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1841 Census
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This is a transcipt of various 1841 cencus records divided into their separate parish districts The first column gives the house number in the parish All people sharing this number lived at this place The next column gives the surname ,The next gives the first name[s] the next gives the age The next gives the place The next gives whether the person was born in the district or not The next gives where the person was otherwise born if not in the district These transcripts have not been checked so sould be used with caution The place name given is what i have read To be more sure of the place check a map of the district Where i have put a question mark the records were not clearly readable to me Check the originals if at all in doubt Many thanks to the Mormon Churvch for allowing me to use their films and library My work will eventually be checked and available on line with a larger project covering all UK for cencus's from 1841-1901 The Inverness records were not done in data base format

This is a compilation of names from the 1841 cencus taken off film numbers
1042640,1042641,and 1042642
The films are all fairly clear except 4 pages near Lusta in Durinish, Skye
Repetitions: A few pages of film were photographed twice!!
When I have spotted this of course I havent repeated, but you may find your relatives twice.
After finding your relatives have a look in the strays as some entries were not born in the area
Where I noticed it at the time I have put a No but some of these I could have missed.
Mostly I have been able to read the lists clearly
Other abreviations were :
HLW - home loom weaver
cot - cotter
lot - lotter
Mgt - Margaret
Army P - Army Pension
11/17 - 11 or 17 reading not sure
The names Kitty and Kelly and Evan and Ewen could be sometimes mixed up.
Kitty and Ewen are by far the most common - I estimate about 6 possible mix ups
Mostly Ewen's not Evan's Mr and Neil were two notes that I may have got mixed up a few times about 5 times recording "Mr" instead of "Neil"
Where I am not sure of the reading I have left question marks
After the name, I leave the occupation then the place on the cencus.
I have spelt the placename as it looks to me. If you look on a map you should see what the exact spelling of the place is. For brevity I dont repeat the place till a different place comes up
The name of the head of the family or the relationship to is not given in the 1841 cencus unlike the 1851cencus
Over all about 99% accuracy is estimated
Any information of a geneological interest that I've come across I have included except the Mac Mc difference as it often isnt differentiated.
I hope you find your relatives easily
New Zealand society of Geneologists

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