Brannen Family Genealogy

  This site is under construction. I started it on Saint Patrick's Day, 2006. Ironic that although I have a good Irish name, I can't prove that I'm Irish!

   While much of my genealogy research has been done online, I've been able to get information from other sources as well, including census documents, the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, and of course the personal accounts of family members.

   The research has taken place over about ten years. Please note that my research is concentrated on my paternal side.  My mother, Paula, is working on her family. 

   Geographically, we are from New Brunswick, Maine, Massachusetts (in particular, Danvers), and Nova Scotia.

Brannen Family Genealogy

Weston Brannen, along with two couples.. Weston is in the middle, holding the woman's hand.  Also included are Leah and  Ralph Emerson, family friends.  The other couple is not identified, and I don't know which couple are the Emersons.

Names of direct ancestors on my PATERNAL side include :

Allerton, Atwood, Averill, Belanger, Bent, Brackett, Brannen, Bray, Cunningham, Culver, Deering,

Elliot, Emerson, Erskine, Leighton, MacKenzie, Pearl, Robbins, Rosseau, Roy, Stain, Tedford, Tower, and Woodbury

Names of ancestors on my MATERNAL side Include:

Abbott, Adam, Alaire, Alard, Alexander, Archembault, Asselin, Charboneau, Cussan, Darragon, Desnoyers, Foster, Gervais, Lamoreux,, Swanson, Warner and many many more.  My mother's database is close to 10,000 strong!  Please write her with queries or Connections at the link below!

My hearty and heartfelt thanks to...

Paula - my mother and, another genealogy "geek."

Ruth H. - with whom I've lost touch...Ruthie - if you read this, please email me!

Diane and Michelle - two recently found cousins. I'm proud to call both of you friend and relative!

Sandi - a New Brunswick contact who has given generously of her knowledge.

Al H. - another relative who provided me with some information.

Gene and Linda - bless you for sending the old family photographs and documents!

The Staff at PANB - What an awesome job you all do of preserving and cataloging those documents!

The Maine Relatives - who responded, many years ago, to a letter I mailed asking if they recognized names...

My Dad - not a genealogy buff, but as always, supportive of a daughter's efforts.

Laura - genealogist, cousin, and a wicked good "SM"

The Maine Relatives - who so kindly responded to an inquiry, years ago, and put me in touch with family!

I'm proud to be a member of Southern California Genealogical Society.  The  society's annual "Jamboree" is in early May, and they have an

excellent library!

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick has thousands of documents, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and excellent on-line databases!

Cousin Diane's beautiful and award winning site!

These are websites I've found to be helpful.



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Weston Louis Brannen and his mother, Edna Leona Belanger.  Edna, a violinist, passed her talent to

Weston, who played piano as well as cello.  Edna was also involved in a Women's Orchestra in the Boston area.