Origin: Shallow ford

Domesday: Robert holds of the Countess (Judith)11 carucates of land in Scalford. There were 12 ploughs. Now in demesne there are 1 ploughs, and 5 villans with 11 sokemen and 13 bordars have 6 ploughs. There are 30 acres of meadow. It was worth 10s, now 60s. 5 thegns held it freely in TRE.

Ralph Pippin holds of Robert half a carucate of land.


A pleasant mix of old stone houses and newer (1800s?) brick. The most noise when I was there came from birdsong.


The church was locked but a key available (list of holders in porch). The church, which stands impressively on a small hill is clean, bright, obviously well looked after but perhaps not overused being part of a group of 6 churches served by one minister.


The funeral bier is at the back of the church (last used in , I think, 1959 for the grandfather of the lady I got the key from) and there is a quite attractive "green man" style boss.



My main interest is the Awood and Budgie families in the 1600s. Mary Awood married William Moor of Sapcote in 1663 (now how did they get to meet let alone court?).

If you have any interest in these families please contact me



For a description of the village in the 1860s White's Directory of 1863 is attached