Richard Kendell's Ancestors
Richard Kendell's Ancestors

My Family History is very much "work in progress". In some areas I am stuck at 1800, elsewhere I have traced lines back to the early 1500s. The majority of my ancestors came from Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire with lesser numbers from Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex. If you can add any information, if you spot any errors with my transcriptions, or if you think I have drawn the wrong conclusions from the information available I would be pleased to hear from you.




I am the one on the right, presumably distantly related to the large chap in the middle. I don't know who the fish is related to!

(For those of you who are artistically inclined it is a piece of modern sculpture purchased by Lord Rothschild for display at Waddesdon in Buckinghamshire)

The various sections provide information on what my ancestors did for a living, where the families lived, what they ate, a brief section putting selected surnames into context, statistics on births, marriages and deaths over the years, a look at the range of Christian names used since the 1500s, the religious beliefs they followed and their politics. The section "How Much" gives general information on costs and earnings from earliest times to the early 1900s.

The following surnames occur on my family tree, clicking one will take you to a full name index and then onto my family tree.



Abel ,Adams ,Adcock ,Albrighton ,Alcock ,Allin ,Andrew ,Archbold ,Archer ,Aris

ArnellorArnold ,Arnold ,Astill ,Atherstich ,Atherstick ,Atterbury ,Austin ,Awnton


Bailey ,Baker ,Bakewell ,Ball ,Ballard ,Banton ,Barnes ,Barratt ,Barrett

Bartlam ,Basely ,Bates ,Baxter ,Baxter? ,Bayle ,Bayliss ,Beaill ,Beamish

BeauchampBedder ,Beesley ,Belchare ,Belcher ,Bell ,Bennett ,Bent ,Bentley

Benton ,Betts ,Bevis ,Bezoir ,Bindall ,Bingham ,Binks ,Birchall ,Bird ,Bishop

Blackmore ,BlagraveBlewitt ,Bliss ,BlitheorIdwyn ,Blithe ,Blount

BlowerorBloor ,Blower ,Bodell ,Booth ,Bosworth ,Bott ,Bottrill ,Bourton ,Bowker

Boydall ,Boyer ,Bradford ,Bradshaw, Brain ,Braunston ,Bricknill ,Briggs

Brinley ,Briscoe ,Broadhurst ,Brooks ,Brown ,Browne ,Brownridge ,Buckefield

Budgie ,Bull ,Bulliman ,BullowsorBoles , BullowsorPolesorBoles

BullowsorPoles ,Bullows ,Bunney ,Bunton ,BurfordORBarford ,Burnham ,Burt

Burton ,Buswell ,Butler ,Butterworth ,Button ,

Cadman ,Cantrell ,Capel ,Capenale ,Care ,Carpenter ,Carter ,Carvell ,Cave

Chamberlain ,Chambers ,Chance ,Chawlke ,Checkley ,Cheese ,Cheney

Cheshire ,Chester ,  Church ,Clamp ,Clark ,Clarke ,Clarson ,Cleadon ,Clerke

Clewes,Clews ,Clifford ,Cockerill ,Coleman ,Collins ,Cooke? ,Cooper ,Corby

Cox ,Crisp ,Crofts ,Crow ,Croxford ,CrumpORCleaver? ,Crump ,

Dares ,Darleson ,Darlison ,Davies ,Dawman ,Dawson ,Detheridge ,Dew ,Dewis

Dimblebee ,Dingley ,Dison ,Dobson ,Dodd ,Douglas ,Dowler, Duddle ,Dunkley

Dunning ,Dyke ,

Eales ,Earp ,Eddowes ,Elise ,Ellis ,Ellson ,Elson ,Enoch ,Everitt ,Ewins ,

Fairfield ,Fall ,Faulknall ,Finch ,FlesherFletcher ,Flood ,Flowers ,Follwell ,Foster

Fowke ,Fowler ,French ,Fulwell ,Furniss ,

Gardner ,Gare ,Garland ,Garratt ,Gaze ,Gee ,Gibbins ,Gibs

Gibson ,Gilbert , Giles ,Gilpin ,Glover ,Goddard ,Godfree ,Golby

Goode ,Goodman ,Goodyer ,Gorstelow ,Gossage ,Gould ,Grant ,Green ,Greene

Gregory ,Grice ,Grizwold , Grocock ,Gutteridge ,

Hackett ,Hale ,HalesorEales ,Hall ,Hammersley ,Hancock ,Hancocke ,Hands

Hanes,Harding ,Hare ,Harlis ,Harraway ,Harris ,Harrison ,Harrold ,Hartshorn

Harvey ,Haselwood ,Haslewood ,Hasselwood ,Hastilow ,Haughton ,Hawing?

