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Descendants of Solomon Strout Thorne

Generation No. 1

submitted by: Carl J. Hoffstedt, 2006


1. SOLOMON STROUT  THORNE (DANIEL 6 , ISRAEL 5 , ISRAEL 4 , JOSEPH 3 , JOSEPH 2 , WILLIAM 1 ) was born March 06, 1822 in Standish, Cumberland County, Maine, and died November 25, 1912 in Champlin, Hennepin County, Minnesota. He married MARGARET ELLEN JORDAN September 05, 1847 in Maine, daughter of E. JORDAN and MARGARET. She was born September 27, 1823 in Raymond, Cumberland County, Maine, and died April 27, 1907 in City of Anoka, Anoka County, Minnesota.


     Solomon's mother had a brother named Solomon and her maiden name was Strout so Solomon Strout Thorne is clearly named from his mother's side of the family.

     The Standish, Maine records have Solomon's birth date as March 6, 1823. Solomon's death certificate says he was 90 years old as of March 6 at death on November 25, 1912 so that would make his birth date March 6, 1822. The Family Photograph Register has Solomon's

date of birth as March 6, 1822. The death certificate for Solomon lists his middle initial as E. but it should be S.

     The 1860 US census for Standish, Cumberland County, Maine listed Solomon as a Farmer.

According to the obituary of Solomon's wife, Margaret, the family arrived at St. Anthony Falls (Minneapolis) in 1863 (perhaps 1863 is a misprint and it should have been 1866 as Idella was born in Maine in 1864).

Solomon purchased property on November 9, 1866 from Charles R. Church and Roxanna P. Church, his wife, in the City of Anoka. The property was located at Lot 5 Block 11. Block 11 is north of the current Court House and is surrounded by Van Buren on the south, Harrison on the north, 3rd Ave. on the west and 4th Ave. on the east. The property is now a parking lot for Anoka County employees and is owned by the City of Anoka. Solomon's family arrived in the City of Anoka on November 16, 1866. Solomon and Margaret joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1867. The church's first class was organized in Anoka on December 10, 1854. In 1859, a church was built on Lot 1 Block 15 but burned. Block 15 is south of the current Main St. about three blocks along 3rd Ave. The church was rebuilt in 1866 and has since been

remodeled and greatly enlarged.

     The 1870 US census lists Solomon as working in a Saw Mill. Margaret E. Thorn purchased 40 acres described as the SW1/4 of SW1/4 of Section 3, Township 32N, Range 25W and 40 acres described as the SE1/4 of the SE1/4 of Section 4, Township 32N and Range 25W and

also 40 acres described as the NE1/4 of the NE1/4 of Section 9, Township 32N and Range 25W in Ramsey Township from Michael Scully and his wife on September 10, 1870. The deed was filed with Anoka County on September 30, 1870.

     In 1873, Solomon and Margaret ended their membership in the Methodist Episcopal Church and moved the family to a farm northwest of the City of Anoka in Ramsey Township. The 1880 US census for Ramsey Township, Anoka County, Minnesota lists S. Thorne along with 

his wife Margaret E. and daughters Laura, Emma and Ida. An O. Richardson is listed as a niece but should be I. Richardson as granddaughter. Solomon and family are on the farm in the 1885 Minnesota census. Solomon S. Thorn purchased the N1/2of the SE1/4 of Section 4,

Township 32N, Range 25W on May 16, 1887 from Sylvester and Belinda Kipp. The deed was filed with Anoka County on May 21, 1887. The farm now totaled 200 acres.

     From an 1888 Ramsey Township Plat Map, the farm was located about 1.6 miles west of the Trott Brook Cemetery. The west edge of the farm had Rice Lake as its border and Rice Creek ran through the farm and into Trott Brook. Trott Brook flows into the Rum River which flows

into the Mississippi River in the City of Anoka. Rice Lake is shown as a US Government Lot on the 1914 Anoka County Plat Map and has subsequently been renamed Thorn Lake. On the 1888 Plat Map, Thorne was spelled Thorn so that is why the lake name is Thorn. Solomon's

children may have attended Trott Brook School, District #14 about 1 1/2 miles east of the farm. The school was just north of the Trott Brook Cemetery. They also might have attended School District #44 about 3/4 mile southeast of the farm. District #44 was south of Trott

Brook along Nowthen Boulevard. Or, they might have attended School District #38 about 3/4 of a mile west of the farm. When a family by the name of Loucks owned Solomon's farm in the early 1900's, the children attended District #44, thus, Solomon's children probably did too.

