The following pictures are of the ROCHELLE families from the Maple Hill area of Pender Co. They eventually moved to the Harris Creek area of Onslow Co., N.C.; where many of them are still in that area today. If you can help identify or would like to add your ROCHELLE pictures to this website, please contact me at I would like to thank James Rabon, Phil Rochelle, Carl Rochelle and Genora Williford for contributing their family pictures.


Ephraim James ROCHELLE

Ephraim James ROCHELLE, b. abt. Nov. 1826/27 in the Holly Shelter District of New Hanover Co., N.C. (Present day Maple Hill, Pender Co., N.C.) He was the son of Annie ROCHELLE, daughter of Benjamin ROCHELLE and Susannah JAMES. He married Pennie/Peonie MARSHBURN, b. 17 Feb. 1826; daughter of Thomas MARSHBURN and Sally BRINSON of Onslow Co., N.C. They had the following chilren:1)Siva ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1850 2)Samuel W. ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1851 3)Sarah Catherine ROCHELLE, b.15 March 1852 4)Hester C. ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1853 5)Amos T. ROCHELLE, b. May 1854 6)C. M. ROCHELLE, b. 1856 7)Dunn B. ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1859 8)Benjamin B. ROCHELLE, b. 27 Oct. 1861 9)Robert H. ROCHELLE, b. March 1862 10)Gary Hartford ROCHELLE, b.May 1866 11)Ephraim James Wheeler ROCHELLE, b.5 April 1869.

Ephraim James ROCHELLE served in Co. K, 3rd Regiment, N.C. State Troops on 10 May 1862. On the 1st day of July 1901 Ephraim J. ROCHELLE personally appeared in court and filed a military pension. He appeared before Jn. W. BURTON, C.S.C. in Onslow Co.; age 76 & a resident of Cyprus Post Office. That he is the identical E.J. ROCHELLE who enlisted in Co. K, 3rd Reg., N.C. State Troops on or about the 10 day of May 1862. He served in the armies of the late Confederate States, and was at Malvern Hill, and in the Wildernes High. On May 5, 1864 in the state of Virginia he received a wound at Malvern Hill in the left leg and thigh. In the Wilderness High battle, he received a wound in the left hand causing the loss of 2 fingers. He signed this document. No mention is made as to whether he received a pension. Ephraim must have died sometime before Jan. 1909; when his widow filed an application for a widow's pension on the 20 day of Jan. 1909. Ephraim J. ROCHELLE is buried in the Maple Hill area off Ben WILLIAMS Rd; a CSA marker is there, but no dates are listed.


The 3rd child of Ephraim James ROCHELLE and his wife Peona Marshburn was Sarah Catherine ROCHELLE, b. 11 March 1852-d. 16 Sept. 1914. She married Cory WILLIAMS. Below is a picture that we think is Sarah Catherine Rochelle Williams, but we are not sure.    


The 9th son of Ephraim James Rochelle and his wife Peona Marshburn, was Robert H. ROCHELLE, b. March 1862, who married Rachel PADGETT. She was the daughter of Joseph W. PADGETT and Jerusha King PADGETT. They had the following children: 1)Roy ROCHELLE-2)Bessie E. ROCHELLE-3)Delia ROCHELLE-4)Ralph ROCHELLE. Below is a family group photo:  

Below is an older photo of Robert "Bob" ROCHELLE and his wife Rachel PADGETT
The next picture is of Roy ROCHELLE and his wife Lena Shepard ROCHELLE & family. The tallest boy standing in front of his father is Robert W. ROCHELLE. Roy ROCHELLE was the son of Robert H. ROCHELLE & Rachel PADGETT.
Below are pictures of Robert W. ROCHELLE, son of Roy ROCHELLE & his wife Thelma Lee ROCHELLE, daughter of Clyde ROCHELLE. Robert & Thelma were married on 7 Dec. 1941. (Roy & Clyde ROCHELLE were grandsons of Ephraim ROCHELLE)
The next picture is of Warren ROCHELLE, son of Mike & Dolly ROCHELLE and his wife Mamie Leary ROCHELLE.
The next picture is of Norwood Warren ROCHELLE, son of Warren ROCHELLE & Mamie Leary ROCHELLE.
The last picture is of Norwood ROCHELLE and his son Phil ROCHELLE, taken in 1965.

