Origin: Beautiful farm

Domesday: Earl Aubrey held 1 carucute of land and there were 3 bordars. Roger held of Henry de Ferrers 2 bovates of land with 1 villan. Norman held of Robert de Vessey 6 carucates of land less 2 bovates . 5 ploughs. In demesne 1 plough and 7 villans with 3 bordars having 2 ploughs.


A tiny agricultural village dominated by an impressive Hall (and gatehouse) built by William Wollaston in 1629.


The nearby church looks largely rebuilt.



In 1485 prior to the Battle of Bosworth the Earl of Richmond assembled his forces here.

My main interest is in the York family pre 1800 and I am making very little progress. If you know anything about the family please contact me on



For a description of the village in the mid 1800s a Directory of 1849 is attached.