55 Oscar Columbus Air Force Base

  1955 Oscar
Columbus Air Force Base
Graham Air Base
Malden Air Field

1955 Oscar Reunion Highlights


Air Training Command

"The mission of 
the United States Air Force
is to deliver firepower
upon the enemy
through airpower."


(The Aviation Cadet)

Perhaps you've never felt it, so you may not understand
A challenge to be answered, it was the measure of a man
Our youthful zeal was endless, we thought we'd never die
Our only fear was failing, to spread our wings across the sky
Our knowledge was still growing, our egos without bounds
We felt earth's limits slip away, soaring high above the ground
Then the countless marches over, the last reveille was blown
Cadet days finally ended, the last check ride finally flown
With silver wings there on proud chests, and golden bars pinned near
We left to join the favored few, serve our country in the air
Though years have gone and wings are "worn ", we stand and point with pride
To missions flown and jobs well-done, by us and those who died
As we gather at the "gateway", our memories seem to fill
With cadence shouted in the air, cadet voices echo still
This remembrance of a long gone corps, a spirit in us all
As long as there are those like these, our land will never fall.

Brig. Gen, Jerry W. Cook USAF (ret)
Aviation Cadet Class 59-C