     There is no census record for 1890. In 1892, according to Margaret's 1907 obituary, Solomon and Margaret moved into the City of Anoka and lived on Branch Ave. as the 1895 census has them in the City of Anoka. Solomon and Margaret became Seventh Day Adventist in 1900.

     After they moved into the City of Anoka in 1892, Solomon's daughter Emma lived on the farm

with her husband, John A. Hall, until 1898. Solomon and Margaret sold all 200 acres of the

farm to John A. Hall and Emma D. Hall on November 12, 1894 with signatures on November

15, 1894. The deed was filed on December 18, 1894. When Emma died in 1898, John A.

Hall apparently left the State and the farm ownership reverted back to Solomon. The John E.

Quimby family lived on the farm as renters next. The farm was sold on March 26, 1901 to

Bart F. Lucas. The 1904 Plat Map shows F. M. Loucks as owner of the farm. The 1914 Plat

Map shows W. J. Loucks as owner of the 80 acres that Solomon had in his name and 40 acres

that Margaret had in her name and R. Hunt owning the other 80 acres that were in Margaret's


     When Solomon lived on Branch Avenue in Anoka after leaving the farm in 1892, the property

must have had a barn. Branch Avenue was named after the first postmaster in Anoka. It was

reported in an Anoka Newspaper that lighting struck the Solomon Strout Thorne barn on

Monday night August 7, 1900. He lost a horse, a buggy, cutter, harness and some farming

tools. The 1900 US census for 1st Ward, Anoka, Anoka County, Minnesota listed Solomon as

77 years old and having been married 53 years.

     The 1910 US census for Champlin Township, Hennepin County, Minnesota listed Solomon as

88 years old and living with the John Richardson family as a boarder. Solomon died at the

home of John E. Richardson in Champlin, Minnesota. Solomon's funeral was held at the

Richardson home. John Richardson handled the arrangements. There is a Richardson Ave. in

Champlin close to the Mississippi River/Trunk Highway 169 bridge crossing. Perhaps it was

named after the John Richardson family. Solomon went back to the Methodist Church before

his death as per his obituary. The Anoka Union newspaper obituary stated that Mr. Thorn was

a fine old gentleman.


The Trott Brook Cemetery is currently located at about 173 Ave. N. W. and Trunk Highway

47 (St. Francis Boulevard.) in the current City of Ramsey which owns the cemetery. Joseph

Trott took claim in 1855 on the creek that now bears his name. Joseph received a Land Patent

on April 3, 1857 for 160 acres. In 1868, Joseph and his wife, Esther, set aside one acre for a

burying ground which was named for him. The first recorded burial took place in 1860.

Ramsey Township was organized in 1857 and Ramsey Township was incorporated as a City

on November 12, 1974.

     The Thorne family is indirectly related to many early settlers in the Trott Brook Cemetery area.

The Demarests, Fords, McKenneys, Trotts, Littlefields, Tennisons, Giles, McLeods and

Varneys are all interrelated and have family members buried in Trott Brook Cemetery. The

interrelationships originated with the McKenney family. "The Trott Brook Cemetery

Genealogy" by Carl J. Hoffstedt gives a more detailed account.


Burial: November 27, 1912, Trott Brook Cemetery, Ramsey, Anoka County, Minnesota


Some records have Margaret's birth date as September 27, 1822. Other records have

Margaret's birth date as September 2, September 7 or September 23, 1823. Margaret Ellen

was blind in her later years. The Anoka County records list Margaret's parents as E. Jordan

born in Maine as her father and Margaret Jordan as her mother born in England. The E. might

have stood for Ezekiel as there was an Ezekiel Jordan in the 1860 US census for Raymond,

Cumberland County, Maine as that is where the Jordans supposedly lived. The E. might also

have been Elisha and there was an E. H. Jordan who owned property north of Thorn Lake

(Rice Lake on 1888 Ramsey Township Plat Map). A connection has yet to be made between

E. H. and Margaret. Margaret's funeral was held at the Seventh Day Advent Church in Anoka.

Margaret died from complication of natural diseases common to old age.

