Photo Album for Jefferson, Cowdrey & Estes Families of Marion Co., AR
Family Photograph Album

Many thanks to those who have contributed to this Album:

Helen [Jefferson] Storey 
Ida [Jefferson] Morrone
Robert Lee Estes
Barbara Fulton
Jill [Wickersham] Burton
Ruth Fay [Cowdrey] Hill

The following photographs are over and above the
photographs I have included in the family tree pages.

Four of the Cowdrey Brothers, Ruff, Joe, Will and John looking like men from the "Old West Days".
The Ambrose Wilson and Cornelia Eugenia [Cowdrey] WICKERSHAM Family - Submitted by:  Jill Wickersham Burton
 The Cowdrey Brothers with Tom CARTMILL.
The Cowdrey Sisters with Edith HOWARD, d/o Hattie [Cowdrey] HOWARD - Submitted by:  Barbara Fulton.
 An Afternoon Drive in Marion County?   Thurman and Alsey [ BERRY] Cowdrey.
An outing in Marion Co., AR. Thurman and Alsey [ BERRY] Cowdrey, with Ernest Layton HURST and friend.
World War I Vets meeting in Marion County and posted in the the "Mountain Echo".
Myrtle May Cowdrey and friend on Horseback, Marion Co., AR.
Formal protrait of Henry Washington and Martha [ KING] Cowdrey in their middle years.
Cowdrey sisters, daughters of Henry and Martha [ KING] Cowdrey, circa 1904.
The Cowdrey - Jefferson  Store, Marion Co., Ark.
Wagon Train through Yellville, Marion Co., Ark. with John Allen Cowdrey.
Another formal photograph of Henry Washington and Martha [ KING] Cowdrey.
The Henry Washington Cowdrey Family Portrait 1892.
Cowdrey version of  "American Gothic" circa 1900.
Family Protrait of:  Rufus Preston and Pricilla [ BAWCOM] Cowdrey.
The John Allen Cowdrey  Family Portrait.
"The Mountain Echo" and Silas C. Turnbo articles on Dr. James Moore Cowdrey.
Family portrait of "Bud" Cowdrey w/ children Norman, Agnes, Cleve and Arch. Submitted by:  Ruth Fay [Cowdrey] Hill
Portrait of Cleve Cowdrey with 2nd wife Fay [__?__].   Submitted by:  Ruth Fay [Cowdrey] Hill
Agnes, Henry, Martha, "Bud" and Norman Cowdrey.   Submitted by:  Ruth Fay [Cowdrey] Hill
Bud and Cora [ANDERSON] Cowdrey family protrait.  Submitted by:  Ruth Fay [Cowdrey] Hill


John Albert Jefferson in front of his restaurant in Yellville, Marion Co., Ark.
Photo of John Albert and Myrtle May [ COWDREY] Jefferson in their later years in California.
John Albert Jefferson and Wm. Jennings Bryan Jefferson in the mines, 1917
The Robert Breckenridge Jefferson Family Portrait
Robert Breckenridge Jefferson in later years
Robert Clayton Jefferson, m. Lila May TATUM.  Robert was the s/o Thos. Elbert and Monta Mae [NOWLIN] Jefferson
Fanciful photo of Stephen Brundige "Brun" Jefferson with friends.  Brun was married to Frieda Lena [VOGEL] Jefferson
Myrtle May Cowdrey astride her horse.

John Albert and Myrtle May [Cowdrey] Jefferson's wedding photograph.


Ben Estes Family Portrait.   Bio included as appeared in: "The Ozark Region" - 1894
Benjamin Estes Portrait in later years.
Bishop Lafayette "Fate" and Iva Nora [Estes] ELAM with son Kelly.
Ben Estes and "Turnbo's Tales of the Ozarks"
Photo of Martin Oliver Estes and Martha White.  Martin was the son of Benjamin Mason and Mattie [ Jackson] Estes
Photo of Benjamin Pierce Estes, son of Martin Oliver and Martha Jane [WHITE] Estes - Submitted by:  Robert Estes

Benjamin Pierce Estes and Theo Dora [Wilson] Estes in later years.
Photo of Vernon Olta Estes, daughter of Martin Oliver and Martha Jane [WHITE] Estes - Submitted by:  Robert Estes
Classic Civil War Veterans photo posted in:  Harrison Daily Times,  Wednesday Jan 17, 1973
Photo of the John Wesley and Mary Ellen [Layton] Estes Family,  ca.1914
Ben M. Estes and grandson, Thurman Cowdrey at the train station.

This last link is an illustration of my own restoration work on many of these family photos.

The Springfield, MO, Years, circa 1920's
John Albert and Myrtle May [Cowdrey] Jefferson left Marion Co., AR about 1918. 
Their fourth child of eight was born in Springfield, MO.  They remained in Springfield for about 22 years.
Jefferson Children in 1926, MO (The youngest and only boy was not born yet when this picture was taken.)

So. California, and the War Years
The Jefferson daughters left MO and moved to CA in the 1940's.  John and Myrtle Jefferson and their youngest child,
an only son, followed them.  At this time they had already lost 2 other daughters while in MO -  Leatha and Mamie.
The Jefferson Sisters in So. California, ca. 1942

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