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Louisa Bailey Thompson's recipe for "A cure for the white swelling":    

louisa_recipe.jpg (98804 bytes)

Letters and poetry written by Gordon Thompson to his wife Louisa Bailey Thompson:

01_04_20_186.jpg (168575 bytes) 02_04_20_186.jpg (189851 bytes) 07_31_186.jpg (135009 bytes) 01_24_1860.jpg (192747 bytes)
04/20/186? Page 1 04/20/186? Page 2 07/31/186? 01/24/1860
02_16_1860.jpg (219514 bytes) 1_10_30_1861.jpg (274575 bytes) 01_02_23_1862.jpg (185703 bytes) 02_02_23_1862.jpg (155176 bytes)
02/16/1860 10/30/1861 02/23/1862 Page 1 02/23/1862 Page 2
1_04_04_1862.jpg (196819 bytes) 02_04_04_1862.jpg (153132 bytes) 07_16_1862.jpg (193929 bytes) 05_24_1863.jpg (200125 bytes)
04/04/1862 Page 1 04/04/1862 Page 2 07/16/1862 05/24/1863

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