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Last updated: October 25, 2002

Our main database is continualy being updated! The most current main database, and the one associated with this website, is located on World Connect RootsWeb. The downloads will be in GEDCOM format, however, if you need the file in another format, let us know. We will be able to email the file to you. We currently use Family Tree Maker 8.0, as well as Personal Ancestral File 4.0.

WorldConnect, at
This file can be downloaded in full as a ZIP file, or can be downloaded in extractions from a certain individual and his/her ancestors or decendants. This file currently has 8,300 individuals.
To view/search/download check the:
Family Footprints GEDCOM .

  1. Every effort has been given to omit information on the Living.
  2. Individuals with 'No Surname', every effort has been given to give them the surname 'Unknown' or 'None'. I chose to use both, as some individuals within this database go quite far back, and before the use of surnames, so it is not that theirs is 'unknown', they simply had 'none'. It is the 'Unknown' surnames, that I seek out to yet find.
  3. This is ALWAYS a work still in progress. Not only do I continue to seek out and research more individuals, I am always making corrections as I find them or become aware of them.
  4. Sources will be added and updated as I come across them. We currently have many sources missing, and this will be corrected as we 'work' that family area agian. Our goal is to have a minimum of one source for every individual. All my sources will be eventualy listed.

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