Family Footprints - Mission Statement

Mission Statement

PRIME GOAL: To create a user friendly place on the Web that we can all be proud of.   A place that will have all our family records, documents and photos in one place of our many related clans.

a)   REASEARCHING   all family related and ally lines, related by Birth, Adoption, or Marriage Including all persons, no matter how related or how far removed from whomever.

b)   DOCUMENTATION   by obtaining birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, photos, and all other records in tracing our Family Footprints.   Documentation for every ancestor in each branch of our ever expanding family.   Thus enhancing our objective in our continued research in finding additional information on our vast family through our many clans.

c)   SHARING   by displaying and making available all our family documents of any kind.   Sharing with each other, in turn assisting each other in our research.

d)   ENCOURAGING   all our family, from our multiple clans, to share what documentation each has on our ever growing family tree.

e)   FREE   website is what we all want.   Every effort will continualy be made to keep this website free.   This is not an easy task, as not only do documents cost money, traveling, mailing, photos, as well as time being webmaster for this website.

Family Footprints

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