In the 1900 US census for 1st Ward, Anoka, Anoka County, Minnesota, Margaret was listed as

being married 53 years and the mother of 8 children with 4 living.

At one time, there was a genealogy on Margaret's parents, the Jordans, dating back to the

1600's in the hands of Idella Thorne's descendants. Margaret Jordan was supposed to have

inherited an estate in England but in order to claim it, she had to go to England and give up her

American citizenship. Margaret Jordan did not want give up her American citizenship since

she came to America for religious freedom and had to leave from Amsterdam, Holland.


Burial: April 30, 1907, Trott Brook Cemetery, Ramsey, Anoka County, Minnesota


i. DARIUS J. THORNE, b. April 02, 1848, Standish, Cumberland County, Maine; d. April 12, 1849, Standish,

Cumberland County, Maine.


Darius died along the way by falling onto a wagon wheel, when his parents were moving from one place to

another per Dorothy Tottingham West.


ii. MARY E. THORNE, b. December 22, 1849, Standish, Cumberland County, Maine; d. January 21, 1902, St.

Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota at the city hospital; m. June 21, 1869.

Notes for MARY E. THORNE:

Mary sometimes was known as May Mary Thorne. She was listed in the 1880 US census for the 2nd Ward,

Stillwater, Minnesota as Mary Thorn and running a boarding house with a daughter named Mable, age 7 and

attending school. Mary's boarders were Alice Twine, John Tyler and Chas. Tyler. Mary's death certificate

had her listed as Mrs. Mary E. Thorne and the occupation was Housekeeper (Domestic). At the time of

burial, her daughter was Mrs. Mabel Van Dyke of Aurora, Illinois per Oakland Cemetery records. Mary had

resided for 12 years at 32 E. 6th St., St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota. She died from pelvic peritonitis


More About MARY E. THORNE:

Burial: Oakland Cemetery, St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota

iii. MARCIA A. THORNE, b. October 26, 1851, Standish, Cumberland County, Maine; d. August 05, 1877,

Parents' residence in Ramsey Township, Anoka County, Minnesota.; m. ROBERT M. RICHARDSON, October

02, 1870; b. 1836, Maine; d. July 01, 1874, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.


The family record and Bible has her date of birth as October 26, 1851. The 1870 census for Richfield,

Minnesota listed Marcia as Thorn being a Domestic Servant for the George Townsend farm family. Marcia

was married in 1870 and was widowed in 1874 before she died in 1877 at the residence of her father in

Ramsey Township, Anoka County, Minnesota. The Anoka County death records list her as Thorn rather than

Richardson. She died of consumption. Marcia was buried in Space 3, Lot 2, Block 22, First Addition, Oak

Hill Cemetery. The cemetery is located at 60th St. and Lyndale Ave. in south Minneapolis, Minnesota. Oak

Hill Cemetery was established in 1859.


Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota


In the 1870 census, Robert was listed as a Farm Laborer. His death record listed his occupation as Carpenter.

Robert's father, John, was a 62-year old Carpenter in the 1870 census. John's wife, Abby, was a 44-year old

Housekeeper in the 1870 census. Robert died of consumption after a 16-month duration. Robert was buried

in Space 4, Lot 2, Block 22, First Addition, Oak Hill Cemetery which is located at 60th St. and Lyndale Ave.

in south Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota

iv. ABBY F. THORNE, b. June 26, 1853, Standish, Cumberland County, Maine; d. May 18, 1877, Ramsey

Township, Anoka County, Minnesota.

Notes for ABBY F. THORNE:

The family Bible has her date of birth as June 6, 1853. Based on her date of death and age from Ramsey

Death Records, Abby's birth date was June 26, 1853. In the 1860 US census for Standish, Cumberland

County, Maine, Abby was Abby. In some records, she was listed as Abbie, Abba or Abbey. Abby had joined

the Methodist Episcopal Church in Anoka in 1870/1871. She died of consumption.

More About ABBY F. THORNE:

Burial: Trott Brook Cemetery, Ramsey, Anoka County, Minnesota

v. MARGARET E. (MAGGIE) THORNE, b. February 26, 1856, Standish, Cumberland County, Maine; d.

