Origin: Poll’s worp or worp by the hill

Domesday: No entry

I expected to find an industrial village and was pleasantly surprised.


The church, “Polesworth Abbey”, is large, ancient in part, but locked. The tower looks rather older and more substantial than the main body of the church.


Guarding the approach to the abbey is a large old gatehouse dating I would guess from the 16th century. It is unfortunately in need of some money and tender loving care but is impressive never the less


Scattered around the town centre are a number of timber framed houses in good condition and red brick houses/cottages of various dates. The Congregational chapel has windows that remind me of a weavers cottage and opposite to it stands a particularly fine brick building (school?) with stone entrance and ornamental decorations



My main interest is in the Cooper, Sharratt, Hartshorne and Rogers families who lived in Polesworth and Warton (a hamlet adjacent to Polesworth) . My wife’s family (Lees) also lived there.

For a description of the village in the late 1800s a Whites Guide of 1850 is attached.