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Origin: Tun of Waermundís people

Domesday: The count (of Meulan) himself hold 13 hides in Warmington. Azur held them and was a free man. There is land for 14 ploughs. In demesne are 4 ploughs, and 12 slaves, and 36 villans and 8 bordars with 14 ploughs. There are 69 acres of meadows. TRE it was worth £10; now as much.

The count himself holds 2 Ĺ hides in Warmington and a certain knight holds of him. Azur held the freely TRE. It is worth 20s. What this knight has there is included with the stock of men who are in the countís manor.

Approaching from Banbury the church is visible but the village invisible


The church stands on a small mound right onto the main road. It is not large but itís site means it is imposing. The large well kept churchyard falls away steeply to the village below.


The village is lovely. It has everything you would expect from a Cotswold village except for the antique shops, tea shops and tourists. In fact as far as I could see there are no shops (but there is a pub) and I was the only visitor. At the centre of the village is the largest green you could wish to see, complete with pond, ducks and water lilies. The houses are all a dark stone with hardly a brick in sight and facing onto the green is a magnificent building which I assume was a manor at some stage.


Rather less impressive, but more interesting to me, are a group of buildings at the south west corner of the green which was the Judd family farmhouse, home to my ancestors from the late 1500s.


Around the corner from the Juddís house is the old Weslyan chapel dated 1811 but pebble dashing has done little to improve the original. The village school (stone again) seems to have closed but the building re-used as a playgroup/community centre.



The Judd family were still in the village in the mid 1900s and driving home from the village in the general direction of Daventry (I am not exactly sure where since I was lost at that time) I passed Juddís Garage.

If anyone is interested in the Judd family, or knows where they came from before settling in Warmington I would be pleased to hear from you