Rick's Bio Page
Rick's Bio Page

This is me at five months, we still lived in Meriden, CT.

I was born November 1, 1961 in Hartford, Connecticut. I lived in Meriden, CT for only a short time of my life, before my dad got his first job with IBM. When then moved up to Wappengers Falls, New York where my dad started IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY and later was transferred to Fishkill. I lived in Wappengers Falls for nearly 10 years before my dad was transferred to Manassas, Virginia in 1972. We were only in Manassas for 3 years before my dad's project was closed.

We had a choice of four sites to relocate to, Rochester, Minnesota; Tucson; Arizona; San Jose, California or Tokyo, Japan. Mainly due to economics at the time, we ended up moving to Rochester, MN, though I wish it had been Japan. But what can ya do? LOL! So we moved to Spring Valley, about 20 miles south of Rochester. It was 1975, and I loved it there, but the Veteran's Administration would not approve a loan for the house, said it was too much, so six months later we moved to a house in Dodge Center, that was about 18 miles west of Rochester.

In 1979, I became a part time Police Officer in the Dodge Center Police Department. In 1981 I graduated High School, and instead of going for my degree in Law Enforcement, went to College for Journalism. I was doing pretty good, until my dad was told his project was closing and we'd have to move again. This time we moved to where I am now, Milton, Vermont. My dad started his new job at IBM in Essex Jct., VT in the fall of 1982.

I have lived in Milton off and on now since 1982, having also moved to New Hampshire, Arizona and El Paso, Texas.

I have had many jobs, most all of which have been public service. I was being trained in MN to take over the Office of Civil Defense (now Emergency Management) for Dodge County, MN. Tornado alley for our area. I have been a part time Cop; Fireman; Police Dispatcher; Emergency Medical Technician/CPR Instructor/1Lt; Correctional Officer and a Security Officer on a US Army Base. I have also been a temp at IBM four times, a Supervisor/RF-Technician at Joslyn Defense Systems and a Supervisor for a Morton Thiokol Defense Sub-Division. Plus I am also a Freelance Photographer, and have worked for the Dodge Center Star Record (MN); Burlington Free Press (VT) and Today's Photographer magazine. My pictures have been published many time locally, and once was pick up for international coverage of a local news story.

I was married for the first time on February 14, 1994 in El Paso, TX. However after I had my heart attack and angioplasty in February 1999, six weeks later in fact, my then wife asked for a divorce. As of this writing (2/14/00), ironically my "anniversary", we are still married, however she is and has been living with her boyfriend for eight months down in El Paso, but it is my understanding the divorce will be final this month.

Both my parents are very ill, my mom's on medical disability retirement and my dad has have about 7 heart attacks, even died once before my eyes as a child but brought back in the ER, and he has had two Heart By-Pass operations as well. So being the only child, I have mainly stayed home or close to home in order to take care of them. But during this last year, the tables were turned, and they have been taking care of me. Being a former medical professional and a stubborn pigheaded bloke, this has been hard for me.

Ok, now for the part that will gross you out. Close your eyes if your eaisly offended! I am 5'7", blue eyes, brown hair, and yes, I cut my hair short to hide the fact I'm going bald, I weigh in at a nice 202 pounds (down from a few years ago of 295!) and I'm a sick puppy. :-( No! Not that kind of sick, health wise! Jeez! LOL!

I love Photography, my pc flight sims, my telescope (which with about 98% of my property is still in TX), enjoy Ham Radio, camping, R/C airplanes (I have a few!), reading Sci-Fi and action/war novels, chess, movies and I have nearly 300 music CD's! I have a kick ass new PC since my wife took mine, an IBM Aptiva, 500mhz, PIII, 160 MB SDRAM, 19" monitor, stereo surround sound system, CD-DVD AND CD Re-Write ROM's, Zip Drive, Scanner, Laser and Color printers and a old IBM Pro Printer as a back up, 26 GB of HD space, 56k modem, digital Sony 8mm Video Cam-corder and a dedicated vid cam for the pc (a mini studio!) and far too much free time to use it all in.

Well, at the top, it does say this is my "Bio" page. :-) So now that you know almost all about me, please drop me a line, either in my guest book, or via email or my ICQ (12481755) and tell me about you. And if you have Road Champs Police Cars, Patches, have photo's of you or whatever that you'd like published here, or something else to barter for/with, let me know too!

I will be trying to keep this page updated as often as possible, and if something "dramatic" happens in my life, well, then I guess I'll publish a Extra Edition to my site! So check back often! Thanks for taking the time to wander thru my site and reading my lengthy Bio page! It just keeps getting longer!

As my very very best friend Christiné (pronounced Christina) would say, "Cya!"

This is me while at Chris's house 1/2000.
Now don't I look goofy! LOL!