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My name is Rhio, and I have many interests.  I am an avid reader, with a great interest in the English language and pass some of my spare time solving crossword puzzles.  I paint using two mediums-oil and acrylic.  I enjoy singing and harmonizing, playing the piano and guitar;  however, my latest engrossing interest is genealogy.

Regarding Graphics On This Website

Most of the graphics and background on this page and others were created expressly for Genealogy:  A Reunion With the Past. 
All photos and graphics unless otherwise noted, are the sole property of this website.  
They are not to be copied or redistributed in any form without prior written consent.
Please do not capture them. 
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of mine on my Southern roots.

Thank You
To my aunt, Helen [Jefferson] Storey, a big thank you for all that you have done to preserve our 
family records and history.  I hope I can equal your efforts in continuing the work you began.

Third cousin, twice removed ?
Have you been trying to figure out how to calculate your relationship
to a particular ancestor or descendant? It's easy with the following chart.
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By clicking on the family tree book belowyou will link 
to my maternal and paternal genealogies.

There are many more surnames too numerous to list here who married into these families.

I have linked names with pictures of the individuals and / or additional information and / or lateral family trees.
(All underlined names and words are links.) If you have any trouble navigating this site, I would appreciate
hearing from you, especially if a link is not working properly. With so many files, and links, it can happen.  Enjoy!

Lateral Trees and Branches submitted to this site:
————— COWDREY, Jas. William- AR>CA  - submitted by:  Barbara Baugh
————— WICKERSHAM - ENG>PA>KY>AR>CA>WA - Submitted by: Jill Wickersham Burton
————— GILLIS - SCT>P.E.I>Montreal>Ontario>MI>WI>CA - Submitted by:  Peg Gillis Feirtag
————— THOMAS - TN>AR>OR> CA>AR>ID>NV>AZ>WA - Submitted by:  David Thomas
————— MOORE - SC>GA - Submitted by:  Judy Bennett
————— MOORE , JONATHAN- SC>GA Submitted by:  Steven E. Moore
————— JEFFERSON, Samuel Wooten - NC>AR>TX - Submitted by:  Hugh Stover Jefferson
————— ESTES, John M. - TN>AR - Submitted by:  Peggy Estes
————— ELKINS, Gabriel - VA>NC>TN>IL>KY>AR>TX>CA - Submitted by:  Cindy Louth
————— SPENCER, Capt. Wm. & JEFFRES  - VA>DE>OH - Submitted by:  Jan Jeffres
As with any information on the internet, it should only serve as a template for further research.  I will not guarantee that every piece of information on these pages is 100% accurate, and will accept corrections, additions and subtractions to my genealogies with substantiation. I will say, it is the latest of my research and the research of others.  E-mail addresses of other researchers are included .

The COWDREY revision was posted on the COWDREY page.
The first six generations are not complete nor accurate,
but closer to reality than the Mehling work of 1911.   It is a working template.
If you can offer your help on this genealogy, it will be appreciated.

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Where is Marion County, Arkansas?

For further research, visit

The Marion County, AR, GenWeb Project.
The Original Arkansas Genealogy

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"Family Photo Album"
Echo's of the Past...
classic photos from
Marion Co., Arkansas

I want to thank all who have volunteered their time and skills to transcribe the vital records that are quickly disappearing due to time and corrupting conditions.  So many of you are dedicated to the free access of on-line genealogical data and information for which I and many others are grateful.
  "Thank you, volunteers!"

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Find Your Ancestors
Great census data from all counties of the USA, and other countries as well, can befound on
The original files as well and the transcribed files are available.

by: Linda Haas Davenport

Here are some guidelines and suggestions from someone who knows the "ins" and "outs" of genealogy research.  She has been "there" and "done that" for many years and has a lot to offer newcomers from her own experience of genealogy research. 

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Here is a sample of what is included:

   Census Records; History of and How to Use them 
  Military Records and How to use Them
  List of NARS Microfilm for War Records & Pension & Warrant Files
  Land Records - History and How to Use Them w/links
  Where to write for Land Patent/Warrant info

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