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Reinsel Genealogy

Reinsel Genealogy

The Reinsels of Pennsylvania

In 1976, my cousin William Edward (Bill) Reinsel published The Reinsels of Pennsylvania. Bill produced a very accurate report on the male descendants of John H. Reinsel (1797-1856) and Margaret Arents Reinsel (1809-1878). Also, he included the descendants of John's nephew, George Reinsel (1817-1881) and Louisa Grath (1819-1867). I have probed further into the historical record. Several new sources of information have become available since Bill completed his work and these have allowed me to make some connections that had previously been somewhat speculative. I have substantially expanded on the family tree to include those named Ransel, Rensel, and Ransil. Also, I have included the Bauers and Ditzs, Cypherts, and McGranahans and McGarritys and Owens.

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The Historical Record








Valentine Reinsel



All the families in one file (Over 6000 people)

Dominic Noel's Migration Index Page for Pennsylvania

Early Pennsylvania Catholic Church Records

Thomas Stobie' Genealogy index contains about 80,000 people and is an essential reference for people doing research on Pennsylvania Catholics

It is my desire to produce an accurate a history and to point the way for further exploration by those who have the time and inclination to delve into history. I have pursued this research as a hobby and I doubt that I will ever truly be finished. However, I have, at this time, produced a volume that may be of interest to other researchers and those who are simply curious about their relatives. From time to time I may update this material and produce new additions, but we will see what happens.

Bob Reinsel, Fairfax Va, October 18, 2000

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