The first ROCHELLE to appear in the New Hanover County area was John ROTCHEL and his wife Sarah. They purchased 60 acres on 24 Dec. 1767; in the Holly Shelter District from Edward TEAL (a planter) and his wife Patience TEAL, for the sum of 25 pounds. John ROTCHEL, was listed as a carpenter. His plantation is listed as being on the main branch of Holly Shelter Creek near Mr. VEAL'S land. Apparently this was a well established planatation, because houses, orchards, outbuildings, etc. were listed in the deed. Witnesses to this deed were Thomas BURTON, Asa SIMMONS & John FEREBEE. The deed was proved by Thomas BURTON on 31 May 1769 and registered in Bk. F, page 63 at the county courthouse which was located in Wilmington. (Holly Shelter Creek appears on the Collet map of 1770, and the Holly Shelter District was located near the present day Maple Hill, Pender Co. area. Pender Co. was established from New Hanover Co., in 1875)
There is not much known about John ROTCHEL, he does appear in a few court records, and is listed as a juror. He wrote his will on 7 December 1780. He lists his children as follows: 1)Ann SCARBOROUGH, wife of John SCARBOROUGH. 2)Dorcas WILLIAMS, wife of Charles WILLIAMS. 3)Amos ROTCHEL; given 20 shillings; and his oldest son 4)Etherington ROTCHEL, who was given the plantation after the decease of his wife Sarah ROTCHEL. Witnesses were William GREEN, Samuel GREEN and Thomas BISHOP. His wife Sarah ROTCHEL and son Etherington ROTCHEL were appointed administrators and the will was probated on 5 Jan. 1784; and an inventory was presented in court. (Nothing further is known about Sarah ROTCHEL, or her daughters, Ann SCARBOROUGH, or Dorcas WILLIAMS)


