Thomas Savage and John Savage  
Thomas and John Savage

First Generation

Thomas Savage

NOTE:  "Ancient Thomas Savage", Arrived in America, Jamestown, VA, w/ the "First Supply" on the ship known as "the JOHN and FRANCIS", in Jan 1607/8;  He was 13 years of age and was listed as a "laborer" on the passenger list.  b. 1595 ENG; d. Abt. 1632 Northampton, VA. " In 1624 Thomas was living  in Eastern Shore, VA"
   +Ann "Hannah" Tyng, b. Bef. 1621 ; d. 1641 Northhampton, VA
        Child of Thomas and Hannah:
            1.  John Savage, b. bet. 1621 - 1624; d. abt. 1678.

 Second Generation

Capt. John Savage, b. Bet. 1621 - 1624; m. (1) ca. 1638; m. (2) 16 Dec 1667
   +Anne ELKINGTON, b. Abt. 1620; d, Bef. 1667 Northampton, VA
   +Mary ROBBINS, b. ca. 1642; d. bef. 1691. She was still living 26 Aug 1678.  d/o Obedience and Grace [O'Neill] ROBBINS
        Children of John and Anne:
            1.   Susannah Savage, b. Abt. 1638, Northampton, VA
            2.   Grace Savage, b. Abt. 1639, Northampton, VA
            3.   Daughter Savage, b. Abt. 1640, Northampton, VA
                    +William COWDREY;

NOTE:  Capt. John Savage's will, granted William land for his use till his death.  [ "To my granddaughter Susannah Kendall , the daughter of John and Susannah, the 100 a. plantation whereon William Cowdrey, my son-in-law, now dwells, which I have given him for life."]
        Children of John and Mary:
            4.   Thomas Savage, II, b. Abt.1668, Northampton, VA; Will was probated 11 Jun 1728, Northampton Co., VA; m. 1690
                    +Alicia HARMANSON, b. Abt. 1650
            5.   Mary Savage, b. 1670, Northampton, VA
                    +Sampson WEBSTER, b. Abt. 1660
            6.   John Savage, b. 1673, Northampton, VA
                    +Elizabeth GASCOIGNE, b. Abt. 1680
            7.   Elkington Savage, b. February 14, 1672/73, Northampton, VA [see next generation]
            8.   Frances Savage, b. Abt. 1674, Northampton, VA; d. Abt. 1720; m. (1) 1690; m. (2) 1695
                    +Samuel POWELL, b. Abt. 1670
                    +John JONES, b. Abt. 1680; d. 1734;  John's will was probated 12 Feb. 1733/4 in Northampton Co., VA.
NOTE:  William Cowdrey's wife, __?__ [Savage] Cowdrey, daughter of Capt John Savage, died, leaving William a widower.   His father-in-law, John Savage died leaving his second wife, Mary [Robbins] Savage, a widow abt. 1678.   Wm. Cowdrey then marries his mother-in-law, Mary [Robbins] Savage, and they have a child named Grace.
Third Generation

Elkington Savage, b. Feb 14, 1672/73 Northampton, VA; d. Nov 17, 1719, Northampton, VA; m. 1695
   +Winnefred  __?__, b. Abt. 1660
        Child of Elkington and Winnefred:
            1.   Esther Savage, b. ca. 1674 Northampton, VA
                    +Thomas COWDREY, Junr.

            NOTE:  Thomas Cowdrey, Junr.'s father was Thomas Cowdrey, Senr.  Thomas, Senr. was a brother to William Cowdrey.
            Both Thomas & Wm. were sons of Benjamin Cowdrey, the emmigrant ancestor of this Cowdrey line.

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