James & Rochelle of Pender Co.



The JAMES family and the ROCHELLE family have been tied together through marriage and court records since the 1700's. I will briefly summarize these family ties, and will be adding to this page on a continuous basis. If anyone would like to add their family pictures or information, please contact me: Sloan Mason


Samuel JAMES first appeared in Onslow Co., N.C.; dated May 1744 where he gives much of his land to his children: Isaac, Enoch, Sarah, and Jacob; his wife was not named but is mentioned in these deeds. There may have been other children to this family. The only child known to have ties to the ROCHELLE family is Isaac JAMES. Please note: the JAMES land runs both in Onslow Co., and present day Pender Co.
According to the late Judge Joshua JAMES of Pender Co., N.C.; the JAMES were Quaker and came over from Wales. Issac JAMES married twice; his first wife's last name was BOND; their known children were:1)Roda 2)Samuel JAMES. His 2nd wife was Priscilla PADGETT, their children were 1)Sarah 2)Isaac 3)Nicanor 4)Susanna 5)Jacob 6)Hester and 7)John.
I do not have a large amount of information on this family, so I will continue with the ROCHELLE lines and their marriages into this family.


The first sign of the ROCHELLE family in New Hanover Co., was the appearance of John ROTCHEL. A Deed dated 24 Dec. 1767, between Edward TEAL and John ROTCHELL is registered and proved by Thomas BURTON in 31 May 1769; it reads: Edward TEAL, planter for the sum of 25 lbs. paid by John ROTCHELL, a carpenter; a plantation tract of land containing 60 acres in the county of New Hanover on the main branch of Holly Shelter near Mr. VEALS land beginning at a white oak on the north side of the branch, containing 60 acres, with all the houses, buildings, orchards, gardens, woods, waters, pastures and fences together with profits of said plantation sold unto John ROTCHELL by Edward TEAL. Signed: Edward TEAL, Patience TEAL, Thomas BURTON, Asa SIMMONS, John FEREBEE. (Db. F, p. 63)
John ROTCHEL, wrote his Will on 7 Dec. 1780; it was probated Jan. 1784 shortly after he died. It reads: In the name of God, Amen; I John ROTCHEL of Holy Shelter in the county of New Hanover and state of N.C. being of sound mind do make this my last Will and Testament in the form following: Imprimis, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ann SCARBOROUGH, wife of John SCARBOROUGH twenty shillings money. Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Dorcas WILLIAMS, wife of Charles WILLIAMS, twenty shillings money. Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Amos ROTCHEL, twenty shillings money. Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Etherington ROTCHEL a tract of land where I now live containing 60 acres with all its improvements whatsoever with every other article which I now posess, after the decease of my wife Sarah ROTCHEL who is to be allowed every priviledge which she enjoyed in my life time during ther life. This is my Last Will and Testament made the Seventh Day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty. Witness: William GREEN, Samuel GREEN, Thos. BISHOP; Signed John ROTCHEL
(Condisel) I constitue and appoint my wife Sarah ROTCHEL executrix and my son Etherinton ROTCHEL, executor. -----The witin Last Will and Testament of John ROTCHEL was exhibited in court and proved in due form of law by the oath of Wm. GREEN, a subscribing witness thereto at the same time Etherington ROTCHEL delivered into court an Oath and Inventory of the Estate of the said John ROTCHEL, deceased and qualified as an Executor agreeable to law. Thomas McCLAIN, Clerk. Witness: Sarah ROTCHEL, Etherington ROTCHEL--(Bk.C.,p.369)----------(please note: both John ROTCHEL'S will and Benjamin ROCHELL'S will were recorded at Court in the Sept. Term, 1845-whether both these wills were recorded again due to the courthouse fires, etc. I don't no?)

Etherington ROTCHELL, oldest son stayed in N.C. until 1798, when he sold the 50 acres passed down to him from his father's will to John PITTMAN. He and his wife Eleanor WARDEN, whom he married 29 Sept. 1779 moved to Montgomery Co., Tenn. by Feb. 1801, along with Martin WELLS's family; and probably others. Amos ROTCHELL stayed in New Hanover Co., N.C. (now Maple Hill); I believe him to be the father of Benjamin ROCHELL who married Susanna JAMES-----(more on this family later).

