This is a brief history of the Madison Co. & Limestone Co., Ala. ROCHELLES

There were many ROCHELLE lines that migrated to Alabama from Tenn. and other states. I have tried to trace this line as far back as I can but can only get to John ROCHELLE/RACHELS who was listed in Madison Co., Ala. as early as 1820; and served in the Militia and was commissioned as an Ensign on 8 July 1820. Also a possible brother Littleberry ROCHEL married Rathena/Pathena? WILLIAMSON on 9 Dec. 1822. Who John ROCHELLE married is unknown, but he had the following children: 1)William L. ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1804-d.1850/60- 2)Caroline ROCHELLE, d. before 7 Feb. 1828 and married John FRANKLIN-3)Thomas Goodman ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1819 and married Rebecca HILLARD, Feb. 1839- 4)Cynthia ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1823-d.1850/60 married Gideon H. SMITH on 28 Dec. 1840-5)Frances E. ROCHELLE, b. 5 Feb. 1825-d.22 Oct. 1875 married Samuel A. GRAHAM on 18 Nov. 1845-6)Judith Ann E. ROCHELLE married Jacob HEDRICK on 5 Nov. 1835-7)Hiram Smith ROCHELLE married Eliza Jane NORWOOD on 17 Nov. 1842. John ROCHELLE'S will was probated in Madison Co., Ala. on 28 March 1850. He states he wants to be buried beside his wife (not named) and lists all his children, except Caroline who probably is deceased.


I am only going to concentrate on the 1st son William L. ROCHELLE. He was married 3 times; his 1st wife was unknown. He had the following children by the 1st wife:

  • 1)Sarah Ann ROCHELLE, b. abt.1824-married William D. TOONE on 26 Feb. 1857 in Limestone Co., Ala.
  • 2)John Henry G. ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1831-d.1864 and married Mary Jane Frances ROBINSON on 25 Dec. 1854 in Limestone Co., Ala.
  • 3)William T. ROCHELLE, b. 15 Aug. 1832, married 1st Laura Ann PITTS, on 15 Dec. 1853; he married 2nd Mary Jane Frances ROBINSON, on 25 Dec. 1854 in Limestone Co., Ala.
  • 4)Eliza Ann Frances ROCHELLE, b. 22 May 1835-d. 29 June 1913 in Elkmont, Ala.; she married Green Coleman ROBINSON on 30 Nov. 1852. (brother of Mary Jane Frances ROBINSON)
  • 5)Eli S. ROCHELLE b. abt. 1836-d.18 Nov. 1916 and married Martha L. TOONE on 16 Feb. 1860
  • 6) Elizabeth A. ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1838 and married George W. WILLIAMS.

    The 2nd wife was Eliza SMITH, they were married in Madison Co., Ala. on 25 June 1840 and had one child-Matilda Caroline ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1840-d. 25 Jan. 1901; she married Thomas Jefferson EVANS.

    The 3rd wife was Mary Ann TOONE, b. 8 Jun 1816 in Virginia-d. 26 Dec. 1900 in Giles Co., Tenn.-they had the following children:
  • 1)Daniel Goodman ROCHELLE, b. 14 Nov. 1845-7 July 1920 and married Sarah E. THOMPSON on 13 Nov. 1870
  • 2)Rebecca F. ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1848-d. 21 March 1867 and married Joseph G. SMITH on 21 March 1867
  • 3)Thomas P. ROCHELLE, b. 2 April 1850 and married Rosie DALY
  • 4)Cynthia Beal ROCHELLE, b. 11 March 1852-d. 22 Jun 1943, married Martin Alonzo Pettus HARGROVE
  • 5)Julia C. ROCHELLE, b. 24 June 1853 and married Joe DALY on 20 Nov. 1872.
  • 6)Mary O. ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1858.

