Cedar Oak Grove

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            Oak Grove is situated in the north and central part of Anoka County.  It has an area of

23,040 acres.  In 1880 the population was 305.


The name Oak Grove came from the profuse growth of oak trees growing within the area.  It has a

number of small lakes, Lake George, near the center and being the largest.  The Rum River runs through

the western part of town and Cedar Creek runs through the southeastern part.


The first settler was David Rogers and he made the first claim in the spring of 1855.  Other early

settlers were: Moses S. Seelye Sr., Jarvis Nutter, John M. McKenzie, Gilbert leathers to name a few.


The town was organized in 1857. The first officers were:  Supervisors; A.W. Moore, Chairman;

Dennis E. Mahoney, Peter Brenman, Justices of the Peace; Moses Seelye, D. Mahoney, Collector;

John C. Smith, Assessor; Thomas Richards, Clerk; Frank Lane and Constable; John F. Clements.


In 1857 religious services were held by Rev. Lyman Palmer of Anoka.  Shortly after the Baptist

Church was organized.  In 1871 during the ministry of Rev. M. Mitchell, a frame church was erected.


The first school was established in 1857, school being taught by Miss Nora Orton. Five regularly

organized school districts were established after that.


The first white child born was Rosalia B. Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Smith, born 

October 16, 1857.


Agricultural reports for the year 1880 were as follows:  wheat, 5687 bushels; oats, 2782 bushels; corn, 9306 bushels;

rye, 912 bushels; buckwheat, 39 bushels;  potatoes, 4146 bushels; beans, 106 bushels; sugar cane, 1787 gallons;

cultivated hay, 7 tons; wild hay, 981 tons; apples, 140 bushels; wool, 562 pounds; and butter 12,325 pounds.


Mr. John Clements was the first Constable in town and also held the offices of Supervisor and Clerk.

Mr. J.E. Herrick has been Postmaster.