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The first ROCHELLE family to appear in New Hanover County, N.C. was John ROTCHEL and his wife Sarah. I have not been able to prove his connection with any other family or ancestor; but I suspect he came out of Virginia. The following deed appears in the New Hanover County Courthouse. Unfortunately, the courthouse in Wilmington, N.C. had fires on two known occassions, which destroyed many records. This land today is in present day town of Maple Hill, Pender County; when Pender was created in 1875 from New Hanover County.

Deed of John ROTCHEL (b. ca. 1730 d. before Jan. 1784)

DEED-dated Dec.24,1767-New Hanover Co.,Holly Shelter

Between Edward TEAL and John ROTCHEL:

Edward TEAL,a planter-for the sum of 25 pounds paid by John ROTCHEL, a carpenter, A plantation tract of land containing 60 acres in the Cty. of New Hanover,on the main branch of Holly Shelter near Mr.VEALS land beginning at a white oak on the northside of branch thence running north 50 E.25 chains to a pine, S.40 E.25 chains to a white cypress creek, 25 chains to a cypress oak by a little branch, S.50W. In a branch N.40 W.25 chains to the first station which said land is 60 acres-with all the houses,buildings,orchards,gardens,woods,waters,pastures and fences together with all profits of said plantation, have sold unto John ROTCHEL, by Edward TEAL.

Signed Edward TEAL, Patience TEAL, Thomas BURTON,Asa SIMMONS,John FEREBEE. 24,Dec.1767. Registered and proved by Thomas BURTON, in May 31,1769. SOURCE-BK.F,p.63-Register of Deeds Office,New Hanover Co.,N.C.


John ROTCHEL stayed on this land until 1784, when he died leaving a will; and the land to his oldest of two known sons Etherington ROTCHEL. There are several John ROCHELLE'S that appear in military records of North Carolina, all serving in the Rev. War. One appears in Wake County, and is named as a carpenter by proffesion. This may have been our John. John ROTCHEL, of New Hanover appears in many court records of that time, along with his sons, Etherington, and Amos. Etherington ROTCHEL, appears in court records until about 1798, when he and his wife, Eleanor WARDEN and family moved to Stewart County, Tennessee. He appears in court records there as early as 1805.

Deeds of Etherington ROTCHE/ROCHELLE (b. ca. 1758 d. ca. 1837)

DEED of Sale between Etherington ROCHELL and John PITTMAN

This Indenture made this 15th Day of Oct. in the year of our Lord 1798 between Etherington ROCHELL of the Cty. of New Hanover and State of N.C. of the one part and John PITMAN of the other part, Witnesses, that the said Etherington ROCHELL for and in consideration of the sum of twenty pounds to me in hand paid by John PITMAN, before the unsealing and delivery thereof, where with he the said Etherington ROCHELL with acknowledge himself fully satisfied, constituted and paid, having given, granted, bargained and sold, fully clearly and absolutely granted bargained and ever attain simple of convey, confirm unto the said John PITMAN his heirs and asigns forever, a certain parcel of tract of land lying and being in New Hanover Cty. and on the North side of Holly Shelter at the mouth of Sandy Run containg Fifty acres, beginning at a white oak in the side of Sandy Run Swamp,above the Mouth of said Run, and runs thence South 85, Est.100 poles, to a pine, thence north 5 east 160 poles to a pine thence south 85 west ten poles thence to the beginning and I the said Etherington ROCHEL defend the said tract of parcel of lands, with any other appurtenance, thereunto belonging unto to him the said John PITMAN his heirs and asigns forever, against the lawful claims and demands, of all and every person or persons whatsoever, in witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal, this 15TH Day of Oct. 1798.

Etherington ROCHEL (His X Mark)

Signed, Sealed:


Proved by Dawson PICKETT June Term 1845

SOURCE-bK.P,p.229-New Hanover Co.,N.C.-Register of Deeds Office


Amos Rochelle stayed in New Hanover County, N.C. He served in the Rev. War; and appears in many land and court records. The following Survey and deed may have been bounty land for his service. No bounty land grant or pension record has been found for him; though court records do prove that he served. -------------I believe all the ROCHELLE families in eastern N.C. descend from this Amos ROCHELLE/ROTCHEL.

Deeds of Amos Rochelle (b. ca.1760 d.ca. 1794)

LAND DEED-Amos ROCHEAL, Oct.29,1787-

200 acres on the east side of the North East River and on both sides of Holly Shelter Creek.

SOURCE-Bk.66,Pg.200-New Hanover Co. Land Deeds.-Register of Deeds Office


Deed:State of N.C.-New Hanover Co.