    I have recently been sent information on Julia C. ROCHELLE and her husband Joe DALY. Julia C. ROCHELLE was born on 24 June 1853 in Limestone Co., Ala. She died on 12 Jan. 1929 in Giles Co., Tn.; and is buried in Daly Cem., Giles Co., Tenn.
    She married Joe DALY, son of Josiah DALY and Frances HOLBERT on 20 Nov. 1872 in Giles Co. Tn. Joe was born in 1852 in Giles Co., Tn. They had the following children:
  • Asa Tillman DALY, b. 27 Nov. 1876-d. 1 March 1953. Married Mary Lee HOLLAND.
  • Dovie DALY, b. 12 Sept. 1874-d. 29 Jan. 1957. Married Alfred WALLACE.
  • Muzzie DALY , B. 1885. Married Royce BIGGERSTAFF.
  • Raymond DALY, b. 1887-d.25 May 1969. Married Dovie Mae HARGROVE.
  • Lula Frances DALY, b.10 April 1872-d.13 Nov. 1944. Married Thomas Wesley TATUM.
  • Lille Belle DALY, b. 24 NOv. 1894-d. 20 April 1957. Married Raymond HARGROVE.

    Below are pictures sent by Shirley HINKLE, she is a direct descendant of Julia Rochelle & Joe DALY, please contact her if you have any further info. Shirley HINKLE

    Children of Julia ROCHELLE & Joe DALY-click to enlarge

    Asa DALY & wife Mary HOLLAND

    More pictures: ROCHELLE/DALY/ENGLAND


    John Henry G. ROCHELLE was the second son of William L. and his first wife who is at present unknown. John H.G. ROCHELLE was born abt. 1834 in Limestone Co., Ala. and died in the Civil War on March 1864. He married Mary Jane ROBINSON 25 Dec 1854 at Tabitha ROBINSON'S home. They were married by W.M. REDUS, J.P. John Henry G. ROCHELLE served in Co. G., 35th Regiment; Alabama State Troops in the Infantry.

    The 1st picture below is of Mary Jane Robinson ROCHELLE and her 4 sons: A special thanks to Joyce BROOKS for sending the family pictures. If you have further information please contact her at Joyce BROOKS.

    Front Row: George Gale (Bunk) ROCHELL----Mary Jane (Mammy) Robinson ROCHELL-Green Calvin ROCHELL

    Back Row: William Thomas (Billy) ROCHELL--John Pinkney ROCHELL



    As noted earlier, John Henry G. ROCHELLE married Mary Jane Frances ROBINSON, and John's sister; Eliza Ann Frances ROCHELLE married the brother of Mary Jane: Green Coleman ROBINSON. Both were the children of Hezekiah ROBINSON and Tabitha GRANTHAM. Pictured below are the marriage licenses of John Henry G. ROCHELLE & Mary Jane Frances ROBINSON; and also the marriage record of Eliza Ann Frances ROCHELLE and Green Coleman ROBINSON.

    John Henry G. ROCHELLE fought in the Civil War and served as a Private in Co. G. of the 35th Regiment, Alabama Volunteers. He died March 1864. His brother in law Green Coleman ROBINSON served as a Private in Co. A, of the 53rd Regiment; Tennessee Infantry. Both women applied for a Widow's Pension: They are pictured below:




    John Henry G. ROCHELLE and his wife Mary Jane ROBINSON had the following children:
  • 1)William Thomas ROCHELLE, b. 22 Dec. 1856-d.19 July 1925; he married Eliza Jane HARGROVE, b. 2 Feb. 1866-d. 8 Dec. 1942 (There picture is below)
  • 2) George Gale ROCHELLE, b. 25 Nov. 1858-d.7 April 1919
  • 3) Green Calvin ROCHELLE, b. 24 March 1860-d. 9 March 1944; married a)S.E. STOUT-b) Josephine SMITH-c)Mollie GARNER
  • 4)John Pink ROCHELLE, b.2 Jan. 1862-d.1 April 1920.


