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Family Detectives

  1. If there is any personal contact information below, it has been added ONLY at the request of the researcher, and is for the purpose of obtaining further genealogical information from that researcher.

  2. If you are a genealogy researcher of the families listed within the Family Footprints, and would like your information listed below, please email us.   Please make it clear of what information you want to be included.   You may have all or some of the following information listed:
    • SURNAME(s) Researching
    • Location(s)
    • Your name -first is fine
    • Contact Information (email - snail mail)
    • Website link
    • GEDCOM download
    • NOTES:

To add your name as a Family Detective email at:
[email protected]

We have no submissions at this time.

Family Footprints

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