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Was this website called Jordan's Journey Through Time before?
Yes!   Jordan's Journey Through Time was renamed in September 2002 to Family Footprints .   The reason for the name change was for the fact that we are not researchers only for the surname Jordan.   Since we research married in familes as well, and far off removed distant cousins, it was time to change the name of the website.   With the new name, we have a new look also, and we may receive more inqueries and information on other families as well now.   This will aid in everyones research efforts.

Does Family Footprints cost any money to use?
Not at this time.   We are doing everything we can to keep the Family Footprints free, with the obvious exception of any purchases made through our WebStore, third party, links, or affiliates.

Where do I start searching for my family tree here?
Check our Search Page, that is the best place to start.
Located at:

How do I contact you?
Check our Contact Page, for all current and up to date information.
Located at:

There are some Broken Links on your site.
We thank you in advance for letting us know.
Contact info at:

I found some of my family here, and you have wrong information.
Please let us know what is incorrect, so that we may change it before the next main database update.
You may also want to check our corrections page. This page is where we list corrections to any current online information on our website.   This information will be corrected before the next updates to our master files.
Located at:

I would like to be added to your list of Family Detectives!
Great! We would be happy to add you.   Check the Family Researcher page for more info.
Located at:

Where may I post a Message so others may read it?
We have a Group hosted by Yahoo! where you can post messages or read archived messages.   You do not need to join or sign up for Yahoo! to post or read messages.
Group is located at:

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