A special thanks to Phil ROCHELLE for sending the pictures above. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

The next group of pictures are the children & grandchildren of Jacob ROCHELLE and his wife Lucinda Eliza BURTON. Jacob ROCHELLE, b. 12 May 1820-d. abt. March 1869 was the son of Benjamin ROCHELLE and Susannah JAMES. Jacob was the brother of my Benjamin Rochelle; since they were the youngest children and infants when their father died; they were very close. Lucinda Eliza BURTON b. 7 July 1825; was the daughter of Stratton BURTON. There are many descendants of this family in New Hanover, Pender & Onslow Cos., N.C.


Edward Green ROCHELLE and his wife Jennie Norris GOORE


Edward Green ROCHELLE, b. 25 July 1843; was the son of Jacob ROCHELLE and Lucinda Eliza BURTON.

Edward Green, "Ned" enlisted in the Confederate Army, on 1 Feb. 1862, at age 18; birth: New Hanover Co., occupation: farmer. He was a private in the 3rd Reg., N.C. State Troops; Calvary. He was discharged on 20 May 1862. According to military records he enlisted twice; once to take his dad's place. He enlisted again on March 1, 1863 in the 41st Regiment, Co. A, 3rd Calvary at Scott's Hill for 3 years. He was present and accounted for from April to Sept. 30, 1864; and forfeited his bounty by absence without leave since April 1864. In Sept. and Oct. 1864, he was absent; and detailed since Oct. 21, for 22 days. It is noted in the Muster Roll that he was without a horse for 9 days, since July 29, 1863. In July and August, he was present and accounted for.

"The Missing Original Marriage Records" by Kellon Mareaddy; names Edward G. ROCHELLE married Virginia O. GOORE, on 12 Feb. 1871 in Duplin Co., N.C. The parents of the groom are listed as Jacob & Eliza ROCHELLE. The parents of the bride were listed as B. ROCHELLE and Eliza GOORE. There were no issue of this marriage.

Virginia O. GOORE, "Jennie" was born about 1856 to Eliza GOORE and B. ROCHELLE. She died 18 Sept. 1910 in Maple Hill, Pender Co., N.C.



Stratton ROCHELLE and his sister Priscilla Eliza ROCHELLE

Edward Stratton ROCHELLE, Sr., b. 18 Dec. 1849-d. 25 Feb. 1941; was the son of Jacob ROCHELLE and Lucinda Eliza BURTON. He married Eliza Caroline BATTS, b. 22 June 1852-d.21 April 1930 in the Maple Hill area of Pender Co., N.C. They had the following children: 1)Stratton ROCHELLE, Jr., "Tobe"; b. Dec. 1878 2)Joseph Fennel ROCHELLE, b. 15 Sept. 1881 3)Roxie ROCHELLE, b. 1884. They lived in the Dogbranch area of Pender Co.

Priscilla Eliza ROCHELLE, b. 27 Dec. 1856-d. 25 Aug. 1956. She was the daughter of Jacob ROCHELLE and Lucinda Eliza BURTON. She married James W. LANIER, b. 10 Sept. 1856-d. 1 March 1930; on 10 Sept. 1876. The moved away from the Maple Hill area, and lived near Tabor City, Columbus Co., N.C. They had the following children: 1)James Alva LANIER b. abt. 1881 2)John Edward LANIER, b. abt. 1885 3)Doctor Lumus LANIER, b. abt. 1889 4)Isaac T. LANIER, b. abt. 1891 5)Elizabeth LANIER, b. abt. 1899.

Eliza Caroline Batts ROCHELLE, wife of Stratton ROCHELLE, Sr.; b. 22 June 1852-d. 21 April 1930. Her parents were Annie ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1808 d. abt. 1865 (daughter of Benjamin ROCHELLE and Susannah JAMES) and John BATTS, b. 17 July 1817-d. 19 Dec. 1897. She married her cousin Stratton ROCHELLE, b. 18 Dec. 1849-d. 25 Feb. 1941; on 10 March 1871 in the Maple Hill area of Pender Co., N.C. Stratton was the son of Jacob ROCHELLE (Annie ROCHELLE'S brother) and Lucinda Eliza BURTON. (Photo sent by James RABON)

Note Stratton ROCHELLE, Jr. "Tobe" in background.


This is a picture of Stratton ROCHELLE, Jr.; "Tobe"

This group shot was sent to me also by James Rabon. From left -right.

