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                                            FIRST TWO THINGS THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW
          First and foremost, my Richland County Wisconsin Cemetery records ARE NOT a
          cemetery tombstone transcription project, where are the information  comes only
          from the tombstone engravings. My information from many other sources.

         If you do NOT know which cemetery the person is buried in
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  Thompson’s Richland County Wisconsin
             Cemetery Guide

                                           (Last Updated July 6, 2014)


Short History of Project

The THOMPSON Richland County, WI cemetery project started with the Richland Center
and Saint Mary's cemeteries, located in Richland Center, in Oct/1993, which was completed in
December/1994. Starting in December/1994, township cemeteries data from the book "HERE
THEY SLEEP" was transferred into this database and updated. I presented the Richland County
Cemeteries project to the Richland County Historical Society in May/1997.

These records, plus the maiden name cross-reference were printed and placed in paper form at
 the Richland County History Room, which is located on the 2nd floor in the Brewer Library
(325 N. Central Avenue, Richland Center, WI. 53581) in September/1996.
{The paper format has been replaced with computer database which is updated on a monthly bases.}

In about 2000, this website was offered by Lori Manning for the home of my project and since
that time and to date my cemetery records and photographs have been added.  Along with links
to map data offered by Dennis Cook and Lori Manning's Township pages.

This project is never ending and electronic updates are made available to the Richland County
History Room and this website, on a ongoing bases.

                       What THOMPSON's Cemeteries are and are not.
This project is NOT cemetery records only! Pure cemetery researchers show not be lead to
believe that all the data is available at the burial site.

The data comes from cemetery data, Register of Deeds records (mainly death records),
Obituaries (mainly the local paper), Richland County History Room (many sources), local history
books (mainly the 1884, 1906 and 1986 Histories of Richland Co.) and family researchers.
Also from websites such as  SS Death Index, Find-A-Grave,  USGEN Wisconsin Tombstone
Transcription and Photograph projects and others. And of course feedback from people like you
that find errors and provide additional information.

Most of the additional data, from outside the cemetery source is maiden names, marriages and
dates of marriages, parents and full birth and death dates.

                                   Report Layout Sample
SURNAME   Given Name  MAIDEN-OTHER                           Section  Lot  Photo
   BEERS, Frederick A.                     1835 1903 07-14-1835 10-19-1903
        Private Co B 11th Wis Vol Inf - Civil War
        Married Mary A. Catlin.
        Son of Thomas & Harriet (Taylor) Beers.
   BEERS, Hallie Irlene DEVAULT            1891 1922            03-27-1922
        Married _____ Beers.  Aged 31Ys 7Ds
        Daughter of Harlen & Letty (Tracy) DeVault.
   BEERS, Mary A. CATLIN                   1852 1930            08-25-1930
        Wife of Frederick A. Beers. Aged 78Ys 9Ms
        Daughter of Horace G. & Catherine (Huffman) Catlin.
   BERNHARDT, Edna POWERS-WILLS            1890 1974
        Married Alva Wills on September 30, 1913.
        Married Edward Bernhardt in 1937.
        Daughter of Reuben E. & Ida M. (Fry) Powers.

  SURNAME -  Last name that individual is buried with (could be maiden
             or multiple names due to marriages).
  Given Name - First, middle and nick names, also initials and titles
             (Jr. Sr. Dr.)
  MAIDEN-OTHER - Maiden name (may follow with other names due to multiple marriages)
  BYr. - Birth year (sometimes calculated from aged or other sources).
  DYr. - Death year (sometimes from other sources then headstone).
  Birth - Full birth date (Month-Day-Year).
  Death - Full death date (Month-Day-Year).
  Section/Lot - If available the section & lot with the cemetery
  Add Photo - If cemetery photographed additional photographs.

2nd Line and additional lines – Remarks. Misc. text including veteran info.,
  marriages, parents, etc.

[See xxx]   Normally buried under another name (ie. remarriage) and is in the same cemetery.

[See xxxx in xxxx Cemetery]   Normally buried under another name (ie. remarriage) and
                                               is in a different same cemetery.


          Monument/Marker/Headstone Codes

Aged - Death date given and then Aged Ys (years) Ms (months) Ds (days)
F = Flag Holder (normally veteran's and listed with noted war or group)
Death date pending - Person living or assumed to be living.
LS - Large Stone (use vs actual size) - normally three or more people listed or just the Surname.
MS - Medium Size Stone (use vs actual size - normally husband & wife) 
          recorded as    "MS with xxxx." Showing that these are the two names on the marker.
Small or SM - Small marker
TM or TS - Temporary Marker TM=Temp Metal  TS=Temp Stone
US  - Military marker
USS  -   Military marker  bronze style but made of stone.

             Maiden Name Cross - Reference

 MAIDEN/Other marriages      Given Name                 Burial Name
  ==================     ==============      ==============
     BIRMINGHAM                Paulina                           Walker
     Bowman-TOBIAS             Martha M.                      Ironmonger
     BRUNELL                        Mandana                        Hill
     TOBIAS-Bowman             Martha M.                      Ironmonger

        Useful guide when maiden or other married name/s are known
        but the person is buried under another Surname.
           Maiden name will be in CAPS and other names in lower case.

 Use, Copyright and Ownership: Individuals and groups can use these volumes freely but without
             use for their financial gain. The full ownership  is retained by the author Dave Thompson.

Email Corrections/Additions to:  [email protected]

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