Origin: New ham


A small village just south of Daventry that straddles the (not too busy) main road. Apparently it was the home of the poet Thomas Randolf (no, I hadn’t heard of him before either!).

In Saxon records Newnham was a chapelry of Badby. Inclosure took place in 1764 and the manor house demolished about the same time (according to Baker).

In 1801 100 houses 437 inhabitants

In 1811 103 houses 456 inhabitants

The most impressive building is the church where the tower stands over open arched supports, a feature I have not seen elsewhere. The church has not been over “improved” over the years and some lovely box pews remain.


Adjacent to the church are some fine old agricultural buildings, surprisingly not yet subject of a barn conversion.


newnham 1
newnham 2
newnham 3

A small display of church items includes some church warden accounts which include payments to William Hazlewood in 1840 (he was my 3rd great grandfather). The family were there from the 1780s to the late 1800s and any information on them would be appreciated.



For a description of the village in the late 1800s a PO Directory of 1869 is attached.