1)George SHEALY, (father of Maggie Shealy ROCHELLE)-2)Stratton ROCHELLE, Jr. "Tobe"-3)Maggie Shealy ROCHELLE (wife of Stratton ROCHELLE, Jr. "Tobe")-4)Henry BURTON was the 1st cousin of Stratton ROCHELLE, Sr. and 5)Henry BATTS, b. 26 April 1886-was the half brother of Eliza Caroline Batts ROCHELLE (pictured above); he was the son of John BATTS and his 2nd wife Mary Z. KIRBY.




John William ROCHELLE and wife Elizabeth PADGETT

John William ROCHELLE, b. 5 Feb. 1852-d.8 Jan. 1923; was the son of Jacob ROCHELLE and Lucinda Eliza BURTON. He married Elizabeth PADGETT, b.6 Sept. 1860-d.25 April 1958 in Pender Co., N.C. They had the following children: 1)Rufus O. ROCHELLE 2)Mike ROCHELLE, b. Nov. 1883 3)Thomas T. ROCHELLE, b. Nov. 1885-d.3 Nov. 1971 4)Jacob Edward ROCHELLE, b.17 June 1888-d. 14 June 1979 5)Delila Virginia ROCHELLE, b.12 Jan. 1890-d.1893 6)John William ROCHELLE, b.20 Dec. 1893-d.26 Nov. 1977 7)Isaac Royal ROCHELLE, b.28 Nov. 1895 8)Joseph Bryan ROCHELLE, b.31 Jan. 1899 9)Stedman ROCHELLE. John William ROCHELLE was known as a healer in the Maple Hill area. He left many descendants in Pender and Onslow Cos.



Nancy Catherine ROCHELLE

Nancy Catherine ROCHELLE, b.3 Feb. 1854; was the daughter of Jacob ROCHELLE and Lucinda Eliza BURTON. In the 1860 census she was living with her Aunt Annie Rochelle & her husband John BATTS; and working as a servant. She is said to have married John SHEPPARD. She had the following children: 1)Willie Stratton ROCHELLE, b. 1874 2)Lucy Catherine ROCHELLE, b.4 Dec. 1880 3)Thomas B. ROCHELLE 4)Hettie P. ROCHELLE, b.18 March 1886. (Pictures of her children will be pictured later).

Hettie P. ROCHELLE & Lucy C. (Katie)ROCHELLE

Willie Stratton ROCHELLE & Thomas ROCHELLE

The ROCHELLES above are the children of Nancy Catherine ROCHELLE. Hettie P. ROCHELLE, b. 18 March 1886- d.Aug. 1979 in the Black Creek area of Wilson Co., N.C. In 1900, she was living with James N. LANIER in the Jacksonville area of Onslow Co., N.C.; and is listed as his adopted daughter. She married Anson SHEPARD.

Lucy Catherine ROCHELLE, "Katie" b. 4 Dec. 1880 in Pender Co., N.C. and died May 1974.

Willie Stratton ROCHELLE was born about 1874. In the 1880 census of Duplin Co.; he was living with his Great Uncle Riley JONES in the Cypress Creek area of Duplin Co., N.C.

Thomas B. ROCHELLE was also born in the Maple Hill area of Pender Co., N.C. I hope someone will supply me with information on him.


Jacob David ROCHELLE and his 3rd wife Laura Jane MARTIN

This picture was recently sent to me by James RABON, you can e-mail James RABON at A brief description of Jacob David ROCHELLE and his family are described below the next picture.



Jacob David ROCHELLE and his 4th wife Rosa BUFFKIN

Jacob David ROCHELLE, b. 7 Feb. 1862 was the son of Jacob ROCHELLE and Lucinda Eliza BURTON. His 1st wife was Lucy Adeline COLEMAN, b. July 1866. They had the following children: 1)Eliza Jane ROCHELLE, b. 1885-d.1921 2)Cora Lee ROCHELLE, b.Nov. 1888-d. 1940 married J.F. BLACKWELL 3)Mary Florence ROCHELLE, b. Dec. 1891-d. 1973 married D. W. RABON 4)Frostie Mae ROCHELLE, b.Feb. 1894-1960 married I. J. WILLIAMSON. The 2nd wife was Lillie Grey WADDELL, b. 1866-d. 1905: no issue. His 3rd wife was Laura Jane MARTIN, he married her in 1905; 1 child: Emily Reba ROCHELLE, b. 1907-1982. Rosa Lee BUFFKIN was his 4th wife (other wife's are not known at this time)-no issue. If anyone can add to this please let me know.




Hunting in Maple Hill, Pender Co., N.C.

From left to rt.

Stratton ROCHELLE, Sidney POWERS-others unknown



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