Survey for Amos ROACHEL,by Nicholas POUTCHRIDGE? now desceased::::

This plane presents 200 acres of land on the eastside of the North East River and boath sides of Holly Sheltar Creek beginning at a pine and runs north 89 degrees east 200 poles to a pine in a branch thence north 1 degree west,160 poles down __ with south Creek to a pine thence south 89 degrees west 200 poles with or near the creek to a pine thence to the first station.

Survey:August 29,1787 A true plan drawn from his field book ____

Thomas Devane Survey.

State of N.C. New Hanover Cty. no.356

To the surveyor of the said cty.

You are hereby required to survey, lay out, and admeasure, or cause to be surveyed, laid out, and admeasured for Amos ROCHELL 200 acres land in the fork of Shelter of Moons Creek joining Hooks line and runing a cross Shelter Creek. March 1,1780.

SOURCE-Bk.66,p.200,Grant 237,no.2149-New Hanover Co.,N.C.-Register of Deeds Office

Amos ROCHELLE had several sons. A court record proves that his wife's name was Mary, surname is unknown. Most of his descendants are from his son Benjamin ROCHELLE who married Susannah JAMES. The book "Two Centuries at Sycamore Springs Plantation" by the late Judge Joshua Stuart James; states that Benjamin and Susannah ROCHELLE lived in an area called the White Oak District which was about 3 miles from the James Plantation.

Deeds of Benjamin ROCHELLE (b.ca. 1784, d. March 1826)

DEED-29 Jan. 1812-New Hanover Co.,N.C.

Isaac JAMES to Benjamin ROCHELL for $1000 dollars a tract of 300 acres on Holly Shelter beginning on the south side of Holly shelter Creek by a small sweet gum at the mouth of a small branch, N86 E54 chains 79 links, N4 W 75 chains to a Cypress, down the various course to the first station, as by patent.

M.J.KEENAN, Thos. HENDERSON Isaac (X) JAMES, (seal)

SOURCE-DBO, p.268-New Hanover Co.,Historical Society-abstract of deed




DB-P; p. 316 New Hanover Co., 10 March 1815 Proved Aug. Term 1815-Reg. Jan. 1816

Zachariah JAMES to Rachel JAMES, his wife and to David MASHBURN, his nephew-all of New Hanover Co., 100 acres in White Oak Swamp where Zachariah now lives & 150 acres in Dog Branch.

Witn: Bryant WOOTEN & Benjamin ROCHELL.

(David HILL-uncle BHM)

SOURCE-McEarchen Papers, Wilmington Public Library


DEED-19 Nov.1817-New Hanover Co.,N.C.

Nathan RAMSEY and Sarah RAMSEY to Benjamin ROCHELL for 300 dollars, two tracts in and joining White Oak Swamp. the first piece-beginning at a pine near ROCHELS tar Kiln bed, N 45 W and 5 poles to a water oak, S 55 W 150 poles to a pine, S 35 E 40 poles to an Oak, S 55 W 10 poles to a holly, S 45 E 70 poles to a horn beam across the 200 acre survey N 46 E 160 poles to the begining, 100 acres. The second piece on both sides of broad Branch beginning at a Water Oak in the fork of Curry Comb in the Island of Curry Comb formerly KEENANS corner, with the line of Thomas RAMSEY dec'd. N 45 E 180 poles to a stake, S 45 E 90 poles across Broad Branch to a stake, S 45 W 180 poles across Broad Branch to the beginning. 100 acres.

Witness: James JAMES, Stephen THISTLEWOOD Nathan RAMSEY, Sarah RAMSEY

SOURCE-DB.E, p.48-New Hanover Co.,Historical Society-abstract of deed


DEED-8 August 1818-Jacob JAMES to Benjamin ROCHELL for 800 dollars, five tracts near Angola Swamp and curry Comb branch.1st)beginning at a Gum by Adamses Marsh, N 55 E 240 poles to land formerly belonging to DEBURSK, N 35 W 200 poles to a pine, S 55 W 240 poles to a Cypress, S 35 E 200 poles to the first Station. 300 acres. 2nd)Beginning at Beginning corner of a patent to Thomas RAMSEY near the head of little dog branch and run as the said patent S 60 W 134 poles toa pine, S 36 E 56 poles to stake Thomas RAMSEYS corner, N 71 E 252 poles to a stake on the patent line, along the patent line N 23 W 25 poles to the patent corner, the ipen line abt. N 85 W 138 poles to the beginning. 100 acres. 3rd)Beginning at a water oak in a Branch, S 53 W 150 poles to a pine, N 35 W 110 poles to an ash, N 55 E 150 poles to a pine, S 35 E 110 poles to the first Station. 103 acres. formerly the land of Samuel SWANN and called Swanns quarter. 4th)Beginning at a Lightwood Stump the 4th corner of a patent granted to Thomas RAMSEY formerly dwelling line and as the patent line S 35 E 121 poles to the corner, along the other Patent line N 45 E 180 poles to the other corner of patent, N 29 W 55 poles to a stake, S 67 W 185 poles to the Beginning.100 acres. 5th)Beginning at a Black Gum in dog Branch, Thomas JAMES corner his new survey of 100 acres and runs N 82 E 146 poles to a pine by the side of Gum? Branch, across the prong of the Branch N 35 E 90 poles to two pines in John BURTONS line about 4 poles from his corner, S 85 E 160 poles to a pine near Spring Branch, across Currycomb S 52 W 328 poles to Thomas JAMES corner, with Thomas JAMES line N 36 W 186 poles to the Beginning. 300 acres.

