4th Governor of Florida

  Madison Starke PERRY, was born about 1814 in Lancaster Co., S.C. He was the son of Benjamin PERRY, Jr. and Mary STARKE, daughter of Maj. Thomas STARKE of the Rev. Army originally from Virginia. (source: "Descendants of Benjamin Perry of Kershaw Co., S.C." by John Ben Perry, Jr.) He was educated at the Franklin Academy in Lancaster, S.C. ; there he was nicknamed "Starke". He married Martha "Mary" Peay STARKE about 1832. She was born on 4 May 1814 and was the daughter of Thomas STARKE and Margaret Evans Larkin ROCHELLE. (pictures)Their first child, Madison Starke PERRY, Jr. was born about 1845.
Shortly after this, Madison Starke PERRY and his family moved to Florida; establishing the town of Rochelle in Alachua Co. Other families of S.C. also moved to Florida: KENNEDY, FEASTER, MCCALL, ABBOTT, etc.
Their 2nd child Sallie J. PERRY was born about 1848. In the 1850 census, he is listed as a farmer and worth about $1500. His plantation was located aobut 6 miles east of Gainsville in the area of present day Rochelle.
Madison Starke PERRY represented Alachua County in the 1850 Senate. He was elected Governor as a Democrat, and helped bring about the settlement of a long standing boundary dispute with Georgia. His administration also saw considerable extension of railroads, encouraging development of the state. He foresaw the possiblity of Florida's secession from the Union, and in 1858 urged reestablishment of the State's militia. Florida withdrew on January 11, 1861, during his administration. After his term ended, he was Colonel of the 7th Florida Regiment until illness forced his retirement. He died at his Alachua County plantation in March 1865.
  At age 48, he was elected Colonel of the 7th Regiment of Florida Infantry Volunteers. He enlisted on 3 July 1862 at Camp Kirby, Tenn. by Capt. Dudley. This unit was shipped to eastern Tenn. serving on picket duty near Knoxville, prior to its transfer to the Kentucky-Tenn. line. Resigned his commission on April 30, 1863, due to poor health. He returned home, where he died March 1865 at his home in Rochelle, Fla.
The Rochelle School was established on land donated by Miss Sallie PERRY, in 1885. The School was called the Martha Perry Institute, named for the Governor's wife. It operated until 1935. The building is still standing and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Below are pictures taken recently by Linda R. Cooper.

    PERRY is buried here at Oak Ridge Cemetery on land he set aside in 1854 for the community. Buried here with him are his wife, Martha Starke PERRY; a daughter Sallie PERRY; and a son, Madison Starke PERRY, Jr., also a Confederate veteran. Neither of his children married.

Below is an Inventory of Estate for Madison Starke PERRY


Below is the Obituary of Sallie J. PERRY

Gainesville Daily Sun, Gainesville, Fla., Friday 23 Feb. 1912
Miss Sallie PERRY of Rochelle died Thursday
" Miss Sallie PERRY of Rochelle died at her home in that place Thursday at 12:30 p.m. after an illness extending over a period of about two years, but which only assumed serious proportions a few months since. For a long time Miss PERRY had been troubled with rheumatism, and although a stay of several weeks at Hot Springs, Ark., the past summer seemed to improve her condition, a complication of ailments after her return made her recovery impossible.
Deceased was about 65 years of age and had resided at Rochelle nearly all her life. She was a daughter of Governor M. S. PERRY, who served as Florida's chief executive from 1857-1861 and Marth Perry Institute, the public school at Rochelle, was thus named in honor of her mother. Miss PERRY was a member of the Methodist Church and lived a consistent Christian life. She had many friends in this city and throughout the State who will learn of her demise with much regret.
Deceased was conscious almost to the end and it is consoling to those who loved her to know that she was prepared to go. Her cousin, Miss Fannie BAUSKETT of Camden, S.C. was with Miss PERRY during the last weeks of her illness.
The deceased is survived by a number of distant relatives, but none nearer that cousin, the members of her immediate family having preceeded her to the grave many years since.
The funeral will be conducted from the home at Rochelle at 11:30 o'clock this morning, interment to be made int he family lot at Oak Ridge Cemetery.
A number of Gainesville friends of deceased will atten the funeral service."
Below are pictures of Oakridge Cemetery, where the PERRY family and many of their family members are buried.

Below is the tombstone of Madison Starke PERRY

This seems to be the only marker for the family, as I have not been able to find individual markers for his wife and children.  

Charlotte L. KENNEDY b.10/15/1800 Fairfield District, S.C. d.7/24/1876 The last surviving child of James ROCHELLE Rev. John A. KENNEDY b.12/27/1795 d.9/16/1878 b.Charleston, S.C. Thomas Rochelle KENNEDY b.2/15/1836 d.5/31/1893 CSA Fairfield,S.C. Member M.E. Church South

  (Note: Charlotte L. Rochelle KENNEDY was the daughter of James ROCHELLE & Margaret EVANS of Fairfield Co., S.C. She married John A. KENNEDY on 5 Feb. 1824 by the Rev. Reuben TUCKER of Camden, S.C. They moved to Florida in Jan. of 1848 and settled on Lake Newnan, in Alachua County. Their children were: 1)Mary Elizabeth KENNEDY, b. 29 Aug. 1825, -2) Margaret Evans "Molly" KENNEDY, b. 7 Aug. 1828-3) Sarah Ann Blanchard KENNEDY, b. 18 March 1830-4)Rebecca Belton KENNEDY, b. 13 Sept. 1832-5)Thomas Rochelle KENNEDY, b. 15 Feb. 1836-6)Andrew James KENNEDY, b. 12 Oct. 1838-7) Charlotte Isabella KENNEDY, b. 2 May 1840. )
Other family members buried at the Oak Ridge Cemetery:
Andrew James KENNEDY, b. 10/12/1838-d.7/1/1857-b.Kershaw District, S.C.-son of J. A. & Charlotte R. KENNEDY
Margaret Evans KENNEDY, b. 8/7/1828-d.7/10/1882-b. Camden, S.C.-dau. of J. A. & Charlotte R. KENNEDY
Andrew James Kennedy FEASTER, b.7/2/1864-d.4/8/1940-son of Thomas R. KENNEDY & Cornellia MCCALL
Rev. D. A. FOXWORTH, d. 12/15/1890-age 77 yrs.-husband of Sarah A. B. KENNEDY
Sarah A. FOXWORTH, b. 1886-d. 1917-b. Camden, S.C.-Dau. of Rev. J. A. & Charlotte KENNEDY
Jacob Rochelle FEASTER, b. 9/27/1866-d. 12/29/1923
Nellie KENNEDY, b. 1799-d.7/17/1887-Our Nanny
Addie Linzer FEASTER, b. 1870-d.1942
John Kennedy FEASTER, b. 1859-d. 1945
William Abraham PORTER, b. 1855, d. 1925
Charlotte Isabelle PORTER, b. 1842, d. 1921.
Much of the above information was gathered from the following sources:
1)"Descendants of Benjamin PERRY of Kershaw Co., S.C." by John Ben PERRY, Jr.
2)"A New Look at Madison Starke PERRY, Florida's Fourth Governor" by Dr. Joe KNETSCH
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