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Anoka County Newspaper Deaths 1863-1871

compiled by Lucille Elrite and Ruby Arends



A French Lad A French lad died from gun discharge accident at Woodland, Wright County.
ALLING, Hattie Julia died 7 April 1866, age 20 mos. Eldest daughter of E. T. Alling
AUSTIN, Boy died 25 May 1865 at St. Francis. Drowned while fishing below dam and slipped into water. Father Mr. Austin.
BAUMES, Romie E., Mrs. died 29 March 1865 at Springfield, Ohio. Husband Rev. J.R. Baumes, late pastor of Baptist Church.
BRANCH, Samuel died 14 Oct. 1868 age 77 years.
BROCKWAY, Stewart died 31 May 1866, age 7 years, father William Brockway
BURKE, A.S. died 9 Feb 1865 at Anoka of consumption.  Former resident of Boston, Mass., came to Anoka to regain his health.  Leaves wife and one child.
BUTTERFIELD, Lucy, Mrs. died 29 Sept 1868 of typhoid fever. Wife of M. Q. Butterfield
CAMERON a lumberman, died 16 March 1867. Born in Scotland, past resident of Canada
CHURCH, W. died 4 July 1867 age 73 years. Born in Binington Vt.
CLARK, Mary Augusta died 20 Dec 1865 of typhoid fever. Age 19 years, 3 mos.
CLARK, Charles L. died 18 June 1864 at Petersburg, Va. Born in Wolfboro, N.H. age about 33 years. Killed in battle. Enlisted in 1st Minn. Reg. of Volunteers. Taken prisoner at Bull Run. After months of torture, released on parole. The summer of 1862 rejoined Army. Present at battles of Gettysburg and Fredricksburg.
CLINCH, Anthony died 4 Sept 1865 at Kimball House (Hotel) in Anoka. Old resident.
COULTER, Caroline E. died 3 March 1869 in Ill.  Husband R. Coulter of Anoka.
DAY, Frankie E. died 17 Dec. 1869 of heart disease. Daughter of Mrs. Geo. E.H. Day
DICKENS, Carrie, Miss age 6 years, died at Anoka. No date given. Published 28 Nov. 1863. Mother and brother died one year ago.
DOWNS, Bella died 1 Feb 1864 at Champlin, age 21 months. Youngest child of Joseph Downs.
DYER, Freeman died 29 Dec 1870 at Bethel of croup, age 4 mos., 20 days.
FAIRBANKS, Man died 30 Dec 1866. Employed by Mr. Haney of Rum River.
FALES, Asa O. died 31 Jan 1870 of typhoid fever, age 60 yrs.
FREMONT, Jessie died 27 Nov 1863 of diphtheria, age 17 mos., 17 days. Parents Chester I and Harriet A. Twitchel.
FROST, Phineas died 20 March 1869 age 75 years.
FULLER, Clara (male) died 7 Sept 1867 age 19 mos., Parents Nathaniel and Rebecca Fuller.
GHOSTLY, Man died of suffocation. Reported 22 Feb. 1866.
GIDDINGS, Gussy died 16 Feb 1865 age 3 years 6 months. Parents AW and MF Giddings.
GILBERT, Flora M. died 10 mos. Union dtd 22 Aug 1867. Parents Wm. W. and Elmira B. Gilbert
GODDARD, Daniel died 21 July 1866, age about 30 years.
GOODRICH, George of Brooklyn died 13 Feb 1864 in Isanti County age 47 years. Struck by tree in Isanti County. Leaves wife and seven children.
GREEN, Arabella died 17 Nov. 1863 at Bethel, age 18 years. Eldest daughter of family and educated younger brothers and sisters.
GREEN, Edson G. died 1 Jan 1870 in Linwood, age 18 years, son of JG Green.
GREENE, William B., Prof. died 13 Dec 1865 age 30. Father Rev. John Greene.
HARPER, Mr. died 18 May 1865 in Elk River at Orono. Drowned.
HASPER, Mr. died around 22 July 1867, drowned at St. Cloud on Sauk River.
HAYES, Jennie died 27 July 1867 age 5 mos. Parents Moses P and Elizabeth Hayes.
HAYES, Woody died 22 July 1867, age 1 year. Parents Moses P. and Elizabeth Hayes.
HENECY, Martha, Mrs. died 7 Oct 1863, age 87 years.
JOHNSTON, George W. baby son of Rebecca L. Johnston. Published 5 March 1864.
KELSEY, Peter died 17 Jan 1865 at Anoka, age 40 years. Born in Troy, NY. One of the first settlers of Anoka. Brother, George.