    The 2nd picture is of William Thomas ROCHELL, (son of John H. G. & Mary Jane ROCHELLE) and his family:

    Back Row: Delia Malinda ROCHELL-Dera Dean ROCHELL-Mary Jane Robinson ROCHELL-Dovie Lee ROCHELL

    Front Row: George Gale ROCHELL-William Thomas ROCHELL-Eliza Jane Hargrove ROCHELL-Pink Green ROCHELL and on his mother's lap-William Thomas ROCHELL, Jr.

    Left-right: sent by Dave ROBISON

    The above pictures were taken by Dave ROBISON at the family reunion at the ROBINSON Cemetery in 2002, Limeston County, Ala.

    Robinson Homestead, Road to Robinson Cem., Robinson Cemetery-Robinson Hollow

    Pictures of Robinson Cemetery

    Eliza Rochelle & Green Coleman ROBINSON Tombstone

    Closeup of Green Coleman ROBINSON Tombstone, Green Gale ROCHELLE Tombstone

    Tombstone of Hezikia ROBRSON, Tombstone of Sally Crouch Robinson, Tombstone of Hezikia Calvin Robinson

    Daughters of Lonnie Egbert, Ola, Bessie and Charlotte.

    Mary Jane's father, Hezekiah Robertson, was married twice. First to Anne Grantham. Anne died shortly after Hezekiah returned from service in Andrew Jackson's East Tennessee Volunteers in the War of 1812. He and Anne had 2 boys. He then married Anne's sister, Tabitha and went on to have 8 more children, 7 boys and 1 girl. I have copies of documents from Tabitha's efforts to collect her widow's pension from Hezekiah's service in the War of 1812. Note: from Dave ROBISON.

    William L Rochell was my 4th ggrandfather whose daughter, Eliza Ann Francis Rochell married my 3rd ggrandfather, Green Coleman Robinson. Green and Eliza had 4 children, including my 2nd ggrandfather, Samuel Coleman Robison (notice the change in the spelling). Samuel married Mary Jane Hardin and had 10 children inlcuding my great grandfather, Erskin Coleman Robison. Erskin was a tax collector in Limestone County in the 1920's and 1930's. He married Linnie Otto Peace and 9 children, 8 of whom survived to adulthood including my grandfather, Cecil Lee Robison and another friend of this website, Sarah Elizabeth Robison Coker! Erskin is the one who moved his family to Evergreen in Conecuh County, Alabama where Cecil met and later on married my grandmother, Mary Virginia Dunn. My father, Henry Dunn Robison was born in Evergreen in 1925.



    The 3rd son of William L. ROCHELLE, and wife unknown was: William T. ROCHELLE, b. 15 Aug. 1832. He first married Laura Ann PITTS, she was born about 1835 in Virginia. Their marriage occured on 15 Dec. 1853; only 1 known son of this marriage was John ROCHELLE, b. about 1856. Her mother Lucy PITTS, also born in Virginia was living with them in the 1860 census of Limestone Co., Ala.
    William T. ROCHELLE'S 2nd marriage was to Mary C. ANDREWS, b.12 Feb. 1841; they were married 21 Feb. 1868 and had the following children:
  • 1)James ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1871
  • 2)David ROCHELLE, b. 12 Aug. 1872-d. 7 April 1900
  • 3)Thomas ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1875 and
  • 4) Albert ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1877.
      David ROCHELLE, married Martha HASTINGS, b. 9 April 1876-d. 27 March 1969 in Giles Co., Tenn. Their 1 known son was also David ROCHELLE, b. 13 Sept. 1900.
    The pictures below were found in the trunk of Martha Hastings ROCHELLE, some have been identified, some have not. I would like to thank Evelyn ROCHELLE of Huntsville, Ala.; who found these pictures, and David Michael ROCHELLE, and Ruth WALSH for sending me the pictures to put on my website. Also a special thanks to Sarah COKER of Evergreen, Ala. for most of the research and written material; much of it could not be included here. They are all direct descendants of William L. ROCHELLE.

    Only 2 people in the following picture can be identified: (Lower left) David ROCHELLE and (Lower right) his wife Mattie Hastings ROCHELLE.



