This Web site is dedicated to my Grandmother Luetta (Reinwald) Watson. I spent many loving hours with my grandparents and only hope that I can be as good a grandmother as she was. The Reinwald family is what peaked my interest in Genealogy. I was very close to my Grandmother and at her funeral I heard things that I never knew. It made me wonder about the rest of my family, realizing that I really knew nothing. This started my journey into the past, which quickly became my obsession. To my the man I call my Father, Robert Beard. Though he married my mother when I was only two, I have and always will think of him as my father, for he was the one that raised me and was always there when I needed him. To my mother, Pat Beard. She has always been my sounding board and someone who has always given me great advice.

I also want to thank the following researchers:

All of the Conrad Researchers who have helped me get a little further in my quest, especially Vonda DeMerritt and Grace Hammons. They both helped me to discover who my Conrad ancestors are. Michael Robinson for helping me in my quest. He has written a wonderful book on the Hellers and associated families. Thank you Michael for all of your hard work. All the Hawley Researchers that have help to make these pages possible and a special thanks to Carol Oslage for the pictures of Daniel Conrad, Mary Ann Hawley, Amy Hawley, and Elisha Terry. They are some of my most treasured pictures.

The information on these web pages is a collaboration of many researchers. I want to thank all who have helped me along my journey. The following pages are as accurate as possible but I am sure there are some exceptions. Please email me if you have any additional or contradictory information.