Haycock ,Haykins? ,Haynes ,Hayward ,Haywood ,Hazlewood

Heath ,Heel ,Henson ,Herbert ,Hewitt ,Hextall ,Hickling ,Hickson ,Hill ,Hinckes

Hitchcox ,Hobley ,Hodges ,Hodgskins ,Holbech ,Holliday ,Holloway ,Hollway ,

Holmes ,Holt ,Hornsby ,Horton ,Howard ,Howes ,Howkins ,Howse ,Howyt

Hudson ,Hughes ,Hull ,Humphrey ,Hunt ,Hurley ,Hurst ,Hutchin ,Hutchings

HutchinsHylliard ,

Idwyn ,Ingoldsby ,Isham ,

Jackson ,Jarvice ,Jeffcote ,Jeffery ,Jeffs ,Jenkins ,Jephcote ,Jephcott ,Jester

Johnson ,Jones ,Judd ,

Kane ,Kench ,Kendall ,Kendell , Kenny ,Key ,King Kingston ,Kington ,Kirby

Kitchen ,Knight ,Kynbbe ,

Lambel ,Lane ,Langham Langton ,Lattimer ,Lawrence ,Lawson ,Leatherland

Leavis ,Lee, Leeson ,Lemmon ,Lindsey ,Lines ,Linton ,Lintwait ,Lole ,Lord ,Lot

Loveit ,Loveitt ,Lovel ,Lucas ,Ludford ,Lumberd ,Lunn ,

Malcher ,Mallabone ,Mansfield ,MarksMarlow ,Marriatt ,Marriott ,Marrow

Marshall ,Marston ,Martin ,Marton ,Marven ,Marvin ,Mason ,Masters ,Mastins

Matthews ,Matts ,Maylin ,McDowall ,Meacham ,Mears ,Meer ,Merrick ,Meynell

Middleton ,Miles ,Miller ,Mills ,Mitchell ,Mold ,Montgomery ,Moor ,Moore ,Morgan

Morley ,Morris ,Moss ,Mountford ,MousleyMuir ,Mumford ,Munn

Murcott ,Muscott ,Musson ,

Newbold ,Newman ,Newton ,Nicholls ,Nightingale

Nixon ,Noble ,Norman ,Norton ,

Olde ,Olford ,Ordish? , Osborn, Oughton ,Over ,Overton ,

Page ,Pain ,Paine ,Pallet ,Palmer ,Pargeter ,Pargiter

Parker ,Parnell ,Parsons ,Parye ,Patrick ,Paul ,Payne ,Payton ,Peacock

Peacoke ,Peake ,Pearce ,Pears ,Pearson ,Peasland ,Peg, Pegg ,Perkins

Perridge ,Perrin ,Pettit ,Petty ,Phillips ,Pinckard ,Pinkard Pinkarde ,Pinkerd

Pirider? , Plover ,Pollard ,Pomfrett ,Pope Porridge ,Porter ,Poultney ,Powell

Power ,Powers ,Pratt ,Pratte ,Prescott Preston ,Print ,Proverbs ,Pugh ,Pullin,

Pulton ,Pybus ,

Radbourne ,Rafes ,Ralph Rendall ,Revell ,Reynolds ,Rickards ,Riddington ,Riley

Robbins ,Roberts ,Robins Robinson ,Rogers ,Rose ,Ross ,Rowbottom ,Rowley

Rowton RubbumorRowbottom ,Runcorn ,Rushall ,RussellORRushall ,Russell

Sale ,Salt Sanders ,Sands ,Sansom ,Sargeant ,Sarson ,Satchel ,Saunders

Savage ,SavinorSabin ,Savin ,Scarratt ,Scott ,Sears ,Selby ,Shakespear

Sharpe ,Sharratt ,Sharrod ,Shaw ,Sheen ,Sheppard ,Shilton ,Shortgrave

Sidwells ,Simons ,Skerrell ,Sleath ,Smallwood ,Smart ,Smedley ,Smeeton

Smith ,Southam ,Southorn ,Southorne ,Spark ,Spears ,Spence ,Spencer ,Spicer

Spires ,Sprawson ,Stafford ,Stains ,Starkey ,Starum ,Stewart,Store ,Storer

Stuart ,Sutton ,Swaine ,Swann ,Swindall ,Swyfte ,

Tamlinson ,Twamley ,Twicgden ,Twigden ,Twigger ,Twisleton ,

Vann ,Vans ,Viall ,Vincent ,Vissance ,

Waade ,Wafforn ,Wagstaff ,Wainwright ,Wait ,Waite ,Wakelin

WaldenorWaldinge ,Wale ,Walker ,Wallins ,Wallis ,Walter ,Wane ,War ,Ward

Warde ,Warden ,Warner ,Warren ,Warwick ,Washbrook ,Watkins ,Watson

Watts ,Webb ,Webster West ,Wheatley ,Wheatly ,Wheeler ,Whetstone ,Wheway

Whiston ,Whitbrook ,Whitby ,Whitcroft ,White ,Whitlock ,Whitmore ,Whittle

Whitworth ,Wiggin ,Wigson ,Wilcox ,Wilding ,WillbyorWilloughby ,Williamson

Wills ,Wilson ,Windridge ,Winkles ,Winter ,Wise ,Wood ,Woodford ,Woodland

Woodward ,Woollasson ,Worel , Wortheaton ,Wright ,Wrighton ,Wyment

Wynkels ,

York ,Yorke ,Young

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