    The following picture is of the family, but we don't no whether it is the HASTINGS or ROCHELLE family



    If you can identify any of these pictures, please contact Sloan MASON


    As stated earlier, William L. ROCHELLE, married 3 times. His 3rd wife was Mary Ann TOONE; they married 8 Oct. 1840 in Limestone Co., Ala. His 2nd daughter Cynthia Beal Rochelle, was born 11 March 1852, d. 22 June 1943 in Giles Co., Tenn. She married Martin Alonzo Pettus HARGROVE. They had the following children:
  • 1)Emma B. HARGROVE,
  • 2)Thomas G. HARGROVE,
  • 3)Zoanna HARGROVE.
  • 4)William C. HARGROVE,
  • 5)Henry H. HARGROVE,
  • 6)Asy Berry HARGROVE,
  • 7)Mary Elizabeth HARGROVE,
  • 8)Martin Lonzo Pettus HARGROVE,
  • 9)Cleo Clayton HARGROVE.
    The following pictures were sent by Elizabeth Rochelle HEYMAN; if you have further information on this line please contact her at Elizabeth R. HEYMAN.

    Cynthia Beal Rochelle HARGROVE, daughter of William L. ROCHELLE & Mary Ann TOONE




    As I said earlier; a Littleberry ROCHELL also appears in Madison Co. & Limestone Co., Ala. about the same time John ROCHELLE does-1822. Littleberry ROCHELLE applied for a marriage license in Madison Co. on 9 Dec. 1822 and he an Parthenia WILLIAMSON were married on the 11th of Dec. 1822. Known children were 1)Robert J. ROCHELL, b. abt. 1823-2)Caroline V. ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1826-3)Amerilla Ann, b. abt. 1824-4)Caledonia ROCHELL, b. abt. 1830-5)Rebecca ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1832 6)Jesse B. ROCHELL, b. abt. 1838-7)Elizabeth ROCHELL, b. abt. 1845-there were probably more children.

    Most of the children moved to Lincoln Co., Tenn. by 1870. Littleberry ROCHELL had died by 1850 and Bathenia/Parthenia ROCHELL age 74, was living with the HATHCOAT family by 1870; next door to William L. ROCHELLE'S sister Frances E. GRAHAM in Molino, Lincoln Co., Tenn. (William L. ROCHELL was the son of John ROCHELLE mentioned above). Also living in Lincoln Co., Tenn. were her children: Jesse B., Caroline V. ROCHELL who married James Leroy PITTS. In the 1880 census record Jesse B. ROCHELLE states his father (Littleberry ROCHELL was born in Va. and his mother Parthenia Williamson ROCHELL was born in Ga.)

    Caroline V. (Virginia?) ROCHELL, b. abt. 1826 married James Leroy PITTS, b. 7 March 1822-d. 19 Feb. 1875. They were married on 10 July 1846. Known children were 1)Thomas B. PITTS, b. 27 May 1847-d.29 Aug. 1896-2)James Berry PITTS, b. abt. 1849 3)Pamphilia Ann PITTS, b. 11 Sept. 1850-d. 7 May 1884; married John Calvin LINCOLN, b. 10 Jan. 1845-d. 20 May 1922; on 26 Dec. 1869; 4)Frances Octavia PITTS, b. 2 Jan. 1856-10 Jun 1910; married Rev. Silas Wright BRUCE, b. 13 Aug. 1844-d.22 April 1913-on 15 Dec. 1870-5)R. A. PITTS, b. abt. 1861-6)Morgan J. PITTS, b. abt. 1863 and 6)Josephus PITTS, b. abt. 1865.

    The following picture was sent to me by a direct descendant Josef BUFFALOE, if you have any information on these families please e-mail him at

    Frances Octavia PITTS, daughter of Caroline V. ROCHELL and James Leroy PITTS and her husband Rev. Silas Wright BRUCE



    If anyone has other pictures they would like to post, please e-mail me at


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