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Early research showed the roles of our ancestors who fought in the Baffle of Point Pleasant and subsequently in the American Revolution, John Cooke, Captain Ralph Stewart, William Mitchell Clay, and his son, Mitchell Clay.

Researching flirther back on the Clay side, I fmd that this was not the first time our ancestors stirred up trouble with British Royal Governors. We know of their troubles with Lord. Dunmore so we will look at another governor they caused problems.

British Orenadier Captain John Thomas Clay, born circa 1587 landed at Jamestown, Virginia on the ship "Treasurer" in February 1613 and later seffled in Charles City County, Virginia. He begat Charles Clay in 1638.

Charles Clay joined Bacon's Rebellion, which burned Jamestown in 1676. The problem was basically the same that caused Lord Dunmore's problems about a century later, failure to protect the sefflers from marauding Indians.

Nathaniel Bacon's forces controlled nearly all of Virginia at that time. Lord William Berkeley was forced to flee. About a month later, Bacon died and the Rebellion fell apart. Upon Lord Berkeley's return to power, estates were confiscated and some participants executed. Confiscation may be the reason Clay and others ended up in what is now the Bedford Virginia area.

Charles Clay was the father of Henry Clay, the grandfather of William Mitchell CJay and the great-grandfather of Mitchell Clay of Clover Bottom.


Lt. Col. Henry T. Cook, USMC (Ret.)