Etherington ROTCHEL, must have been born about 1758. The first known court record of him is his marriage record in New Hanover Co., N.C., dated 1779. He would have had to be at least the legal age of 21.
Know all men by these presents, that we Etherington ROTCHEL, Anthony GILBERT are held firmly bound unto his excellency Richard CASWELL, Esquire; and his successors in Office, in the sum of 50 pds., current money of this state, for the true payment whereof, we de hereby bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and assigns jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Witness our hand and seals this 29th day of Sept. 1779. The condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas the above named Etherington ROTCHEL hath made application for a license for a marriage to be celebrated between him and Elenor WARDEN. Signed: Thom. MACLAIN, Anthony GILBERT.
He appears in many court records; one such record is the Estate of John JAMES, a neighbor-dated 5 April 1787. Joshua SUTTON & Etherington ROTCHELL are appointed surities, and guardians of Joshua JAMES, for a bond of 400 pds. (This JAMES family is closely linked to the ROTCHEL family of this area for many years to come.)
What is unusual is that I have not been able to find any military record for Etherington ROTCHEL. He did not serve in the Revolutionary War, as I think his father may have (there were several John ROTCHELS listed); and the following record shows that his brother Amos ROTCHEL did serve. Amos ROTCHELL (listed as Amos ROCHILDS) served in the 10th Regiment, Wilkinson's Co.-list dated 19 Feb. 1782; county of residence: New Hanover. 
By 1790, Etherington ROCHEL, had 2 male sons under the age of 16; and 6 females including his wife living with him; all born between 1780 & 1790. 
After appearing in many court records and as a juror in Wilmington many times; he decides to sell his plantation and leave the state with the following deed:
This Indenture made the 15th day of October in the year of our Lord 1798 between Etherington ROCHELL of the Cty. of New Hanover and State of N.C. of the one part and John PITMAN of the other part,Witnesses, that the said Etherington ROCHELL for and in consideration of the sum of twenty pounds to me in hand paid by John PITMAN,before the unsealing and delivery thereof, where with he the said Etherington ROCHELL with acknowledge himself fully satisfied constituted and paid, having given,granted, bargained and sold,with fully clearly and absolutely granted bargained and ever attain simple & convey confirm unto the said John PITMAN his heirs and asigns forever, a certain parcel of tract of land lying and being in New Hanover Cty. and on the North side of Holly Shelter at the mouth of Sandy Run containingg Fifty acres, beginning at a white oak in the side of Sandy Run Swamp,above the Mouth of said Run,and runs thence South 85, east.100 poles, to a pine, thence north 5 east 160 poles to a pine thence south 85 west ten poles thence to the beginning and I the said Etherington ROCHEL defend the said tract of parcel of lands, with an other appuntinance, thereunto belonging unto to him the said John PITMAN his heirs and asigns forever, against the lawful claims and demand, of all and every person or persons whatsoever, in witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal, this 15TH Day of Oct. 1798. Etherington ROCHEL His Mark Signed, Sealed: Jacob COSTEEN Dawson PICKETT Proved by Dawson PICKETT June Term 1845 SOURCE-bK.P,p.229-New Hanover Co.,N.C.-Register of Deeds Office
By 10 Feb. 1801, Etherington ROCHEL, along with other possible New Hanover Co. residents have migrated to Montgomery County, Tennessee. In the Montgomery Co., Court record which is a Petition of the Inhabitants of the lower end of that county to grant them seperate general musters and elections in the town of Palmyra, since they were 40 miles from Clarksville. (only copied a few names-5 pages of names) Etherin RACHEL, James RACHEL, Amos ROCHEL, John WARDIAN. James & Amos ROCHEL, apparently his sons, born in N.C. and of legal age of 21.
Then on 20 Jan. 1803 in Stewart Co., Tenn. there was a Petition of citizens of Montgomery Co. for a formation of a new county in the western part of Mongomery (Steward Co., was created in 1803 from Montgomery) Signed: Benjamin JAMES, Enoch JAMES, Lues BROCK, Enoch MASHBURN, Amos ROCHEL, James ROCHEL.
Another New Hanover County, N.C. resident to move to Stewart Co., Tenn. was Martin WELLS & possibly Hardy VALENTINE. There are several land deeds between them.
p.61-March 10,1806,Artherington ROCHEL of state of Tennessee to Martin WELLS,state of Tenn.(the amt. paid for this land is not given) this tract of land is situated in Stewart County on Guices Creek being a part of a 500 acre tract formerly the property of Charles THOMPSON and Hardy VALENTINE. Beginning at said THOMPSON and VALENTINE,south east corner running north with said line 86 poles to a dogwood, whence 154 poles to a dogwood and elm, thence south 40 poles to a dogwood and blackgum, thence 98 poles to a dogwood, thence 46 poles to a dogwood and white oak in the south boundary of the said 500 acre tract thence east with said line 252 poles to the beginning. Robert COOPER C.S.C. James TAGERT & John WARDEN

By 1808, according to tax records, we see that Etherington ROTCHELL, has 3 sons; Amos ROTCHEL, James ROTCHEL & possibly a son Etherington ROTCHEL all living in Stewart Co., Tenn. Etherington ROTCHELL, Sr. is now about 50 years of age; and is living on Guices Creek and owned about 111 acres of land. In 1808, his son Amos ROTCHEL is living on 345 acres on the east fork of the Yellow River.
Amos ROCHEL, was commissioned for the Montgomery Co. Regiments as a Lieutenant, on 27 Feb. 1808; in the 24th Regiment. Later court records state that Amos ROCHEAT is dead.
From this time period for the next several years, all seem to appear in a few court records. I have been unable to find census records for Stewart Co., I don't think there are any of this time period; that is why I have relied on tax records and court records where they all appear until 1819.
By 1830, Etherington ROTCHELL is about 72 years of age, and he and some of his family have moved to Alabama. In the 1830 census of Washington Co., Ala. the following family appears:
Etherington ROCHELLE, 1 male-age 70-80 (birth:1750-1760); 1 male age 15-20 (b.1810-1815); 1 female (wife)-age 50-60 (b.1770-1780); and 1 female; age 15-20 (b.1810-1815)
His son Etherington ROCHELLE, is also living in Marengo Co., Ala. (close by)-age 30-40-(b.1790-1800) with a wife-age 20-30 (b.1800-1810) and 2 female children, under age 5, (b.1825-1830)

