in Anne Arundel Co.
Mary E. Reddish m. John P. Keating 15 may 1888 in Anne Arundel Co.
Robert Reddish m. Priscilla Simpson 29 Nov 1843 in Baltimore Co.
Sarah Sally Reddish m. Benjamin Shockley abt 1807 in MD
James E. Reddish m. Martha Dykes 11 Mar 1871 in Wicomico Co.
Annie B. Reddish m. Alonzo Dykes, widower, 17 May 1892 in MD
Robert Reddish m. Elizabeth Smith 31 Aug 1837 in Dorchester Co.
Ann Reddish m. James Smullin 1 Aug 1837 in Worcester Co.
Elizabeth Reddish m. Purnell McClain 28 Apr 1841 in Worcester Co.
Holton Reddish m. Mary Burns 12 Jan 1841 in Dorchester Co.
Hottan Reddish m. Lucretia Harrison 16 Nov 1815 in Dorchester Co.
Joanna Reddish m. Thomas McGee 27 June 1841 in Baltimore.
Lydia Ann Reddish m. Stephen Pollitt 27 June 1832 in Worcester Co.
Mary Reddish m. Joshua Sturgin 28 Feb 1849 in MD.
Nancy Reddish m. Jeremiah Richardson 20 Mar 1844 in Dorchester Co.
Susan Raddish m. George Mitchell 20 Feb 1843 in Worcester Co.
Mary Jane Reddish m. William Jester 14 Dec 1852 in Dorchester Co.
Elizabeth J. (Reddish) McClain m. Josiah Stephen Coulbourn 6 Feb 1856 in Baltimore City

MD Births/Deaths:
Nathan Reddish
b. abt 1784 in Somerset Co., to Nicholas Reddish & Nancy FitzGerald; d. 1853, 69 years, in Harmony Township, OH
John H. Reddish b. 18 Feb 1787 in Somerset Co., to Nicholas Reddish & Nancy FitzGerald; d. 30 May 1841, in Warsaw, Wyoming Co., NY
Nicholas E. Reddish b. 27 Aug 1781 in Somerset Co., to Nicholas Reddish & Nancy FitzGerald; d. 22 Aug 1868 in Warsaw, Wyoming Co., NY
William Reddish b. abt 1790 in Somerset Co., to Nicholas Reddish & Nancy FitzGerald.
Nicholas Reddish d. bet 1794-96 in Somerset Co.
John Reddish d. bet 1789-92 in Somerset Co.
Martha Reddish
b. 1827 in MD, probably died in IN
Samuel B. Reddish b. 28 Sep 1756 in Somerset Co., to Hiron Reddish & Elizabeth Johnson
Thomas Reddish b. 15 July 1757 in Somerset Co., to Hiron Reddish & Elizabeth Johnson
John Reddish b. abt 1820 in MD, to William Reddish & Nancy Livingston; d. 6 Dec 1898 in Wicomico Co.
Georgia M. Reddish b. 5 June 1872 in MD, to John Reddish & Sally Anna Staten; d. 31 July 1935 in Wicomico
George P. Reddish b. abt 1835 in MD, to George Reddish & Martha Jenkins; d. 26 July 1902 in Somerset Co.
James E. Reddish b. 8 Apr 1836 in MD, to George Reddish & Martha Jenkins; d. 13 Dec 1919 in Wicomico Co.
John F. Reddish b. 1 Aug 1855 in MD, to Purnell Reddish & Ellen Burnett; d. 25 Aug 1914 in
William Marion Reddish b. 3 Nov 1887 in Wicomico Co., to James E. Reddish & Martha Emily Dykes; d. 30 May 1941
John Reddish b. abt 1871 in Wicomico Co., to John Reddish & Hester Ingersall; d. 30 Oct 1941 in Wicomico
Lewis A. Reddish b. abt 1850 in MD, to George W. Reddish & Martha Jenkins; d. 9 Jan 1920 in Wicomico
Thomas Reddish ch. 25 Aug 1816 in Baltimore, to Thomas Reddish & Rachel McDannel
Joanna Reddish b. 14 June 1816 in Baltimore, to Thomas Reddish & Rachel McDannel
Noah Reddish b. abt 1830 in MD, to Robert Reddish
Sarah Sally Reddish b. abt 1790 in MD, parents unknown;  d. Sarah Shockley 1817 in Highland Co., OH
George Reddish b. 9 July 1879 in MD, parents unknown
William H. Reddish b. 12 June 1826 in MD, to George Reddish; d. 25 Oct 1925 in Wicomico
Mary Jane Reddish b. 13 Aug 1840 in MD, to George W. Reddish & Martha Jenkins; d. 28 June 1920 in Wicomico Co.
Elizabeth Kennedy
b. 13 July 1745 in Somerset Co., to Sarah Reddish & Hugh Kennedy
John Radish Kennedy
b. 12 Sep 1748 in Somerset Co., to Sarah Reddish & Hugh Kennedy
Sarah Kennedy
b. 12 Feb 1751 in Somerset Co., to Sarah Reddish & Hugh Kennedy
William Kennedy
b. 27 July 1753 in Somerset Co., to Sarah Reddish & Hugh Kennedy
George Kennedy
b. 8 Oct 1757 in Somerset Co., to Sarah Reddish & Hugh Kennedy
Annie Reddish
d. 16 May 1877 in Baltimore
Charles Reddish d. 18 Mar 1879 in Baltimore
Lycurgus Reddish d. 26 Dec 1879 in Baltimore
Mary Reddish d. 2 Jan 1876 in Baltimore
Robert Reddish d. 18 Feb 1879 in Baltimore
William Reddish d. 19 Jan 1877 in Baltimore

