PADGETT-ROCHELLE Family & Pictures


Both the PADGETT and ROCHELLE families were from the Pender Co., Onslow Co., & Duplin Co. areas of North Carolina. The following pictures were kindly sent to me by Donna KENNEDY, & Sheila TAYLOR. Both of these ladies descend from this line. If you have further information please contact Donna Kennedy, or Sheila TAYLOR.


Some of the pictures are not very good, but I hope someone can identify them. They take a while to load. Also, the new pictures I have added to this page will have an asterik beside it *.


The first picture is "Hog Killing Time" apparently it may have been taken at John William ROCHELLE'S home. (late 1800's or early 1900's) From Left-Right are John William ROCHELLE, Sr.; his wife Betty Padgett ROCHELLE-others in the pictures are unknown-if you ca identify anyone please contact me: Sloan Mason.



From left-right: 1)unknown 2)baby-Ola PADGETT, daughter of Tate & Delilah Rochelle PADGETT, 3)Joe BRYANT? holding baby, 4)Elizabeth Padgett ROCHELLE, 5)Ivy Tate PADGETT, 6)Delilah ROCHELLE, 7)Stedman ROCHELLE, 8) & 9)John & Royal PADGETT.



John William ROCHELLE, Sr.; and wife Elizabeth "Betty" PADGETT


John & Betty ROCHELLE had the following children: 1)Rufus O. ROCHELLE, 2)Mike ROCHELLE, b. Nov. 1883-3)Thomas T. ROCHELLE, b. Nov. 1885, 4)Jacob Edward ROCHELLE, b. 17 June 1888, 5)Delila Virginia ROCHELLE, b. 12 Jan. 1890, 6)John William ROCHELLE, Jr.; b. 20 Dec. 1893, 7)Isaac Royal ROCHELLE, b. 28 Nov. 1895, 8)Joseph Bryan ROCHELLE, b. 31 Jan. 1899, 9)Stedman ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1900.


Elizabeth "Betty" Padgett ROCHELLE & brother "Beardy" Mike PADGETT


Both were the children of Michael PADGETT & Delila HOLLIS who married on 23 Dec. 1852. Elizabeth "Betty" PADGETT was born 6 Sept. 1860 and married John William ROCHELLE sometime before 1883. Beardy Mike PADGETT was born 6 Oct. 1858 in the Haws Run area of Onslow Co., N.C. He married 1) Christin PARKER & 2) Minne COSTON. Michael "Beardy" PADGETT and Christin PARKER, married about 1875 and had the following children: 1)Michael PADGETT, 2) Surry Padgett, 3) Doctor PADGETT, 4)James William PADGETT, 5)Penelope PADGETT, 6)Ivey Tate PADGETT, 7)Lila Ellen PADGETT, 8) Emily PADGETT, 9)Tishie PADGETT. He married his second wife Minnie COSTON in 1890. She was the daughter of Russell and Cassie COSTON. They had the following children: 1)Russell Justice PADGETT, 2) Louis Clarence PADGETT, 3)William Hoggan PADGETT, 4)Pearl PADGETT, 5)Margaret Annah PADGETT, 6)Hanna Mirah PADGETT, 7)Woodrow Wilson PADGETT.


*This is a picture of Joseph PADGETT & his brother Beardy Mike PADGETT, and John ROCHELLE on the right.


*This is a picture of Beardy Mike's 2nd wife Minne Coston PADGETT, and their son Woodrow Wilson "Buck" PADGETT


*These are two pictures of Doctor PADGETT and his wife also named Bettie PADGETT; he was the son of Beardy PADGETT & 1st wife Christin PARKER. Doctor PADGETT, died young; his widow Bettie PADGETT (the younger) then married John William ROCHELLE, Jr; son of John Wm. ROCHELLE, Sr. and his wife Betty PADGETT.

Mike ROCHELLE, son of John W. ROCHELLE & Betty Padgett ROCHELLE, b. Nov. 1883.

Below is a picture of Mike ROCHELLE and his wife Dolly SHEPARD

Jacob Edward ROCHELLE, son of John Wm. & Betty Padgett ROCHELLE, b. 17 June 1882. Jake married Maie KING.


Delilah Virginia ROCHELLE, was the only daughter of John Wm. & Betty Padgett ROCHELLE. She was born 12 Jan. 1890 and married her cousin Ivey Tate PADGETT, son of "Beardy" Mike PADGETT and Christin PARKER.


John William ROCHELLE, Jr.; son of John Wm., Sr. and Betty Padgett ROCHELLE, b. 20 Dec. 1893.


John William ROCHELLE, Jr. and his wife Bettie PADGETT, widow of Doctor PADGETT.


John William ROCHELLE, Jr.; "Johnnie" and his wife Bettie PADGETT.


Isaac Royal ROCHELLE, son of John Wm. and Betty ROCHELLE, was born 28 Nov. 1895. Another picture of Isaac Royal appears below, also appearing in the picture is Mary DAVIS, other person unknown.


This picture is of Isaac Royal ROCHELLE, and his wife Isha THOMPSON, taken in 1983


Joseph Bryan ROCHELLE, son of John Wm. & Betty Padgett ROCHELLE, b. 31 Jan. 1899.


Betty Padgett ROCHELLE and children & grandchildren-(L-R) 1) unknown, 2)Betty P. ROCHELLE, 3)Stedman ROCHELLE, 4)Delilah R. PADGETT, 5)Delilah's children: Royal PADGETT & John PADGETT.


Jake ROCHELLE appears on far left (standing) and Johnnie ROCHELLE appears on far right (standing)- The one on the left side in front with a big smile & hat in his hand is Carroll Padgett (son of Delilah Virginia Rochelle Padgett). Gentleman standing in center is Lloyd Rochelle.
(identified by father in law of Richard Clark,


This picture above was recently sent by Donna Kennedy. The men in the top picture are brothers: Johnnie, Ike, Joe and Stedman ROCHELLE. The children in the bottom picture are unknown except for Liston Bryant ROCHELLE who is the 1st child on the left, he was the son of Joseph Bryant ROCHELLE; and brother of Donna Rochelle KENNEDY'S father John Thomas ROCHELLE.


*(L-R) Johnny ROCHELLE, Royal PADGETT, Punk PARKER, Mordan PADGETT, Leslie PADGETT; (squatting) Warren ROCHELLE, son of Mike & Dollie Shepard ROCHELLE.


Tom GOULD, was the 2nd husband of Elizabeth Padgett ROCHELLE.


This picture was taken at the school at Sandy Run. The elderly man at the far right is Edward Green ROCHELLE, "Ned" son of Jacob ROCHELLE and Lucinda Burton ROCHELLE. The Sandy Run are is in Pender Co., N.C. If you can identify anyone else in the picture, please e-mail me.Sloan Mason


Here are some new pictures also sent by Sheila TAYLOR.


*Children of Edgar & Martha PADGETT: Front-(L-R) Durlin Thomas PADGETT, Sr.; Minnie Lee PADGETT, James Carl PADGETT; Back-(L-R) Martha Florence PADGETT, Edgar Thomas PADGETT, Gerald PADGETT.


*Mina PARKER, wife of Dewey ROCHELLE & Rev. Junior Russell PADGETT, Jr.


*Russell & Ada PADGETT, taken around 1945. House in background is the old homestead.


The last picture above has not been identified. If you can tell us who anyone is in the picture please let us know.