Origin: Heoruwulf’s tun

Domesday: To Upton belongs ˝ a hide, there is land for 2 ploughs.

Humphrey holds half a bovate with land for 2 oxen.

William holds 1 ˝ hides land for 3 ploughs, 2 villans and 3 bordars have these ploughs.A mill and 3 acres of meadow.

William Peverel holds 1 ˝ hides. Land for 3 ploughs, 3 sokemen with a priest


Northampton seems to be growing towards the village but it still retains its charm. The main centre of housing is adjacent to the main road but the small settlement around the church is a little way away and, I thought, quite special.


Approached across some meadows by footpath the church, school and a very small number of stone cottages are clustered together.


On the one side of the church stands a large house (old rectory?) and on the other a sort of mock Roman/Grecian edifice that turn out to be the stables for nearby Althorp House.



The Gregory, Morley, Shortgrave and Montgomery families were vicars here at various times from 1562 to 1809 and I am related (occasionally distantly) to all of them.

If you have any interest in Harlestone or the above families please contact me



For a description of the village in the late 1800s a Whelans Directory of 1874 is attached.