Several of his daughters were married in Washington Co., Alabama: on 4 August 1831; Lucretia ROUCHELL and Andrew WHITE married; and on 29 Jan. 1835, Susan REACHELL and William Y. ELY were married.
Another move takes place shortly after this. By 1835 the WHITE family and Etherington ROCHELLE family are now living in Kemper Co., Mississippi; as they all show on the tax lists for the years 1834-1837. There is some confusion here about which Etherington ROCHELLE is the father of Lucretia ROUCHELL, listed above. Lucretia's census records state her birth as 1811, and 2 bible records state her birth as 24 Jan. 1812 in Tennessee. The bible records also name her mother as Elizabeth ROCHELLE, not Eleanor Rochelle; he certainly could have married twice. From the birth date, her father at least had to be Etherington ROCHELLE, Sr. Please see the bible records for them:
BIBLE RECORD-#1-From bible owned by Warrena WHITE Andrew WHITE was married to his wife Loucretia ROCHELL on the fourth day of August A.D.1831. Andrew WHITE was married to Cyntha Farmer JAMES the 7 A.D. 1865. Record of BIRTHS of Andrew WHITE and wife: Andrew WHITE was born on 19th day of June, A.D. 1810. Loucretia ROCHELL wife of Andrew WHITE was born on the 24th day of January, A.D. 1812 and died February the 18th A.D. 1860. Records of BIRTHS of the children of Andrew and Loucretia WHITE: Rebecca Ann was born November the 6th, A.D. 1832. Emoline was born Oct. 30th A.D. 1835. Marietta was born November the 5th A.D. 1837. Adaline was born March the 17th A.D. 1839. Henry Montgomery was born June the 9th A.D. 1840 and died August 2nd A.D. 1863. John Etherington was born March 30th A.D. 1842, killed 5\26 1864. Margarett Cornella was born February the 27th A.D. 1844. Josephus was born June the 22nd A.D. 1845. Andrew Jackson was born April the 2nd A.D. 1847 and died May 10,1920 in 73rd year. Robert Lafayette was born April 2nd A.D 1847 and died June the 3rd A.D.1853. Windsor Alexander was born January the 22nd A.D. 1859. Dorset Malcom was born April 2nd A.D. 1853. Sarah Jane was born March the 11th A.D. 1855. Martha Loucretia was born February the 9th A.D. 1860. (all seems to be written in the same handwriting)(copied verbatim)-above Mr.S.W. HARKNESS and Adline WHITE was married in 1881 S.W.HARKNESS died in July 1913 in his 79th year. (above seems to be written in different handwriting or at a different time)