September 09, 1901, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota at home; m. ANTONE (ANTON) CASTLE,

September 16, 1876, Methodist Episcopal Church, Anoka, Anoka County, Minnesota; b. January 08, 1853,

Germany; d. November 15, 1924, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.


Margaret's death certificate listed her date of death as September 8, 1901, but the obituary and other records

show September 9th. She died of breast cancer and was a resident of Minneapolis for 21 years. Margaret's

death certificate lists her place of death as 957 - 25th Ave. N.E. Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Anoka County

Historical Genealogy Society records for Church Records, Marriage, show Anton Castle and Margaret being

married in the United Methodist Church with an asterisk saying it was previously called the Methodist

Episcopal Church.



Burial: Section B, Lot 491, Hillside Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota


There is information saying Anton's father was Johannes and Anton's mother was Margarethae Robinson.

Antone was quite often spelled Anton. Based on US census records, Anton Castle came to America in 1855

when he was two years old and that is when he became a citizen of the United States. Anton and Margaret

moved to Minneapolis about 1880. He was a shoemaker and worked in a shoe store with Charles Ograsky at

Marshall and Broadway St. NE in Minneapolis until 1890. Anton then went to work as a Machine Operator

for the Soo Line Railroad Shops on Central Ave. and 29th Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Anton worked

at Soo Shops until he retired. In the 1900 Minneapolis Directory, Anton and Margaret are living at 957 25th

Ave. N.E., Minneapolis moving there from an 1898 address of 1011 25th Ave. N. E. In Margaret's 1901

obituary, his name was spelled Antone. In the 1909 Minneapolis Directory, Anton was living at 1033 27th

Ave. N. E.

In the 1912 Minneapolis Directory, Anton was living at 1108 29th Ave. N.E. just east from the Soo Line

Railroad Shops. He was still listed at that location in the 1923 Minneapolis Directory. At the time of his

death, he was at 3005 Holmes, Dallas, Texas. Anton died of cardiac problems. His death certificate showed

his name as Antone but the grave marker spells it as Anton. The death certificate listed his birthplace as

Illinois but records have not been found to substantiate that birthplace. The 1900 US census lists Antone's

birthplace as Germany but the1910 US census shows Illinois as his birthplace as at the time he was married to

his second wife so that is probably why Illinois was shown on the death certificate.

Antone's second wife, Minnie D. Hanes Peterson, had one child, Lulah M. Peterson Parks. Minnie was born

September 23, 1865 in Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa and died February 23, 1942 in Minneapolis,

Hennepin County, Minnesota at St. Andrews Hospital. Minnie was the daughter of James and Almira C.

Hikus Hanes. James was born in England and Almira was born in Pennsylvania. Minnie was buried in

Section 24, Lot 37, Grove Hill Cemetery, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas alongside Antone.

Lulah was born December 10, 1885 in Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa. She married William H. Parks on

December 10, 1904. William was born August 6, 1880 in Edmore, Montcalm County, Michigan. They had

10 children - Thomas H. Parks, William D. Parks, Everette W. Parks, Donald H. Parks, Dorothy M. Parks,

Betty Lou Parks Rose, Ruth Parks Richard, Ella May Parks Grey, Arlene Parks Johnson and Bertha Parks

Johnson. Thomas H. Parks married Wilma and they had at least one son, David.

Lulah died February 18, 1955 in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota at home. William died January

13, 1949 in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota at Lutheran Deaconess Hospital. Both Lulah and

William are buried at Hillside Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.


Burial: November 18, 1924, Section 24, Lot 37, Space 10, Grove Hill Cemetery, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas

vi. LAURA P. THORNE, b. September 20, 1859, Standish, Cumberland County, Maine; d. August 12, 1916,

Battle Ground, Clark County, Washington at home; m. ROBERT JACOB DEMAREST, February 20, 1881,

Ramsey Township, Anoka County, Minnesota; b. August 16, 1856, Burns Township, Anoka County,

Minnesota; d. November 06, 1921, Battle Ground, Clark County, Washington.