KING, Samuel died 8 Oct 1869 of consumption, age 55.
KING, Francis died 13 April 1865 age 38 years. Spouse Samuel King.
KING, Elias P. died 30 April 1865 at Anoka at father's residence, age 39 years.
LAIB, John D. died 14 Sept 1866 age 14 mos. Parents M. & Lucy Laib.
LAIB, Mrs. died probably 30 Sept 1866 of gunshot by grandson John Laib.
LENT, Lyman F. died 18 Dec 1870 age 23 yrs., son of Mrs. CL Fales.
LINCOLN, Allie died 29 August 1863 at W. Troy, NY, age 2 years 10 months. Parents John J. and Carrie M. Giddings.
MARTIN, Catherine died 3 Jan 1871 of typhoid pneumonia age 57 years. Widow of JH Martin.
MARTIN, John H. died about 18 July 1867.
McCREADY, Edwin died of lung fever age 9 months. No date given. Published 11 March 1865.
McDONALD, Daniel died week of 24 Jan 1867. Parents live in Canada.
McLAUGHLIN, Gilmore died 4 July 1866 age 17 years. son of James McLaughlin, Esq.
MESSER, Abigail H., Mrs. died 24 May 1864 at Anoka, age 78 years.
MILHOLLIN, William died probably 24 May 1864 at Champlin. Came to Champlin in boyhood with family. Enlisted in 4th Reg., MN Vols., discharged from service because of disease from exposure. Had partial recovery, relapse and died.
MILLER, Samuel died 23 Sept 1865 in Champlin, age 65 years.
NORTON, Child died 8 April 1864 age 17 months. Died in fire in shanty at the foot of Chestnut St. Mother went to get water from nearby stream.
PARKER, Mr. died around 22 July 1867, drowned at St. Cloud on Sauk River.
PAYNE, Dea Ebenezer died 14 Oct 1866 age 83 years.
PEET, James, Rev. died 26 Nov 1866, age 38 years. Wife Harriet.
PIERSON, George died 8 Sept 1866. Wife and 4 children survive.
PRATT, Dea Jeremiah died 14 Nov 1865, age 86 years, 2 months 4 days.
RADCLIFF, Alexander died 1 April 1867 age 47 years. Born in Cleveland, Ohio.
RANDOLPH, Eddie died 9 Sept 1866 age 8 mos. Parents JM & Mary H. Randolph.
RANDOLPH, Margaret, Mrs. died 14 Nov 1863, age 33 years. Husband JM Randolph.
SHAW, Neal D. died 22 April 1864 at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, age 64 years. One of the original owners and projectors of Town of Anoka.
STEINGLER, Godfrey died Jan 1866. Froze to death while walking home.
STEWART, G.F. died at Colton, NY April 1869.
STOWELL, Addie Frances, died 21 March 1865 at Anoka, age 1 year 4 months.
STRONG, John (young colored man) died 6 June 1866.
SUIAE, Mary Louisa died 26 Oct 1866 in Chicago age 2, parent AC & Hattie.
SWIFT, Frederick died 29 Aug 1866.
TIDD, Ernest died 15 June 1867 age 10 mos. Father Freeman Tidd.
TILDEN, Cassius M. at Camp Chase Ohio. Company A-8th Reg. Minn Vols. Published 1 April 1865.
USHER, Emily died 19 Dec 1869 in Ramsey. 11 yrs old. Burned to death.
VAN DUZEN, Mary E. Mrs. died 5 Oct 1868 age 37, Husband Stephen Van Duzen.
WASHBURN, Charles S. died 21 Sept 1865, age 51 Came to Anoka eight years ago.
WASHBURN, Lewis died 15 April 1868 age 20 years, 8 months.
WATSON, Mr. died around 22 July 1867, drowned at St. Cloud on Sauk River.
WATSON, Mary, Mrs. died 30 Aug 1864 at Miller Farm in Venango County Penn. Born in Lexington Mass., lived in Minn past few years. Husband Daniel T. Watson.
WATSON, Emily Adelia died 8 Feb 1864 at St. Paul, age 23 years. Her husband Burnham K. Watson. Baby Watson died a few weeks earlier.
WHITNEY, Cornelia died 26 Oct 1865 age 5. Parents Franklin & Mary Whitney.
WHITNEY, D.E., Mr. died 1 Oct 1870 at Thomson of Bloody Flux.
WHITNEY, David M. died 25 Nov 1863 at Freeport, Maine, age 36 years. Resident of Ramsy. Went east 6 months ago, struck on head by tree limb Nov. 6.
WRIGHT, Thomas C. died 4 Oct 1865, age 3. Parents Thomas and Lizzie N. Wright.