BIBLE RECORDS-#2 sent by Irene SCOGGIN, daughter of Marion Adkerson WHITE who was the youngest child of Andrew Jackson WHITE and his second wife,Mrs.Cynthia Farmer JAMES. She said the large writing was her father's, the small hers. It is unknown whether Marion WHITE wrote this from memory or copied it from a bible or other record. Marion died in 1939. FAMILY RECORD: Andrew WHITE the son of John and Rebecca WHITE was born, June the 19th A.D. 1810 in North Carolina. Lucretia WHITE the daughter of Etherington and Elisabeth ROCHELL was born January 24th 1812. Andrew WHITE and Lucretia ROCHELL was married aug. 4th 1831. Rebecca Ann WHITE was born Nov. the 6th A.D. 1932. Married Frank MITCHELL. Elisabeth WHITE was born June 6\1834. (line of writing unable to read) (part of line of writing unable to read)married Joe MCCONATHY. Emaline WHITE was born Oct. 30th 1835. Married Jim MCCONATHY. Mary Etta WHITE was born Nov. 5th 1837. Married Ben MITCHELL. Adaline WHITE was born March 17th 1839. Married S.H. HARKNESS. Henry Montgomery WHITE was born June 9\1840. Grandfather of Minter and Dempsey WHITE (Grand Saline, Texas)-died 9-2-1863. John Etherington WHITE was born March 30\1842 (must have been the one killed by a falling tree while asleep) killed in Civil War, 5-26-1864. Margaret Cornelia WHITE was born Feb. 27\1844. Josephus WHITE was born June 22nd 1845. "Uncle Joe" in Civil War also. Andrew Jackson WHITE was born Apr. 2\1847. Tate and Whites father went to war at 14, died 5-10-? Robert Lafayette WHITE was born April 2, 1847. Died 6-3-1853. (Twins) William Jasper WHITE was born april 12\1849. Father of Marvin in Ft. Worth by second wife-Ada. Windsor Alexander WHITE was born Jan. 22\1851. Died Mar. 18th, 1938. Married Victoria BEASLEY in 1875-died May 193? Buried near Miraury, Texas. Cob Cemetary. Dorset Malcolm WHITE was born Apr. 2\1853. Married Jennie Sarah Jane WHITE was born Mar. 11\1855. Married to Walt RAY. Martha Lucretia WHITE was born Feb. 9\1860. Marion Adkerson WHITE was born Jan. 19\1866. Married Marth Jane BARNES, April 11, 1895-Died Nov. 8,1939. He was the son of Andrew WHITE and second wife Cynthia Farmer James WHITE. FAMILY RECORDS-BIRTHS: Hugh JAMES was born Feb.25\1831. Cinthia JAMES was born Aug. 19\1829. Malinda JAMES was born July 15\1853. Amanda Jane JAMES was born Dec.25\1855. Mary Ann Elizabeth JAMES was born Jan. 11\1861. Marion Adkerson WHITE was born Jan. 19\1866. DEATHS Andrew WHITE departed this life Dec. 24\1871. Cinthia WHITE departed this life Mar. 10\1875. Amanda Jane KILLINGSWORTH died Mar.4\1886. Malinda Ann HEROD died May 26-1913. Mary Ann Elizabeth COTTON died Mar. 7-1918. A.L.COTTON died Sept.29-1907. Marion Adkerson WHITE died Nov. 8, 1939. MARRIAGES Hugh JAMES and Cinthia FARMER was married August the 14th A.D. 1851. Andrew WHITE and Cinthia JAMES was married January the 17th A.D. 1865. Malinda Ann JAMES and James Monroe ONEAL was married Aug. 14th A.D. 1867. Amanda Jane JAMES and Thomas EDWARDS was married Aug. 13, A.D. 1871. Absalum Leonders COTTON and Elizabeth JAMES was married Dec. 29th A.D. 1878. Malinda J. ONEAL and Thomas HERAD was married Oct. 8th A.D. 1874. J.H. KILLINGSWORTH and Amanda Jane SHAVER was married Feb. 7\1880. (above copied verbatim from xerox copy of Bible records)

If someone can help sort these 2 men and there marriages out, please let us know.
Now we try and deal with Etherington ROCHELLE of Kemper Co., Miss. and the census record of 1837 & 1840. This apparently could not be Etherington ROCHELLE, Sr. as he would have been about 78 years of age. Since these census records do not name individuals, he could either be deceased or living with a married child. The 1837 Census record shows a younger Etherington ROCHELLE:
Ethrington, RACHEL-1 male, age 25-45 (b.1792-1812) this had to be the son of Etherington, Sr.
1 female, over 16 years of age (wife) and 6 females under 16 (b.1821-1837). This family was living in Kemper Co., Miss.

And the 1840 Kemper Co., Miss. census shows him as follows:
Etherington ROCHELLE-1 male under age 5 (b.1835-1840), 1 male age 50-60 (b.1780-1790)
2 females under age 5 (b.1835-1840), 2 females ages 5-10 (b.1830-1835), 2 females ages 10-15 (b.1825-1830), 1 female age 30-40 (b.1800-1810)