Notes for LAURA P. THORNE:

Laura moved to Burnett County, Wisconsin and was listed in the 1900 US census for Meenon Township,

Burnett County, Wisconsin. The census record also showed that Laura and Robert had five children and four

were living. A record for the fifth child was found in the Anoka County death records. Laura was still living

in Meenon Township at the time of her mother's, Margaret, death in 1907. She was listed in the obituary as

being from Kruger, Burnett County, Wisconsin. Kruger was an unincorporated city in Meenon Township

located two miles south of Webster, Wisconsin on Trunk Highway 35. The family was not listed in the 1910

US census for Meenon Township, Burnett County, Wisconsin so they must have started their trek to the state

of Washington just before then.

Whether Crawford, Washington was their original destination is not known but Laura and Robert are buried

near there. Laura's death certificate listed her occupation as Housewife and she died from carcinoma of the

breast with nephritis being contributory.


Burial: August 14, 1916, Crawford Cemetery, near Crawford northeast of Battle Ground, Clark County,




In some records, Demarest was spelled Demorest. Robert J. Demarest, son of Franklin and Ruth Ford

Demarest, was the first white child born in the Township of Burns in Anoka County, Minnesota. Franklin

was born in New York in 1835 and Ruth was born January 18, 1837 in Maine. The "History of Anoka

County, City of Anoka, Town Organizations", states that Robert was born in August of 1857 as the first white

child in Burns Township of Anoka County, Minnesota.

The 1900 State of Wisconsin, Burnett County Census listed Robert as being born in August of 1856. The

1900 census also stated he was married to Laura Thorn (Thorne). Robert settled in Burnett County,

Wisconsin in 1899. In 1902, he served as a Deputy Constable for an inquest concerning a 12-year old boy

who drowned in the Clam River. Robert also served as School Treasurer for District No. 3. Robert owned

property three miles south of Webster, Wisconsin on Trunk Highway 35 and one mile east from the Kruger

Church. The property was just to the west of Clam Lake. A school was shown on the property from the 1915

Meenon Township, Burnett County, Wisconsin plat map. The Kruger School was two miles south of

Webster, Wisconsin on Trunk Highway 35 (one mile north of the church). The Kruger Post Office was built

near the school and operated from 1899 to 1914.

The Franklin Demarest farm was about 3/4 of a mile east of the Solomon Thorne farm. The first post office in

Ramsey Township was established at Itasca in May, 1852. Later, a post office was set up on the Franklin

Demarest farm. This was not a town but mail was received addressed to Demarest, Minnesota. Angus

McLeod must have been the postmaster as he was paid $6.50 for those duties. Angus was a brother-in-law to


Robert's father, Franklin, was an Anoka County Supervisor in 1870. On June 22, 1868, Franklin was paid

$50.00 for fencing a burying ground. This could very well be the Trott Brook Cemetery as he is buried there.

Franklin was born in 1831 in Wayne, Stueben County, New York and died August 8, 1885 from cancer in the

stomach. Ruth Ford Demarest was born in January of 1837 in Maine and died April 24, 1915 in Reubens,

Nez Perce County, Idaho. Ruth was a sister to Priscilla Ford McLeod who was the mother to Frederick

McLeod who was married to Idella Thorne. The Solomon Thorne and Ruth Demarest farms were about 3/4

mile apart on an 1888 Anoka County plat map. Rice Creek ran through both farms on its way to Trott Brook.

The Demarest farm was 0.9 mile west of the Trott Brook Cemetery. The Trott Brook Cemetery is located at

about 173rd Ave. N. W. and T. H. 47 in the City of Ramsey which owns the cemetery. Robert was a cousin to

Frederick C. McLeod and they married Thorne sisters, Laura and Idella, respectively.

Ruth Ford Demarest and Priscilla Ford McLeod's parents were Charles M. Ford and Philoma McKenney

Ford. Philoma McKenney was a sister to Esther McKenney who was married to Joseph Trott founder of Trott

Brook Cemetery. Joseph Trott was born May 5, 1809 in Maine. He married Esther on December 16, 1838 in

Springfield, Penobscot County, Maine. Joseph died in July 10, 1892 in Santa Maria, Santa Barbara County,

California. Philoma and Esther McKenney's parents were Ruth Douglas and William McKenney.

Robert moved his family to Meenon Township, Burnett County, Wisconsin 1899 where they were listed in the

1900 US census. According to Meenon Township history, Robert served as Deputy Constable for an inquest

concerning the drowning of 12-year old Perry Porter who drowned in the Clam River on June 3, 1902.

