Lester Family History

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Lester Family History

Dedicated to the Loving memory of Goldie M. Lester

           Welcome to the Lester Family History web site. This site deals with the Lester family from St. Helens, Lancashire, England. English coal miners who immigrated to the United States in 1887-1888 and worked in the coal mines of Pennsylvania.They settled in Centre, Dauphin, Westmoreland, and Cambria counties. You will see below the links to the individual histories of the persons that immigrated, you will want to start with Henry Lester Sr. At the bottom of the page you will find a directory this will tell you the children to each individual immigrant to help you find your branch of the family or place of interest. Click on the link of the immigrant of interest, this will take you to a brief history on that person and the links to the individual historys of their decendents. You will find nothing more than a name for living family members out of respect for their privacy. There are also links for the Loughner and Hesketh families below. On this site you will find maps, census records, obituaries, pictures, and other various documents. You will find these under each individual history and they will pertain to that person and their family. I thank you for visiting the Lester Family History site. If you have any suggestions, questions, information on the family, corrections, or comments feel free to e-mail me by clicking on the link below.

           "Tell me in martial measures of the Charge of the Light Brigade; point with patriotic pride to the farmers who fought with the soldiers at Concord and Bunker Hill; repeat to me the story of the mighty conflict between the Blue and the Gray, when the "flower of American youth yielded up their last full measure of devotion" in defense of their respective flags, and my blood will thrill with patriotic enthusiasm and tingle through my veins in sympathetic response. Yet with all my admiration for the heroes of the battlefield  and their wonderful achievements in support of the rights of man, it does not equal my love, it can not measure my devotion to those sturdy sons of toil who, uninfluenced by the enthusiasm of numbers, without hope of present reward or future glory, deliberately enter the dark and dangerous caverns of the mines to carry relief to their suffering fellow-man or perish in the attempt.   
                                                                                                          William B. Wilson, April 1908


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This page belongs to Robert E. Lester.
 John & Ann Lester
Mary Lester 1829-1908
Henry Lester Sr June 1848-1903
Mary (Watkin) Lester 1849-1886
Mary Ellen (Chisnell) Lester 1849-1927
James Lester 1871-1944
Joseph Lester 1873-1951
Henry Lester 1876-1951
Clara (Hesketh) Lester 1877-1968
Robert Lester 1880-1882
Lucy Elizabeth Lester 1882-1963
William Lester 1885-1938
Clara (Radcliffe) Lester 1884-1971
Richard Lester 1887-1958
Bertha (Hesaltine) Lester 1891-1968

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Lester Family Crest

Mary Lesters Grave 1830-1908

Passenger Ship SS Indiana

Passenger Ship SS Rhynland



John and Ann Lester

Ann Penketh, Mary Lester, Robert Lester, Henry Lester, John Lester, George Lester, Richard Lester

Mary Lester

Henry Lester, James Dagnall, Abigail Dagnall, Ann Dagnall, Mary Dagnall, Charles Dagnall, John Dagnall, Lucy Dagnall, James Dagnall

James Lester 1871-1944

Joseph Lester 1873-1951

Daisy Lester, Rose Lester

Henry Lester 1876-1951

William Henry Lester, Burdetta M. (weigle) Lester, Betty (Lester) Harrington, Marie (lester) Popish, Lucy Elizabeth (Lester) Finigan Joseph W. Finigan, Marcella Finigan, Clara Finigan, James H. Finigan, Mary Finigan, Leo Finigan, Jacob Lester, Dora (Hull) Lester, Jacob Lester Jr., Eugene Lester, Ronald G. Lester, Donald Lester,Gary Lester, James Patrick Lester, Goldie (Loughner) Lester, James J. Lester, Leroy Lester, Ruth (lester) Hall, June (Lester) Ziemba, Patricia (Lester) Gindlesberger, George Lester, William Lester, Robert E. Lester, Ingles M. Lester, Edna (McKee) Lester, Paul Lester, Lee Lester, Fred Lester, Shirley (Lester) Watson, Nancy (Lester) Bingle.

Robert Lester 1880-1882

Lucy Lester 1882-1963

John W. Carr, Robert M. Carr

William Lester 1885-1938

Anna Lucille Lester, Edmond Wilbur Lester, and thier decendants

Richard Lester 1887-1958

Richard Lester Jr., Charles Lester, and thier decendants



Southern Lancashire, England

St. Helens, Lancashire, England

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