Origin: Enclosure made of stakes

Domesday: Alan holds of the count 3 hides. The soke of 1 hides belongs to Fawsley. There is land for 8 ploughs. In demesne are 2 ploughs and 6 villans and 12 bordars with 4 ploughs. It was worth 40s now 60s. Saewulf, Eadric and Alwine held it freely.

Hugh de Grandmesnil holds 1 hide. There are 2 ploughs. There were 2 ploughs with 1 villan and 5 bordars. It was worth 15s now 20s. Leofric held it of Baldwin.

Time seems to have passed Staverton by. Or more correctly the main road out of Daventry (A425) has passed by, adjacent to, but not through the village which leaves the place quite undisturbed by anyone except from intending visitors. The village is the usual Northamptonshire pleasant mix of older stone buildings with a few more modern brick houses scattered about.


The church feels ancient. It dates mainly from the 14th and 15th centuries and inside you get (well I got at least!) a sense of continuity throughout the years.


There is a lovely wall brass to Thomas Wylmer dated 1580 and lists of Church wardens over the years including many Masters. The Masters, Halls and Hazlewoods (from the early 1700s) are my main interests.



Not a family likeness I hope!

For a description of the village in the late 1800s a Whelans Directory of 1874 is attached.