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Origin: Brook or valley of the burg, or hill/ridge

Domesday:Held by Abbey of Coventry 1 ¼ hide. 22 ½ carucates of land. In demesne 2 ploughs, 20 villans with 2 bordars and 2 slaves having 8 ploughs. A meadow I furlong long and as broad and woodland half a league long and 4 furlongs broad


A large village, which, despite obvious considerable growth over the years, has retained several attractive, beamed houses in the neighbourhood of the church and other substantial buildings.

There is also a dwelling with the name "Manor House" that has a number of interesting features (I liked the windows) but it looks, from the outside, rather modern for a manor - perhaps it has been re clad in brick at some stage.

The church has a fine spire that looked to me to be slightly askew. Parts of the church date back to the 13th century.



My interest in the village is the Overton family who were there 1674 to 1750. If anyone has come across a Richard Overton born about 1650 in the surrounding area you could make my day!



For a description of the village in the 1860s White's Directory of 1863 is attached