From Somerset County, MD, Orphans Court Proceedings, 1777-1792 and 1811-1823:
Tuesday, 18 June 1822
Orphan:  Noah, Joseph and James Handy
Guardian:  Elizabeth Carmine, revoked
Appointed Guardian:  William Reddish
Sureties:  Elijah Johnson, John Fowler
(Parents of the children were James Handy and Tarsey Reddish, orphaned at a young age.  Carmine was found to be negligent with the children so they were turned ove r to William Reddish.  I am unsure of the relationship between William and Tarsey - possibly brother and sister).

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From Land Records of Somerset, Worcester, and Wicomico:
Patented on 2 Aug 1670 by Thomas Gillis, 200 acres.
14 Mar 1676 Thomas Gillis sold to Thompson Humphries, 50 acres.
15 May 1710 John Gillis (s/o Thomas) sold to Robert Crouch.
21 Mar 1746 John Crouch with wife Elizabeth sold 150 acres to Joshua Turpin.  Robert Crouch died and left to sons Robert and John.  Robert died without issue so John became heir at law.
1746 resurveyed by Joshua Turpin.
12 Aug 1774 Joshua Turpin, joiner with wife Grace Turpin sold 160 acres to Hiram Reddish, part of the entire acreage.
25 Sep 1773 Adam Carlysle of Cumberland Co. Great Britian son of Alexander Carlysle sold 50 acres to Josiah Polk, conveyed by Thomas Humphries to William Carlysle (with Hopewell).
1773 Francis Chattam willed to son John Chattam.
1783 tax Josiah Polk.
1783 tax James Anderson, 13 1/2 acres.
1783 tax Hiram Reddish, 160 1/2 acres.
1783 tax John Chattam, 2 1/2 acres.
1784 Josiah Polk willed to brother James Polk.
2 May 1785 Thomas Humphries sold to Alexander Carlysle, 50 acres.
1795 James Polk willed to wife Nancy Polk.
10 Apr 1798 John Reddish with wife Rebecca sold to John Reddish, 160 1/2 acres.
3 Nov. 1806 Richard Ingersall of Worcester Co. sold 160 1/2 acres to Benjamin Johnson.
4 Oct 1682 patented by John Evans for 50 acres.
Rent Rolls 1666-1723, possessed by Capt. Nicholas Evans (s/o John).
1768 Thomas Records willed to wife Sarah Records and children.
1783 tax John Evans of Nicholas, 50 acres.
1783 tax Archelus Records sold to Thomas Reddish 15 1/2 acres.
8 Sep 1810 Thomas Reddish, wife Nancy, and Isabella Morris sold to Caleb Kennerly 158 acres of
Partner's Choice, Goddard's Addition, Fox Hall.
1765 patented by John Reddish for 50 acres.
1770 addition patented by John Reddish.
1791 patented by John Reddish for 41 1/2 acres.
4 Jan 1772 John Reddish and wife Joanna sold to Hiron Reddish, 27 1/2 acres + 13 acres addition.
1783 tax Hiron Reddish, 50 acres.
1783 tax John Reddish, Sr., 222 acres with addition.
10 Apr 1798 John Reddish, Sr. and wife Rhoda sold to John Reddish 27 acres + 13 acre addition.
3 Nov 1806 Richard Ingersol and Richard Bennett sold Benjamin Johnson of Worcester Co. Plain Dealing,
and Addition to Plain Dealing.
24 Sep 1808 John Reddish sold to Benjamin Johnson 75 1/2 acres.
19 Aug 1809 John Reddish sold to Benjamin Johnson 16 1/2 acres and 17 1/2 acres of addition.
5 Apr 1673 Surveyed for Henry Hayman; possessed by Thomas Rutledge.
31 Aug 1733 Jonas Passwater sold to Alexander Fullerton, 200 acres.
31 May 1762 Hiram Reddish sold to John Reddish, 40 acres.
23 Apr 1764 John Reddish sold to Francis Chittam, 5 acres.
16 May 1683 Surveyed for Anthony Underwood, possessed by Capt. Henry Smith.
17 Mar 1763 Thomas Gillis sold to Hiram Reddish, 200 acres.
17 Feb 1770 Hiram Reddish sold to John Nelms.

Other Reddish Land Deals

17 Jan 1798 exchange between James & Mary Moore (Moon) and John Reddish, Sr. with wife Rhoda of Partner's Choice.

There are many more Reddish land records that I hope to acquire someday from the Maryland State Archives.

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