By 1845, Etherington ROCHELLE, Jr. was about 55 years of age. I have not been able to find any Estate record or Will for Etherington ROCHELLE, Sr.
Kemper Co., Miss. and Neshoba Co., Miss. border each other. Etherington ROCHELLE may have owned land there or was living there by 1845; as he gives land to his daughter Martha Ann ROCHELLE.-
DEED-Gift of love-Etherington ROCHELL to daughter Martha Ann,1845, Neshoba County, Mississippi-Deed Bk.F, page 359. The State of Mississippi-Know all men by these presents that I Etherington ROCHELL of the county and State aforesaid for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bear unto my Daughter Martha Ann ROCHEL and who for and in consideration of one dollar to me in hand paid by the said Martha Ann ROCHEL at and before the sealing of these presents the Receipt wherof is hereby acknowledged have given granted aliened and confirmed and by these present do give grant alien and confirm unto my said daughter Martha Ann ROCHEL the following described property to wit, 1 mare Mule one bay mare two Featherbed and furniture Mantle Clock Two cows and calves twenty head of Hogs and two spining wheels to have and to hold the above described property to her own proper use and benefit to her the said Martha Ann ROCHEL her heirs and assigns forever in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and afixed my seal this 23rd day of July AD 1845. Attest Samuel W. TUTTLE Test: John H. GORDAN Etherington ROCHEL seal 25 July 1845-B.W.BOYDSTON Justice of the Peace

In Neshoba County, Miss.-the NSH-Old Pearl Valley Church Minutes-8 Feb. 1846-Dec. 1888, on page 16 show the following:
August Conference Church met according to adjournment on Friday, August 4,1846 union meeting-Saturday Br. Woordiff (?) preached after which a door being opened Recd. John JONES x Sam RACIR??, Marion FAWCETT x Elinor ROACHEL by experience evening meeting recd. Caroline GEE ? Penelope SILLS, Martha Ann MOORE x Rebeca Ann ROACHL.Sabbath Morn Baptized the above namd cadudates.etc... Nancy ROACHEL presented herself to the Church for membership and after some examination withdrew herself.


Now lets look as some of the children of Etherington ROCHELLE.
In the church record above we have the following possibilites: Elinor ROACHEL is mentioned this could possibly be Eleanor Warden Rochelle, the first wife; or a child of Etherington & Eleanor ROCHELLE. Martha Ann MOORE, is probably the Martha Ann ROCHELL, mentioned in the above "deed of love." Rebeca Ann ROACHL, is also a child, but cannot be the daughter of Etherington, Sr., as her age is 15 on the 1850 census. Nancy ROCHELLE, is probably a wife of a son, since she appears with children and her age is 47 in the 1850 census. Caroline GEE & Penelope SILLS, could also possibly be children, but more research needs to be done.
Here is the 1850 Census of Neshoba Co., Miss.
83/90-HILL, Wm. H. age 24, m, farmer, 500 acres, birth Ala.
HILL, Rebecca, age 15, f, birth Miss.
84/91-ROCHELLE, Nancy, age 47, f, 100 acres, birth Tenn.
ROCHELLE, Amanda, age 13, f, birth Miss.
ROCHELLE, James, age 12, m, birth Miss.
ROCHELLE, Henry, age 10, m, birth Miss.
ROCHELLE, Franklin, age 7, m, birth Miss.
ROCHELLE, Nancy, age 5, f, birth Miss.
85/92-HILL, Elizabeth, age 53, f, 500 acres, birth N.C.
HILL, John, age 21, m, farmer, birth Ala.
HILL, Young, age 19, m, farmer, birth Ala.
HILL, Bennett, age 17, m, birth Ala.
HILL, Dr. Ballard, age 15, m, birth Ala.
HILL, Malachi, age 13, m, birth Ala.
HILL, Elizabeth, age 11, f., birth Ala.

Frances CRONIN writes of her family, "What I know of my immediate family is that Rebecca Ann ROCHELLE married William Hardy HILL in Neshoba County, Miss. They were my great grandparents. William Hardy HILL, b. 20 June 1821 in Alabama, died 1867 in Pickens, Miss. of injuries sustained while a prisoner of War in Illinois. In the 1850 census of Neshoba Co., Miss.; Rebecca & William HILL are living next to his mother, a widow with children and next to Nancy ROCHELLE who was a widow with children. In the 1860 Census they have Rebecca's sister Nancy living with them. After the death of William HILL; Rebecca Rochelle HILL married a man named BROWN who according to family tradition was a carpet bagger. In the 1850 Census, Nancy ROCHELLE (the possible mother of Rebecca?) was 47 stating that she had been born in Tenn. All the children of Nancy mentioned in the 1850 Census were living with Rebecca Rochelle HILL in the 1860 Census.
William HILL and Rebecca Rochelle HILL had the following children:1) John Aaron HILL (my grandfather) b. 29 Aug. 1854-d.28 Feb. 1931-2)Marion Monroe HILL, b. 1855-d.1951-3)Martha Jessica HILL, b. 1857, died as an infant.-4)James Bennett HILL, b. 1862-5)Thomas Jefferson HILL, b. 1867/68.
Rebecca Rochelle Hill BROWN, had one daughter by her second marriage, Virginia BROWN. If you know anything about this family please contact Frances at Frances CRONIN
The 1850 Census of Attala County, Miss, taken on 10 Oct. 1850, has the following information:
1850 Census, Attala, Co., Miss.
E. ROCHEL, age 54 (b. 1796), m, Blacksmith, birth N.C., cannot read or write.
This was probably Etherinton ROCHELLE, Jr.

