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Points of Interest

          Their where various spellings for the Lester surname in early England such as Licester, Leycester, Leicester, and Leister among others. most commonly English surnames where derived from the area of England that the family dwelled. Lester is one of the variations of Leicester which would become an English county. For a brief history of Leicester England go hereLocal Histories.org. Another reason for many variations of the Lester name is that in old England not many people could read or write.

          Coal mining was a major industry in St Helens during the 19th century Henry Lester Sr., and I'm sure his oldest sons, worked in the mines around St Helens for more information on coal mining in 19th century England go toCoal Mining History Resource Center


          St Helens, Windle, Whiston, and Parr are all in the same registration district of Prescot, Lancashire, England.