Perry's father homesteaded and then received a patent for land in 1907 that included a portion of the Clam

River. Perry and his brother, Stacy, were spearing fish when Perry accidently fell from the apron of the dam

and was carried away in the current. Perry's father was Clarence A. Porter and Clarence's sister, Bertha E.

Porter, is buried at Trott Brook Cemetery. Clarence and Bertha's mother was Sarah Cooper Porter Tennison

and Cooper's Corner on T. H. 65 in Anoka County was named after Sarah Cooper's father's family, James

Cooper. Sarah's first husband, Nathan Porter, died in Pennsylvania and she married William Tennison after

moving to Anoka County. William's first wife was Zilpha Trott, daughter of Joseph Trott, founder of Trott

Brook Cemetery. Zilpha died in 1868. The Robert Demarest and Clarence Porter families moved to Meenon

Township about the same time.

Robert received a Land Patent from the United States Government on June 30, 1906 for 160 acres in Meenon

Township, Burnett County, Wisconsin. The patent was for Range 16W, Township 39N and the W1/2 of the

NW and SW 1/4 of Section 34. The 1915 plat map showed Robert as still owning the land but he went to

Oregon before 1910 as he was listed in the 1910 US census as living in North Bend, Coos County, Oregon.

Robert moved to Washington between 1910 and 1916 as his first wife Laura died there. In the 1920 US

census for Heisson, Clark County, Washington, Robert was listed with Julia C., his second wife, and two of

her sons, Kinley and Richard W. Linn. Kinley was the informant on Robert's death certificate and Richard is

buried at Crawford Cemetery too. Paul L. Linn, another son, is also buried in Crawford Cemetery. Julia was

Robert's housekeeper.

Robert's death certificate stated that his occupation at time of death was Farmer. He died of apoplexy. He

was buried at Crawford Cemetery which was originally known as Kent's Cemetery. The cemetery was

established in 1885 and has about 125 burials.


The Demarest family that came to America originated from France but because of religious persecution, they

moved to Holland and then came to America. The family settled in the New Jersey area and the City of

Demarest, named after the family, is located in Bergen County, New Jersey just west of the Hudson River in

the northeast part of New Jersey. A booklet entitled "The Life and Times of the Demarest Family" by Carl J.

Hoffstedt is available for further interest. The booklet focuses on the descendants of Franklin Demarest,

primarily, to a limited extent.


Burial: November 08, 1921, Crawford Cemetery, near Crawford northeast of Battle Ground, Clark County,


vii. EMMA (EMILY) D. THORNE, b. January 17, 1863, Standish, Cumberland County, Maine; d. May 21, 1898,

City of St. Cloud (East Side), Benton County, Minnesota; m. JOHN A. HALL, September 18, 1885, Anoka

County, Minnesota; b. 1862, Maine.


The Margaret Thorne Castle family Bible refers to Emma as Emily. She is also shown as Emily D. Thorne on

the Family Photograph Register. Early records and her obituaries have her birth as January 17, 1863 but

January 20, 1863 is shown on her grave marker.

Emma married John Hall and they lived in the City of St. Cloud (East Side) for seven years, 1885/1886 to

1892/1893 but resided near Anoka, Solomon Thorne's farm in Ramsey Township, for five years,1892/1893 to

1898, prior to Emma's death. They returned to St. Cloud about a month before her death. Emma died at the

age of 35 at Second Ave. NE in St. Cloud (East Side), Minnesota. She died of consumption and/or lung

disease. Emma's obituary in the St. Cloud Journal - Press dated Thursday, May 26, 1898 stated that she had

three adopted children and had been mother to seven unfortunate orphans but no names were given. Emma

died on a Saturday and her body was taken on Sunday to the home of her parents in Anoka for a funeral

service and interment.

The Anoka County 1895 census for Ramsey shows Guy McLeod, Maye McLeod and Ruth McLeod listed

with John and Emma Hall. The Halls were living on the Solomon Thorne farm at this time. The McLeods are

the children of Fred and Idella McLeod with Idella being a sister to Emma. Fred McLeod died in February of

1892 and Guy, Maye and Ruth might be the three adopted children referred to in the St. Cloud Journal - Press

obituary for Emma. The 1895 Anoka County census also lists an Abby Hall age 7. If Abby was a natural

child to John and Emma, one wonders why she was not mentioned in Emma's obituary.


