Reddish in New York

John H. Reddish
Son of Nicholas Reddish & Nancy FitzGerald
born 18 Feb 1787 in Somerset County, Maryland
died 30 May 1841 in Warsaw, Wyoming County, New York
married 31 July 1809 in Warsaw, Genesee County, New York
Martha Fargo
Daughter of Nehemiah Fargo & Mary Chapman
born abt. 1793 in Montville, New London, Connecticut
died 30 Oct 1852 in Warsaw, Wyoming County, New York
Both are buried in the Warsaw Village Pioneer Cemetery

John H. migrated to western New York with his brother Nicholas E. Reddish sometime between 1804-09.  At some point, his three sisters, Sarah Reddish Jones, Elizabeth Reddish Magee, and Eleanor Reddish Jones followed to the area, remaining for some time then migrating off to parts unknown.

Children of John H. and Martha:
1.Mary Ann 
2.Hiron John
4.James Allen

Martha Fargo's father, Nehemiah Fargo, and John H. are entered on an original list of names for first purchasers and occupants of the lands of Warsaw.
15 June 1815, John H. Reddish purchased north east part of lot 30, 54 acres.  He sold to John Wilder in 1829; to Harry Keeney in 1834.
28 Jan 1811, Nehemiah Fargo purchased part of lot 30, 60 acres; new article dated 29 Jan 1829, to John Reddish.

Orangeville Baptist Church Records:
John Reddish, Received by letter 12 Dec 1829; Excluded 12 Apr 1834.
Nicholas Reddish, Received by letter 16 Feb 1811; Dismissed 6 June 1840.
Nancy Reddish, Baptized 10 June 1833; Dismissed 12 June 1836.
Warsaw Baptist Church:
4 Mar 1827, Brother Nehemiah Fargo, Moderator.
30 June 1827, Nehemiah Fargo and Martha Fargo Reddish dismissed.
18 Aug 1827, Nicholas Reddish, Committee Appointment.
7 Oct 1827, Voted against Free Masonry.
15 Nov 1829, Miss Ann Reddish received by letter.
28 Nov 1829, Brother John Reddish asked for letter to join Orangeville Church, granted.
20 Mar 1831, Hiron Reddish baptized.
27 Apr 1831, Mary Ann Reddish baptized.

Excert from a Article dated 14 April 1898:
For the first time perhaps, an early resident of Warsaw did not originate in one of the New England states.  John H. Reddish was born in Maryland.  He came to Warsaw when a young man and married Martha, a daughter of Nehemiah Fargo.  They had 11 children, 5 of these died in infancy.

John, Martha, and most of their children, and many of Martha's family are buried in the Warsaw Village Pioneer Cemetery.  This cemetery,  known as the "old burying ground, lies on the east side of South Main Street, to the north of the area.  In the Spring of 1804, a two year old son of Sterling Stearns, a resident, died at Judge Webter's and was buried in this spot in the forest.  A young son of Nehemiah Fargo was drowned in the Oatka Creek the next Fall, and was buried in the same area.  The third burial was that of Dwight Noble, the first adult who died in Warsaw in January of 1807.  Thus became the beginning of this cemetery.

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