Recently John Field PANKOW, contacted me concerning a connection to the ROCHELLE family; with his KING/FLY/FLEY family. I was very interested; since there was a family history in the Kershaw Co. area of S.C.; to the family of Lovick ROCHELLE who lived in this area from after the Revolutionary War until he died in 1809.
John PANKOW was nice enough to send some wonderful pictures of his KING family, which will be included along with a brief history on this page. Please contact, John PANKOW if you have any further information or you can also contact me Sloan Mason.


Briefly, Lovick ROCHELLE who lived in the Kershaw Co., area of S.C. appears in many court records along with Jesse FLY, Sr. and Jesse FLY, Jr. from 1800 to 1809. Also, Harmon KING, Sr. appears in the 1800 Census of Kershaw Co. The FLEY/FLY family was suppose to have married into the ROCHELLE family. There has been no evidence of this so far. This ROCHELLE family was originally from Wake Co., N.C.
Lovick ROCHELLE, also had a brother John ROCHELLE who lived in the Richlands area of S.C. Several of his sons moved to Carroll Co., Tenn area sometime after 1825; they were:Nathaniel ROCHELLE, Allen ROCHELLE and George T. ROCHELLE. Jeremiah? FLY, is mentioned as a juror on 9 June 1828; also listed are a George FLY, in Carrol Co., Tenn. This may certainly be coincidence and no relationship may exist.


According to Family Legend; and letters written by Frances R. L. KING, who was born in 1867-she states in a letter written in 1939; that Reverend Harmon Daniel KING (c.1805-1906) was the son of Harmon Daniel KING, Sr.; possibly born in England, "who came with his father's family from England when he was a child;" and his wife Betsy FLYE; and that they were married in South Carolina. " She states that he came through N.C. and into S.C. She also states that Betsy FLYE'S parents were Jesse FLYE and Elizabeth ROCHELLE, and that both of them were from France. (not proven)

Family legend aslo states that Harmon Daniel KING was born in Charleston, S.C.; 17 Oct. 1805/1806. Harmon KING, Sr. moved with his wife Besse FLYE/FLEY from S.C. to Alabama around 1809; and later returned to S.C. about 1825. Harmon KING, Jr. is said to have attened the University of Ala. in one of the first classes after it opened in 1831. Family legend has it that he and a friend "rode on mules" to Ala. to get an education. Harmon D. KING, Jr. later moved to Union County, N.C. where he married Mary V. STARNES, b. 22 August 1814. They were married about 1837, in what was then Mecklenburg Co., N.C. They had 13 children together; 10 living when she died on 26 Sept. 1865. He married his 2nd wife Margarett M. GRIFFIN on 15 June 1866; with 7 known children born to them. Harmon KING, Jr. began his career as a Methodist Minister. He and his first wife and a number of his children are buried in the cemetery at the Bethlehem Methodist Church in Union Co., N.C. He later became a Baptist Minister; many of their family reunions were held at the Corinth Baptist Church in Union Co., N.C. Below are the pictures which were sent by John PANKOW.


The Family Reunion-dated 17 Oct. 1905, with 5 generations of his descendants.



Harmon Daniel KING, with his second wife Margarett and 10 of his children. Their children are on the left: (L-R) Goodman H. KING, Vance KING, Benjamin KING, Martha KING, Frances KING. Children on the right: from his 1st wife Mary: Apsia Ann KING, Harmon B. KING, Margaret KING, Judge W. KING, David KING. (Identity is based on known attendance and children's ages.)



Harmon KING and his 2nd wife Margarett M. GRIFFIN (1846-1930)

The next picture is possibly of Rusha Elizabeth KING (1837-1893); eldest daughter of Harmon D. KING and 1st wife Mary V. STARNES. She married Dulin STEARNS. (Picture looks very much like John PANKOW'S mother)



Photograph of Dulin Benson STEARNS (1863-1962), son of Rusha Elizabeth KING and 1st husband Dulin STEARNS.



Photo of Alexandra Virginia EDWARDS, daughter of Rusha Elizabeth KING and 2nd husband A. J. EDWARDS, born 1869.; and granddaughter of Harmon D. KING.



If you have any further information on the FLY/FLEY and ROCHELLE connection. Please contact me at: Sloan Mason.