Burial: May 23, 1898, Trott Brook Cemetery, Ramsey, Anoka County, Minnesota

Notes for JOHN A. HALL:

John was a stonecutter in St. Cloud in 1892 prior to moving back to Anoka County that same year. Based on

information provided by the Loucks family, the John Hall family moved onto the Solomon Thorne farm in

1892 when the Thornes moved into the City of Anoka. The Loucks family purchased the Thorne family farm

in 1906. The Loucks family publication stated, " The farm was known as the Thorn or Johnny Hall farm".

The two story house was not new and has been updated, fixed up and remodeled several times. It is still

standing and is in good shape (2006).

viii. IDELLA THORNE, b. November 10, 1864, Standish, Cumberland County, Maine; d. December 27, 1931,

University of Minnesota Hospital, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota; m. (1) FREDERICK CALVIN

MCLEOD, November 19, 1882, Ramsey Township, Anoka County, Minnesota; b. May 07, 1863, Minnesota;

d. February 07, 1892, Motley, Morrison County, Minnesota; m. (2) JAMES CLINTON LEMON, January 01,

1904, Champlin, Hennepin County, Minnesota; b. February 06, 1858, Corry, Erie County, Pennsylvania; d.

July 04, 1935, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota; m. (3) LYONS, 1920.


The Margaret Thorne Castle family Bible listed Idella's birth date as November 10, 1864. Idella's death

certificate listed her birth as November 10, 1869. One early record has her birth as November 1, 1864. Idella

and Fred were married by M. H. Tarbox(v), Pastor of Free Baptist Church at Elk River. Idella was widowed

at a young age and operated a boarding house in Motley, Minnesota after Frederick died. The 1900 US

census for Eyota Township, Olmstead County, Minnesota had Idella and her two oldest children, Guy and

Emily, living with Charles Tottingham. Idella was listed as Housekeeper and the children as Boarders.

Idella married James Clinton Lemon on January 1, 1904. The 1907 obituary for Idella's mother, Margaret,

said two daughters survive her and one was listed as Mrs. Idella Lemon of Anoka County. Idella and James

parted before 1910 as James Lemon married a Mrs. Phebe (Phoebe) A. Cole Nolan in November of 1910.


More information about James Clinton Lemon can be found in the booklet "The Life and Times of James

Clinton Lemon" by Carl J. Hoffstedt. The booklet is available.

Idella supposedly married a third time to a Mr. Lyons. Idella may have left Mr. Lyons before or in 1925 as

she left Motley, Minnesota again at that time. Idella was an Aunt to Etta Castle Goodrich whose oldest

daughter was Cora. Cora married Carl E. Hoffstedt in 1925 and they got a bedroom set from Idella at that

time as she was leaving her husband. Cora had the bedroom set until her auction sale in 1979. Idella reverted

to using a previous husband's name which would be Lemon. However, she used a variation spelling it as

LeMon. Idella died of cancer at the University of Minnesota Hospital, Minneapolis, Hennepin County,

Minnesota. Based on her death certificate, she is buried under the name Le Mon in the Benton County

Cemetery. The death certificate was not signed by a family member but by a nurse at the hospital and a

funeral chapel director. Thus, the information probably was obtained from Idella in her last hours when her

memory was not clear. Her grave marker reads IDELLA LEMON and has the birth year incorrect. The grave

marker shows 1868 and it should be 1864.

In 1981, four letters plus a school history lesson were found in an old house in the current City of Ramsey,

Anoka County, Minnesota. The letters were in Idella Thorne's handwriting and she spelled her name Thorne.

The letters were written to Frederick McLeod and dated back to 1882/1883.


Burial: December 29, 1931, Benton County Cemetery, Sauk Rapids, Benton County, Minnesota


On January 29, 1861, Frederick's mother, Priscilla McLeod, was a grantee for the E1/2, SE1/4, Section 3,

Township 32N, Range 25W from J. C. & Philoma Varney as grantors. Philoma was Priscilla's sister.

Frederick's father, Angus, received a Land Patent on August 22, 1889 for the NW1/4, NW1/4 of Section 1 and

the NE1/4, NE1/4 of Section 2 in Township 32N, Range 25W in Ramsey Township.