  Also in the 1850 Census of Kemper Co., Miss. is listed a possible son of Etherington ROCHELLE, Sr. & Eleanor WARDEN.
1850 Census, Kemper Co., Ala.-14 Nov. 1850
Jacob Adrin?, age 58, (b. 1792), m, farmer, 600 acres, birth N.C.
Jane, age 45, f, birth La.
Elizabeth ROCHELLE, age 17, f, birth N.C.
Kinny? EASTBURN, age 18, m, laborer, birth Ala.
Also by 1842, Andrew WHITE and his wife Lucretia Rochelle WHITE, daughter of Etherington and Elizabeth ROCHELLE; had moved to Bienville Township in the Western District of Louisianna. Her mother Elizabeth ROCHEL, age 80, birth N.C. was living with them in the 1850 Census, also.
5 Nov. 1850-page 285, family #520
WHITE, Andrew, age 40, m, farmer, 2100 acres, birth N.C. -WHITE, Lucretia, age 39, f, birth Tenn.-WHITE, Rebecca A., age 18, f, birth Miss.-WHITE, Elizabeth, age 16, f, birth Miss.-WHITE, Emily, age 15, f, birth Miss.-WHITE, Martha, age 13, f, birth Miss.-WHITE, Adelade, age 11, f, birth Miss.-WHITE, Henry M., age 10, m, birth Miss.-WHITE, John E., age 8, m, birth La.-WHITE, Margaret C., age 6, f, birth La.-WHITE, Joseph, age 5, m, birth La.-WHITE, Robert L., age 3, birth La.-WHITE, Andrew J., age 3, m, birth La.-WHITE, William, age 1, m, birth La.-ROCHAL, Elizabeth, age 80, f, birth N.C.

In the 1860 Census of Choctaw Co., Miss.; we find Etherington ROCHEL, age 63, (birth 1797) in N.C. living with his daughter Sarah Emaline Rochelle HARVEY. This HARVEY family moved to Rains Co., Texas by 1880. Etherington ROCHELLE, Jr. must have died in Miss. between 1860 & 1870. On the death certificate of Francis M. HARVEY, it lists his mother's name as Miss ROCHEL. (#56459) Willacy Co., Texas.
1860 Census, Choctaw Co., Miss.-10 Aug. 1860
Levi B. HARVEY, age 29, m, farmer, birth Miss.
Emaline HARVEY, age 30, f, household, birth Miss.
William E. HARVEY, age 12, m, birth Miss.
Francis M. HARVEY, age 10, m, birth Miss.
Allizah H. HARVEY, age 7, f, birth Miss.
Sandiska? O. HARVEY, age 5, f, birth Miss.
Mary E. HARVEY, age 3, f, birth Miss.
James E. HARVEY, age 8/12, m, birth Miss.
Etherington ROCHEL, age 63, m, blacksmith, birth N.C.


  Amos ROCHELLE, son of John ROTCHEL and his wife Sarah of New Hanover Co., N.C. will be added at a later date.

I would like to thank the following people for all their help on this line. We need more research! I hope others can add more information to this page, and also some pictures. If anyone needs to correct anything-also please let me know; so I can do so. E-mail Sloan Mason
Frances CRONIN
Walter WHITE, and his mother Mrs. Warrena WHITE
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