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                                                                      Bethel Cemetery

                                                                     Bethel Cemetery
                                                                  Eagle Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

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CORE, Caroline C. WELLS            1849 1885 01-08-1849 04-08-1885
     LS with her parents and her brother Robert WELLS. Aged 36Ys 3Ms
     Married David W. Core on November 2, 1870. 
     Daughter of Lawner "Newton" & Jemina (Lumkin) Wells.
CURLESS, (Baby)                    1902 1902 08-14-1902 08-14-1902
     LS with her parents and her brother Lee.
     Daughter of Robert S. & Nora Idella (Wells) Curless.

     Note: Death record 1902-1902. Newer marker engraved 1901-1901.
CURLESS, Lee                       1898 1899 09-22-1898 03-16-1899
     LS with his parents and his sister "Baby".
Son of Robert S. & Nora Idella (Wells) Curless.
CURLESS, Nora Idella WELLS         1866 1920 04-19-1866 07-22-1920
     LS with her husband Robert and their children "Baby" & Lee.
Married Robert S. Curless on July 20, 1890.
     Daughter of Lawner "Newton" & Jemina (Lumkin) Wells.
CURLESS, Robert S.                 1866 1947 05-19-1866 05-05-1947
     LS with his wife Nora and their children "Baby" & Lee.
Married Nora Idella Wells on July 20, 1890.
     Married Lorena E. Hoskins-Sawyer-Bailey on Sept. 24, 1921.
     Son of William & Susan (Robinson) Curless.
Lorena Hoskins-BAILEY in Sylvan Cemetery]
HANNAWELL, Alice C. HARRIS         1869 1908 04-08-1869 04-24-1908
     LS with her husband Mathias and their children Mazie & Fred.
     Married Mathias Christian Hannawell on April 12, 1887.

     Daughter of Francis "Frank" & Elizabeth (Young) Harris.
HANNAWELL, Fred M.                 1907 1921 12-16-1907 07-07-1921
     LS with his parents and his sister Mazie.
Son of Mathias Christian & Alice C. (Harris) Hannawell.
HANNAWELL, Mathias Christian       1854 1936 08-02-1854 06-20-1936
     LS with his wife Alice and their children Mazie & Fred.
Married Alice C. Harris on April 12, 1887.
     Son of Martin & Mary (Leangland) Hannawell.
HANNAWELL, Mazie C.                1889 1897 03-10-1889 11-07-1897
     LS with her parents and her brother Fred.
Daughter of Mathias Christian & Alice C. (Harris) Hannawell.
HANOLD, Lena H.                    1885 1886
     Daughter of Johann Lorenz & Elizabeth (Buroker) Hanold.
HONARD, Bertha                     1886 1887 12-16-1886 03-24-1887
     Daughter of James & Mary Honard.
     Note: Added from death record.
HOWE, Martha A.                    1845 1865 11-25-1845 08-14-1865
     Daughter of G.W. & M.E. Howe. Aged 19Ys 8Ms 20Ds
JOHNS, Turner Willie               1892 1892 07-24-1892 09-11-1892
     Son of William Hnery & Cynthia C. (Logue) Johns.
     Note: Added from death record.
MILLER, Henry F.                   1817 1867 07-03-1817 04-20-1867
     Married Frances Sharp.  Aged 49Ys 9Ms 17Ds
     Son of William & Charlotte (Dawson) Miller.
MILLER, Samuel                     1806 1877 08-12-1806 09-21-1877
     Aged 71Ys 1Ms 9Ds
PICKERING, Charles R., M.D.        1857 1944 05-08-1857 10-20-1944
     Son of William & Mary Jane (Binks) Pickering. "Son"
PICKERING, John                    1815 1860
     "Uncle" Brother to William.
PICKERING, Mary Jane BINKS         1818 1901 01-05-1818 04-24-1901
     Married William Pickering. "Mother" 
PICKERING, William                 1818 1887 02-18-1818 03-02-1887
     Married Mary Jane Binks.
REDFIELD, Annie Gertrude YOUNG     1859 1931 08-16-1859 10-28-1931
     Married George Washington Redfield in November of 1882.
     Daughter of Morgan & Melissa Jane (Miller) Young.
REDFIELD, George M.                1884 1979 06-16-1884 08-25-1979
     Son of George Washington & Annie Gertrude (Young) Redfield.
REDFIELD, George Powers Washington  1832 1922 09-05-1832 11-15-1922
     Married Mary Margaret Fosnot.
     Son of Philip & Mariah (Ellis) Redfield.
     Note: Mary Margaret Fosnot 1837-1913 is buried in Crawford Co.,WI.
     Note: No marker! Used Family Search for data.
REDFIELD, George Washington        1862 1946 03-01-1862 12-22-1946
     Married Annie Gertrude Young in November of 1882.
     Married Sarah Elizabeth Roach-Hinkle on January 6, 1935.
     Son of George Powers Washington & Mary Margaret (Fosnot) Redfield.
Sarah Roach-HINKLE in Pine River Cemetery]
SHANE, (Baby)                      1888 1888 10-16-1888 10-17-1888
     Daughter of William L. & Eldah V. (Austin) Shane.
     Note: Added from death record.
SHANE, Phebe Jane BURNETT          1825 1887 07-02-1825 08-22-1887
     Married Andrew J. Shane. Aged 62Ys years.
     Daughter of James & Frances Burnett.
     Note: Also listed at the Mayfield Cemetery!
SMITH, Lucindy GOOD                1813 1864 11-30-1813 07-29-1864
     Married Martin Van Buren Smith on December 17, 1840 in Henry Co., Indiana.
     Daughter of Jacob & Sarah (Goddard) Good.
     Note: Martin Smith [abt 1819-1862] died 1-Dec-1862 in Missouri of disease
           while serving with Co D 11th Wis Infantry during the Civil War.

