White's 1850
White's 1850


Comprises 11 parishes and two townships, viz. Alveston, Bearley, Fulbrook, Hampton Lucy, Haseley, Hatton, Beausall township. Shrewley township, Honily, Loxley, Snitterfield, Wolverton, and Wroxhall; and 21,584a. 3r. 23p.of land; 792 iuhabited houses; 20 uninhabited, and two building ; with 3,764 inhabitants; of whom 1,937 are males and 1,823 females.

ALVESTON, a parish, considerable, well-built and pleasant village, 2 1/2 m. E. N.E. from Stratford-on-Avon, containing 2,599 acres, 3r. of land ; aud, in 1841. 164 houses and 793 inhabitants; 1801, 465; 1821, 603; 1831, 650; rateable value £6217. 10s. 5 1/2d. This village is delightfully situated on an eminence near the banks of the Avon, and is surrounded by a beautiful woodland country. The principal owners are the Rev. F. Knotsford, Lord Lifford, Thos. Hiron, Wm. Heming, Jas. Maloney, Wm. Judd Harding, Thos. Webb, Esqrs.; Mr. Thos. Knight, and Mr. Hy. Smith ; the former is lord of the manor. The Church, dedicated to St. James, is a neat stone edifice, in the Gothic style, with lancet windows, erected 1839. and consists of nave, chancel, in which is a beautiful stained glass window, representing St. James; side aisles, and square embattled tower, in which are three bells. The living, a vicarage, V.K.B. £6., now £240.; the Rector of Hampton Lucy, patron; and Rev. John Peglar, M.A., incumbent-; for whom the Rev. H. B. Faulkner officiates. The free school is a neat brick building, with a house for the master; will accommodate 150 boys and girls; average 90; supported by subscription; \Vra. Fowler, master. Bridgetown, a small hamlet, adjoining Stratford Bndge. 2 1/4 miles S.W. by W. Tiddington, another hamlet, and small village,1 1/4m. S.W. by W.

CHARITIES- Rev. G. Hammond, by will 1755, (see Hampton Lucy) the sum of £5 0s 2 1/2d. Mrs.Alice Hammond by will, 1778 gave £100. to the vicar and churchwardens of the parish; the interest to be distributed to the poor in such manner as they should think fit;this legacy was invested in the purchase of £168. 17s 9d. New South Sea Annuities. The dividends, £5 1s 4d annually are given away together with Mr Hammond's legacy, and whatever is in hand of the Sacrament money, about Christmas. Mr Hammond's desire was that the interest should be distributed to four poor men or women of the parish who should frequent the communion of the Church of England at least four times in the year. Sir Wm. Bishop. Knt., of Bridgetown, in this parish, by will 1679, gave £50 for the use of the poor of Alveston the interest to be laid out in bread for to be given to tbe poor on Christmas day. The interest ot this legacy,50s. is paid by the Rev Frances Fortesque Knottesford, now (1825) the owner of the Bridgetown estate of this 3s worth of bread is given away in the church on the first Sunday in every month : and on Christmas day a further sum of 14s. worth is given away at the church,

John Knottesford by will. 1777, and codicil, 1780, gave to the Worcester Infirmary 200 guineas, on condition that they should admit all the patients, sick or lame, from the parishes of Alveston, Studley, and Tiddington, to be certified as objects by the clergyman and overseers of the parish, and not being possessed of £10. a year. He also gave to St. George's Hospital, Hyde Park Corner, 100 guineas provided his representatives should be permitted to send two patients yearly to that infirmary.

Anonymous.—It is stated, in 1786, that Edward Stanley had £20. in his hands, left to this parish for the use of the poor, yielding 16s. interest, which he used to give away in bread to the poor. Mr. Stanley died about 1820. since which nothing has been paid. Mrs. John Mills, of Stratford, his only child, supposes that the gift was voluntary on her father's part.

Mrs.Jenkinson's Charity.—Mr. Charles Wyatt and Lieut.-Gen. Jenkinson, in the year 1814, invested the legacy, together with half a year's interest thereon, amounting together, after deducting the legacy duly, to £460 2s. 4d.. in the purchase of ,£681. 13s. 4d. Three per cent, consols, in their joint names. The dividends thereon, to the 5th of Jan., 1831, were invested in accumulation, the whole stock then being, £1253, 4.s. 3d. Three percent. Consolidated Bank Annuities. On the 23th April, 1831, (the above-named trustees being dead) an order was made, on petition, by the Master of the Rolls, that this charity should be referred to one of the Masters of the Court of Chancery, and he should approve of a scheme for the application of the funds. By his Report, 22nd Nov., 1831, Sir Gray Skipwith, Bart, and four others, together with Henry Jenkinson, Esq., were appointed trustees, and a scheme was agreed upon; by which the trustees were empowered to take land, to under-let in small parcels, to poor parishioners, either at an equal or less rent, to be cultivated on certain principles. Or, in case the dividend cannot be so employed, either in part or in the whole, advantageously, the said trustees for the time being shall apply such dividends, or such portion thereof, in the purchase and distribution of clothing, bedding, food, coals or money amongst the poor parishioners. A portion of the stock was sold to pay the expenses £119. 12s. 2d.,with a balance in hand; the residue. £1153. 4s. 3d. was transferred to the ahove trustees. The dividends amount to £34 11s. 10d. per annum. A field, containing nine acres, near Tiddington, being part of the vicarage land, has, from Michaelmas, 1832, been rented by the trustees, at the yearly rent of £20. 5s., and let in small allotments, to 35 poor parishioners at rents amounting in the whole to £18. 16s.; the trustees paying the excess, and also the poor rates. The residue of income is given in coals to poor persons. Rev. Richard Hill , (sec Hampton Lucy). This parish is entitled to participate in the Grammar school founded by the Rev. Richard Hill, at Hampton Lucy.

Post Officece at Mr. Brice's; letters arrive at 7a.m., and are despatched at 5,30 p.m.

Marked* reside at Tiddington, + Bridgetown, and the rest at Alveston

Alfry Hy. Wells Esq. Hemingford House

Ashbourne C. grdnr

*Bruce Jno. Agriclt implmnt maker

Clarke Rd. Ogle gent

Cooper Rt. bskt mkr

Cowen Walter Esq Alveston Lodge

Gibbs Wm., gent

Gibbs Wm., shopkpr

Flower Wm., school

*Harding Chas., Esq Avon cliff

Harding Wm.Judd Esq., Barraset House

Hemmings Geo ,br.h

Holbech Miss Car.

Holbech Capt G.R.N.

+Knottesford Rev.Fras. Fortesque Manor hs

Lane Benj., tailor

Nicholes Thos.inkpr

Parritt Hy. A., grocer and druggist

Parritt J. crpt, & bldr.

Reed Robert. Esq., Alveston Leys

*Reeve J., carpenter

Such J. ,shoemaker

Townsend Joseph Esq. Alveston hs

+ Twist J agricultural implement mkr

*Vincent T-, matting maker

Ward John, butcher

* Webb 'I' Townsend Esq. Tiddington hs

Wincote J- shoe mk. and beer house

Wincote W. baker

*Woodmss Charles Esq. Esq. Avonhurst


Batchelor W..Alvtn hl

* Edwards John

Giggs W. jn.Alvstn hl

Goff S.Alveston pastures

* Hawkes Henry

Knight George

Lane Th. Millington Crofts farm

Ward Thomas

Wilkins William

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