At the time of the birth of his son, LeRoy, Frederick was listed as a Laborer. He became a member of the

Motley Village Council and was considered a prominent citizen. He also was a member of Motley Lodge No.

134 of the I. O. O. F. (International Order Of Oddfellows). Frederick as a young boy was struck in the

forehead by a bullet that grazed the frontal bone. He subsequently suffered from severe head pains. Frederick

died in Motley, Minnesota and was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Motley. Rev. J. H. Cudlipp of the

Methodist Church officiated the burial. Motley was a lumbering and sawmill town at that time and

Frederick's occupation was a Butcher at the time of his death. The Evergreen Cemetery records were burned

and the grave site is now unmarked. In some records McLeod is spelled McCloud for family members.

Frederick's daughter, Ruth, and Cora Etta Goodrich Hoffstedt visited the Evergreen Cemetery in 1923 and

Frederick had a grave marker at that time. However, when Thelma McLeod Dundas, Frederick's

granddaughter, and Cora visited the cemetery in 1975, the grave marker could not be located.

Frederick was the son of Angus and Priscilla Ford McLeod. Angus was born in 1824/1825 in Scotland and

died in 1886/1889 in Anoka, Anoka County, Minnesota. Angus/Priscilla had a farm in Section 3, Ramsey

Township, Anoka County, Minnesota. He was a Private in the 2nd Minnesota Light Artillery during the Civil

War. Angus apparently served as Postmaster in Anoka County as he was paid $6.50 for those services on

March 30, 1867. He was buried near the Thorne family members in Trott Brook Cemetery, Ramsey, Anoka

County, Minnesota. Priscilla was born in 1841 in Maine and died June 9, 1878 in Anoka, Anoka County,

Minnesota. She was buried in the Trott Brook Cemetery next to Angus. Priscilla and Angus were married in

1859 in Anoka, Anoka County, Minnesota. After Priscilla's death in 1878, the 1880 census shows a

housekeeper in the McLeod household by the name of D. Starky. Priscilla was a sister to Ruth Ford Demarest

wife of Franklin Demarest.

Frederick C. McLeod and Robert Jack Demarest were cousins and they married the Thorne sisters, Idella and

Laura, respectively.


Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Motley, Morrison County, Minnesota


James's parents were Isae and Diana Lemon both of whom were born in Canada. James's death certificate and

obituary spell Corry as Cory. James was married in Pennsylvania to Emma C. Graves. They came to

Champlin, Minnesota in 1885 and then moved to Anoka County, operating a 300-acre dairy farm on the east

side of the southeast end of Crooked Lake. The lake is located just east of the City of Anoka. James and

Emma had three daughters, Margaret (1889-1897), Florence (1891-1893) and Mrs. Randolph (Mary E.)

Rahders born January 20, 1894. Emma died in 1901 and is buried in the Champlin Cemetery, Champlin,

Hennepin County, Minnesota.


James and Idella were married in 1904 and lived on James' dairy farm on Crooked Lake. The 1905 census for

Anoka County, Minnesota listed James C., Idella and Mary E. Lemon. James and Idella separated between

1905 and 1910 as James married Phebe (Phoebe) A. Cole Nolan on November 15, 1910 in Anoka County,


In 1911, James bought a variety store in Anoka and operated it for 22 years until retirement in 1933. James

lived with his daughter, Mary E. Lemon Rahders, at 4207 Lyndale Ave. S. in Minneapolis, Minnesota from

1933 until his death. James died of a cerebral hemorrhage. He was a member of the Anoka Baptist Church

and served the church as Clerk, Deacon, and Trustee. James was also a member of the Workman Lodge. The

obituary for James, listed one brother, Alec Lemon of Waverly, Washington as a survivor. James was also

survived by three sisters, Mrs. Amanda Johnson of Spokane, Washington, Mrs. Myrtle Sperry of Jacksonville,

Florida and Mrs. Earl Brown of Genesea, New York. Another sister passed away in Waverly, Washington

one week before James.

The obituary said Mr. Lemon was "a man of unswerving honesty, a lover of peace, kindly and cheerful. He

had musical ability and filled acceptably all positions of trust given him".


Burial: Champlin Cemetery, Champlin, Hennepin County, Minnesota