Witness:Bryant WOOTEN, John JAMES Jacob JAMES (x)

SOURCE-DB Q,p.223-New Hanover Co.,N.C.-New Hanover Co. Historical Society-abstract of deeds


DEED-8 Aug.1818-Benjamin ROCHEL to Jacob JAMES for 1000 dollars a tract near Holly Shelter Creek. Beginning at a small Sweet Gum by the mouth of a small Branch that runs into sd Holly shelter, then N 86 E 54 chains and 79 links to a pine, N 4 W 75 chains to a Cypress, standing by the sd Holly shelter Creek, down the various courses of sd Holly shelter to the first Station.

Witness:Bryant WOOTEN, John JAMES Benjamin ROCHELL (X)

SOURCE-Court Rec. of N.H.Co.-Book 1814-1820-Db.Q,p.231-New Hanover Co. Historical Society-abstracts of deeds



DEED-2 Oct. 1819-Between the Heirs of Isaac JAMES, dec'd namely Sarah WILLIFORD, Isaac JAMES, Nicaner JAMES, Benjamin PAGETT, Stephen LANIER, Susanna ROCHELL, Benjamin ROCHELL, Jacob JAMES, and Hester JAMES of one part and John JAMES of the other part 9 viz 0 the first part Nicaner JAMES, Benj. PAGET, Stephen LANIER of the county of Duplin. Sell for 250 dollars a certain tract on the west side of Moores Creek (patented by Lewis SKIBBOW), joining the WILLIAMS line Beginning at a Black Gum by the sd Creek, S 80 W 31 chains 64 links to a pine, N 10 W 31 chains 64 links, N 80 E 31 chains 64 links to a pine, by the Creek, down the Creek to the first Station. 100 acres as by the patent.

Signed: John CHADWICK Nicanor JAMES,Stephen LANIER, Benjamin PAGETT, Hester JAMES, Benjamin ROCHELL, Jacob JAMES, Susanna ROCHELL, Sarah WILLIFORD

SOURCE-Court Rec. of N.H.Co.-Book 1814-1820-Db.Q,p.533-New Hanover Co.Historical Society-abstracts of deeds


DEED-28 Sept. 1822-Stephen T. WOOD to Benjamin ROCHELL for 50 dollars,

a tract of 250 acres beginning on a water oak at the mouth of buck horn Branch on Swanns line run up the meanders of said branch so as will make 220 poles on straight line to a water oak and poplar in the mouth of a small drain above the road, N 70 e 140 poles toa a gum and pine in dog Branch above the watering hole, down the meanders of said branch to a cypress Jacob JAMES'S corner then his line west to SWANNS, with Swanns line to the first station. 250 acres.

Bryant WOOTEN, John W.CASTEEN Stephen T. WOOD (X)

SOURCE-DB S, p. 455-New Hanover Co. Historical Society-abstracts of deeds


DEED-18th Sept.1823-Indenture made in Onslow Co. between Lewis T.OLIVER of the Co. and Benjamin ROCHEL of New Hanover Co. for $250 paid by ROCHEL sell certain tracts of land being in the county of Onslow on the South side of the southwest branch of the New River 1st peice:Edge of Cypress Swamp running north and west,containing 50 acres 2nd:joining above tract on the south side of Little Sandy Run 3rd-lying in the Indian Islands on S.side of Great Sandy Run running east. 4th:joining first above mentioned,the 2nd corner of said peice to Robert COTTLES corner to patent line of 1st peice.Containing in whole 350 acres. Wit:B.E.BANKS Sign:T.OLIVER
Feb.term 1825 ordered to be registered;28 April 1825

SOURCE:Vol.14 p.114-1824-1825 Register of Deeds Office,Onslow Co.Courthouse



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