     Child of Alex & Hannah I.H. (Palmer) Webster. Can not read!
     Note: Parents married in 1852.
WEBSTER, William R.                1855 1864 08-16-1855 11-21-1864
     Child of Alex & Hannah I.H. (Palmer) Webster. Aged 9Ys 3Ms 5Ds
     Note: Parents married in 1852.
WELLS, Jemina LUMKIN               1821 1894 12-13-1821 05-07-1894
     LS with her husband Newton and their children Robert Wells & Caroline CORE.
Married Lawner "Newton" Wells. Aged 72Ys 4Ms 24Ds
     Daughter of George & Mary Lumkin.
     Note: Maiden name spelling varies: Lumkin Lumbkin Lumpkin
     Note: Given name spelling varies: Jamima Jamina Jemina
WELLS, John R.                     1847 1867 01-23-1847 12-23-1867
     LS with his parents and his sister Caroline Wells-CORE.
Son of Lawner "Newton" & Jemina (Lumkin) Wells. Aged 20Ys 11Ms
WELLS, Luther F.                   1864 1944 04-07-1864 02-02-1944
     Married Della J. Thompson on December 25, 1887.
          Married Myrtle Young-Johnston.
     Son of Lawner "Newton" & Jemina (Lumkin) Wells.

         [See Myrtle Young-Wells-JOHNSTON in the Richland Center Cemetery]
WELLS, Lawner "Newton"             1808 1893 12-17-1808 07-07-1893
     Veteran - Mexican War    Aged 84Ys 6Ms 20Ds
     LS with his wife Jemina and their children Robert Wells & Caroline CORE.
          Married Susan Brewer in 1833.
     Married Jemina Lumkin.

     Son of John & Ruth (McAnally) Wells.
YOUNG, Melissa Jane MILLER         1825 1875 12-03-1825 02-26-1875
     Married Morgan Young. Aged 49Ys 2Ms 23Ds
YOUNG, Morgan                      1822
     Married Melissa Jane Miller.
     Married Jenette Ripley.
     Note: Can not read marker! Used 1880 census for birth year.

                                    Maiden Name Cross - Reference

MAIDEN/Other marriages    Given Name                    Burial Surname
======================    ========================      ==============
BINKS                     Mary Jane                      Pickering
BURNETT                   Phebe Jane                     Shane
GOOD                      Lucindy                        Smith
HARRIS                    Alice C.                       Hannawell

LUMKIN                    Jemina                         Wells
MILLER                    Melissa Jane                   Young
WELLS                     Caroline C.                    Core
WELLS                     Nora Idella                    Curless
YOUNG                     Annie Gertrude                 Redfield
======================    ========================      ==============

            Mexican War Veterans [1846-1848]
WELLS, Lawner "Newton"                        1808  1893   M


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