Isaac JAMES sold some of his land on Oct. 1819 to his heirs, they were listed as Sarah WILLIFORD, Isaac JAMES, Nicanor JAMES, Benjamin PAGETT, Stephen LANIER, Susanna ROCHELL, Benjamin ROCHELL, Jacob JAMES, Hester JAMES, John JAMES of New Hanover Co. (Nicanor JAMES, Benj. PAGETT, Stephen LANIER of Co. of Duplin) and wife: Priscilla JAMES. This deed appears in the Register of Deeds Office in New Hanover County, Db.Q, p.533.
Susannah JAMES married Benjamin ROCHELLE of New Hanover Co., N.C. sometime between 1800 & 1804. "Two Centuries at Sycamore Springs Plantation" by the late Judge Joshua JAMES; states that Susanna & Benjamin ROCHELLE lived in the area of the White Oak District which was about 3 miles from the JAMES plantation. Benjamin ROCHELLE, was apparently a somewhat wealthy man, as were the JAMES family. The JAMES plantation still stands today, in present day Maple Hill, N.C. now Pender Co. According to the late Judge JAMES, the house that is presently standing is the 4th house on this property. Benjamin ROCHELLE appears in many court records, and land deeds of New Hanover Co.
The 1820 Census of New Hanover Co., N.C. lists Benjamin ROCHELLE as having 3 male children under age 10- (b. 1810-1820); 1 male age 10-16 (b.1804-1810); 1 male age 16-18 (b.1802-1804) 1 male 16-26 (b.1775-1794) and himself 1 male age 26-45 (b.1775-1794) (Please note: in the 1800 census he is listed as the head of the family age 10-16; his mother living; his father must have died) 2 females under age 10 (b.1810-1820); 2 females age 10-16 (b.1804-1810); 1 female age 16-26 (b.1794-1804) and Susanna-1 female age 26-45 (b.1775-1794)


The known children of Benjamin ROCHELLE and Susanna JAMES were: 1)Amos ROCHELLE, b. about 1804 (married Sarah LANIER) 2)Annie ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1808 (married John BATTS; 3)Isaac ROCHELLE, b. 28 May 1811 (married Sabra Jane PADGETT); 4)Mary S. ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1815 (married Riley JONES, Sr.); 5)John ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1817 (possibly married Sarah BENTON); 6)Jacob ROCHELLE, b. 12 May 1820 (married Lucinda Eliza BURTON) and the last child (my great great grandfather)7)Benjamin ROCHELLE, Jr.; b. abt. 1823 (married a)Anne J. LANIER b)Sarah L. BATTS c)Indianna SLOAN.


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Benjamin ROCHELLE, Jr. and wife Indianna SLOAN

Susanna's husband Benjamin ROCHELLE died in the early part of the year of 1826. His will was written on 12 June 1817, several years before his youngest children were born. His will states the following:
12 June 1817, New Hanover Co., N.C.-I, Benjamin ROCHELL of the State of N.C. and county of New Hanover; being of sound and perfect mind and memory do this 12th day of June make and publish this my last Will and Testament. First, I give and bequeath to my dear wife Susannah ROCHELL, all my personal and real property in the State and County aforesaid. 2nd, all my debts be paid, and all such property as may be left for her to have and to hold during life; at her death all such landed property to be equally divided among my dear children-I make and ordain my worthy friend Jacob JAMES, executor of my will.Signed: Benjamin ROCHELL; Signed, sealed in the presence of Samuel JAMES, Bryant WOOTEN, Stephen WOOD
This will was probated in the March term of Court, 1826 and recorded in Bk. C., p. 380; New Hanover Co., N.C.---(no children were listed in this will)
  Since woman, had no legal rights in those days-Guardian bonds were issued by the courts for the care of the minor children. The first guardian bond was issued on 10 March 1828 to Amos ROCHELL, Thomas PLAYER, Jacob JAMES; all bound to the Justices in the sum of $4000, in trust for the minor, tuition of Amos. The above Amos ROCHELL is appointed guardian to Ann, Isaac, Jacob, Mary, John and Benjamin ROCHELLE, all minors. If the said Amos shall improve and secure the estate of the said minors, then this obligation shall be void. Signed: Amos ROCHELL, Jacob JAMES, Thomas PLAYER. Another guardian bond like this was issued on 10 March 1829. ------Since Amos ROCHELLE, the oldest son, would have been close to 21 years of age, I am assuming he was the one appointed as guardian to the children. There are several land deeds naming the children, and specifically stating that land came from the estate of Benjamin ROCHELLE (this proves that Benjamin ROCHELLE was the father-there has been confusion that Amos ROCHELLE was the father, but this is not true; he was the oldest son---and to make matters more confusing there was another Amos ROCHELLE of this time period-I believe him to be possibly the grandfather.)
Susanna ROCHELLE was dead by September 1839. Her son John ROCHELLE was appointed administrator of her estate and the property of Susanna ROCHELL, dec'd was sold on 1 Oct. 1839. Numerous family members were mentioned; and will be posted later. Slaves mentioned: DICK, JIM, JENNY & 4 children.
Both Benjamin ROCHELLE and his wife Susanna JAMES gravesites are unknown.


