(Please note: This Coat of Arms pictured here, was painted by Jack Mathis, an artist in Kinston, N.C. It was commissioned by my mother and was copied from a picture sent to her by Mrs. Bertha Lackey ROCHELLE of Durham, N.C.; who was a noted genealogist. It was painted about 1950.)  

LOZENGA-A symbol of faithful service as builders. This was recognised as one of the most outstanding charges in arms and it was given for only emoninent service in wars.


RED-the Color-the color of war: danger, the love of adventure and fighting ability.

SILVER-this represents purity, virginity, innocene and eloquence.


MOTTO-no Motto on Arms.

Prior to Norman Invasion-The Normans introduced mottos. Thats why most of them were printed in Norman, French or Latin.

RED-Another definition in Heraldry the "Color of Courage"-A War like disposition, skill in battle and a love of danger."


LAMBIEQUIN OR MANTLING-is taken from the Cloak or Mantle which the armed warrior wore suspended from his helmet. This served to keep him warm in winter and to protect him from the sun's rays in winter. Encased as he was in metal armor he would have fairly cooked had the sun beat down directly on his armor. In tournament or battle this coat would become cut or slashed. The knight was very proud of these rips and who would rarely have this repaired. In portraying the Mantle the rips delivered the gules from scroll work. The shape of the pictured Mantle is at your artist's discretion and taste, however the colors must be as blazoned are where they are not blazoned the fiery colors must be used: (most prominent color & metal of shield)