John Redich in Maryland

John and Tabitha Redich

I do not know exactly how or if these two fit into my family, but to date,
they appear to be the earliest Reddish family members in Maryland.

9 July 1680: 
John Redich
, Merchant, transported a number of people into Maryland.  Included on the list of names is John Redich and Tabitha Redich.  The documents do not indicate where these people came from. He did receive 50 acres for each person transported, and we see in another document of the same date that he turns most of this land, including a house, over to John Baker of St. Mary's City.  I am unable to decifer every name on the list of those being transported, but the following names are clear:

Cornelius Maddock/Maddox - John Topping - Parsons Manwaring
Thomas Dutton - Jonathan Ogden -
Samuel Shrigley - Richard Minshall - Samuel Creswich (?)
John Mason - Elino. Cartington/Carrington -Margery Mason
Dina Jackson - John Browne - Thom. Dalle - Thomas Haughton
John Redich - Tabitha Redich - Tho. Cooler

Copies of original documents below.

I believe this John Redich and the John Reddish below to be one in the same because I've found only one man with this similar name living at this time in Charles County, MD.

Maryland Assembly Proceedings of August/September 1681:
"An act for payment & assessing the publicke charges of this province Whereas there hath beene ffive hundred fforty seauen Thousand Six hundred & Six pounds of tobacco expended laid out & disbursed by the vpper & Lower houses of this prsnt Gen" Assembly & by severall others the good people of this Province for the publicke good of the same & to the intent the same may be satisfied & paid to those persons to whom the same is due, Bee itt therefore enacted by the Right Honorable the Lord Proper Y by& with the advise and Consent of the vpper & Lower houses of this present Gen" Assembly & the Authority of the same, that the said ffive Hundred fforty seauen Thousand Six hundred & six pds of Tobacco, to bee paid in manner & forme as is hereafter expressed That is to say...To Jno Reddishe one Thousand pds of Tob..."

The Assembly met again on November 1 and 12, 1681:
" Jno Reddish two Thousand eight Hundred pds of tob..."

Proceedings of the Council of Maryland 1678-1681:
"Ordered that George Godfrey of Charles County be dismissed of his Office of Justice of the Peace in the said County as also Lievtetent to Captn Randolph Brandt and that Mr. John Redich os the same County succeed him in his Office of Lievetent, And also that the said Godfrey be committed into close custody under the charge of Thomas Wynne his keeper according to the following precept..."

Provincial Court Proceedings, 1679/80:
Richard Windall was on trial for "importing against the forme of the statute" delivering products from Europe which were not "bona fide or taken in, in England or wales or the Towne of Betweed, but were by the said Richard Windall Shipped or taken on board the said Shipp or vessell in the land..." His delivery to John Reddish read as the following: "Hee the said Richard Windall did out of the said shipp or Vessell unlade divers good ties, That is to say Two hogsheads of french Wine Richard Windall did also unlade and deliver to John Reddish seaverall bayles packs and Caskes of other European Commodities soe as aforesaid by him imported against the forme of the statute..." and the list goes on of forbidden goods delivered by Richard Windall.

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