The next JAMES child that I have information on is John JAMES, b. 26 Jan. 1792 and died 24 Feb. 1875 in New Hanover Co., N.C. His first marriage was to (first name unknown) PICKETT and his second marriage was to Civil A. SLOAN, b. June 1813-d.6 June 1888. She was the daughter of William SLOAN, wife unknown (possibly a SWINSON) and Aunt of Indianna SLOAN, pictured above. John JAMES and Civil A. SLOAN were married 1 August 1830. The children of John JAMES and Civil A. SLOAN were 1)Rachel JAMES, b. abt. 1833 who married Dennis AMAN-2)Jacob K. JAMES, b. 7 March 1840-d. 6 April 1907, married Hester Jane L. ROCHELLE-3)Olive JAMES, b. abt. 1844, married John MARSHBURN-4)John William JAMES, b.25 April 1845-d. 24 Dec. 1917 and married Nancy Catherine ROCHELLE, b.7 Oct. 1848-d. 23 July 1915;-5)Hester JAMES, b. abt. 1849 and married Eli SHIVAR-6) Priscilla JAMES, b. abt. 1852,married Isaac T. MORTON- and last 7)Gibson JAMES, b. 17 Dec. 1854-d.20 Feb. 1945 and married Anabelle MURRAY (parents of the late Judge Joshua JAMES). John JAMES & his wife Civil A. SLOAN are both buried in the JAMES Cemetery at Sycamore Springs in present day Maple Hill, Pender Co., N.C. The "Wilmington Journal", dated 12 March 1875 states: John JAMES died in Holly Township the morning of 26 Feb., aged 83 years and 28 days. Born and died at sunrise. He lived and died on the same plantation he was born on. He had never been out of his native state. New Bern was the extent of his travels. He accumulated a large landed estate, left a widow and 6 children.


Several of John JAMES'S children married into the ROCHELLE line as follows: Jacob K. JAMES, b. 7 March 1840-d. 6 April 1907; he married Hester Jane L. ROCHELLE, b. 22 March 1844-d. 18 July 1929-they were married on 14 March 1862. They were married at the residence of her parents: Isaac & Sabra Jane Padgett ROCHELLE. (note: Isaac was the son of Benjamin & Susanna James ROCHELLE). Children of this family were 1) Joy Alton JAMES- 2) Beulah J. L. JAMES- 3) Clarence E. JAMES 4) Bertha Civil JAMES-5) Isaac Theodore JAMES- 6) Eliza Ann JAMES-7) Roxie JAMES.

John William JAMES, b. 25 April 1845-d. 24 Dec. 1917. He married Nancy Catherine ROCHELLE, b. 7 Oct. 1848-d. 23 July 1915. They were married on 19 Nov. 1868. She was also the daughter of Isaac ROCHELLE and Sabra Jane PADGETT.


Below are pictures of John William JAMES and his wife Nancy Catherine ROCHELLE



Children of John William JAMES and Nancy Catherine ROCHELLE are: Annie Catherine JAMES, b. 31 August 1872-d. abt. 1952; she married Riley JONES-(Annie C. James was Riley JONES'S 2nd wife, he first married her sister Susan Priscilla JAMES, b. 30 June 1874-d. abt. 1900. The next child of John William JAMES and Nancy Catherine ROCHELLE was Gibson Marshall JAMES, b. 11 Sept. 1875; Sabra C. JAMES, b. 14 March 1870; Jacob O. JAMES, b. 26 July 1877; Katie B. JAMES, b. 14 Jan. 1880; Mollie Inez JAMES, b. 7 April 1882; Virginia Florence JAMES, b. 12 Sept. 1884; and last John V. JAMES, b. 18 Sept. 1887.


Pictured below are Annie Catherine JAMES and husband Riley JONES


Pictured below are Susan Priscilla JAMES and her husband Riley JONES



Pictured below is Gibson Marshall JAMES



Pictured below is Mollie Inez JAMES



The last picture is of Annie Catherine James JONES and sister Virginia Florence JAMES



This is all the information I have on the JAMES family. If you would like to contribute pictures or family information please contact me at Sloan MASON. I would like to thank Ben FORDHAM for contributing the JAMES pictures. If you would like to contact him, please e-mail him at: Ben FORDHAM.