James RACHEL of Monroe Co., Alabama


This is a brief history of the RACHEL family of Monroe Co., Alabama. Most of the information was sent to me by Rubye Townsley; her e-mail address is rtownsley@ak.net . Not much is known about the earliest known ancestor who is James RACHEL, b. about 1783 in Ga. according to the 1850 census record. James RACHEL was married to Mary (unknown maiden name) they had 2 known children: 1)Briant RACHEL, b. abt. 1812 in Ga. and 2)Mary Ann RACHEL, b. abt 1815 in Ala. and married Andrew HUSSEY on 23 Dec. 1834. In the 1850 Census, Mary is listed as his wife-age 60; another Mary is listed-age 77? (unable to make out the age-this may be his mother or his daughter?); and also listed are Nancy and Ann HUSSEY. The 1860 census of Monroe Co., Ala. lists James RACHEL'S, age 77 birthplace as N.C. with a new wife Isabelle, age 67; who was born about 1796 in Ga. (Briant RACHEL is listed on this census next door).

Briant RACHEL married 4 times. His 1st wife was Elizabeth YAUN. They were married on August 17, 1839 in Montgomery Co., Ala. They had the following children: 1)William RACHEL, b.abt. 1839 and 2) Levrania RACHEL, b. abt. 1840.
The 2nd wife of Briant RACHEL was named Susan E. WIGGINS-they married 11 Oct. 1843-children were:1)Thomas J. RACHEL, b. Feb. 1844 who married Eliza A. on Dec. 1853-2)George W. RACHEL, b. October 1846-3)James Hiram RACHEL, b. Oct. 1846 (George & James were twins).
Briant RACHEL'S 3rd wife was Nancy A. (maiden name unknown)-their children were:1)Mary RACHEL-2)Samuel RACHEL, b. abt. 1856; he married Susan E. TALBERT in Monroe Co., Ala. on 16 April 1884.
Briant's 4th wife was Sarah Elisabeth HALL who he married on 5 Dec. 1854-their children were: 1)Amanda RACHEL, b. abt. 1854- 2)Elizabeth RACHEL, b. abt. 1858- 3)Oliver RACHEL, b. abt. 1860- 4)John B. RACHEL, b. abt. 1861; he married Florence WIGGINS on 2 Jan. 1885- 5)Jo RACHEL, b. abt. 1863- 6)Morgan Myles RACHEL, b. 2 December 1864-d.25 September 1952; he married Laura Ella STANLEY- 7)Emma RACHEL, b. abt. 1866 and 9)James E. RACHEL, b. abt. 1873.
Below is the marriage record of Briant RACHEL and Elizabeth YAUN-Montgomery Co., Ala.-17 August 1839


  Also married the same year in Montgomery Co., Ala. was Miles RACHELS to Selatha WILLIAMS-dated 28 July 1839-this may have been a brother of Briant RACHEL (who moved to Shelby Co., Ala.) Below is his marriage certificate. A special thanks to Sandy NIGH for sending these.

We will be concerned with Briant RACHEL and his 2nd wife Susan E. WIGGINS and some of their children.


Thomas J. RACHEL was the 1st son, b. Feb. 1844 probably in Monroe Co., Ala. He married Eliza A. (maiden name unknown), she was born Dec. 1853. Their known children were:1)Phelix (Felix) RACHEL, b. abt. 1868-2)Laura V. RACHEL, b. abt. 1874-3)Mary Ella RACHEL, b. Nov. 1879-4)Julie M. RACHEL, b. July 1883-5)Alice RACHEL, b. June 1887-6)Talis RACHEL, b. Oct. 1889-7)Lioneal? RACHEL, b. June 1893.

George W. RACHEL was the 2nd son, b. Oct. 1846. He married Ann M. WIGGINS, she was born about 1850. They had the following children:1)Fithiniz? RACHEL, b. 1873; married Jess Andrew LEE on 20 Jan. 1893-2)Prudie Fernadie RACHEL, b. 25 Sept. 1875-d.15 Jan. 1933; married to Jeptha Hugh WARREN-3)Martha E. RACHEL, b. 1879-4)Aseniath (Cenie) RACHEL, b. 1882-d.26 Nov. 1948-5)Adelia RACHEL, b. abt. 1883-6)Dolly RACHEL, b. abt. 1885; married Andy CUMBIE-7)Burl Hollie RACHEL, b. 7 Nov. 1887-8)Bud Smith RACHEL, b. abt. 1890.

James Hiram RACHEL, b. Oct. 1846; married to Isabella Ann WIGGINS; she was born March 1845. They had the following children:1) William Holloman RACHEL, b. Aug. 1869-2)James E. RACHEL, b. abt. 1873-3)Hiram Thomas RACHEL, b. Oct. 1876; married Lillie Angeline CUMBIE on 19 Nov. 1902-4)Callie RACHEL, b. abt. March 1897.

The following pictures were sent by Rubye TOWNSLEY a direct descendant of Prudie Fernadie RACHEL, daughter of George W. RACHEL & Ann M. WIGGINS-Prudie married Jeptha Hugh WARREN.
The first picture (left) is of George W. RACHEL, (right) James Hiram & Ann Wiggins RACHEL, sons of Briant & Susan E. Wiggins RACHEL


The next picture is of Dolly & Aseniath "Cenie" RACHEL, daughters of George & Ann RACHEL


These are 2 pictures of Asenah "Cenie" RACHEL


The next picture is of Dolly RACHEL


The next picture is of Burl RACHEL, in his WWI military uniform, son of George W. and Ann RACHEL.


The next picture is of the Hiram Thomas RACHEL family, son of James Hiram & Ann RACHEL.


    Two of the sons of Briant RACHEL and Sarah Elizabeth HALL his 4th wife were:
John B. RACHEL, b. abt. 1861 married Florence WIGGINS on 2 Jan. 1885. They had the following children: 1)Arthur RACHEL, b. Feb. 1884-2)Franie Q. RACHEL, b. Jan. 1889-3)Andrew RACHEL, b. Aug. 1892-4)Labertha RACHEL, b. Jan. 1894-5)Annie RACHEL, b. Oct. 1896 and 6)Florence RACHEL, b. abt. 1901.
Morgan Myles RACHEL, b. 2 Dec. 1864-d.25 Sept. 1952; he married Laura Ella STANLEY, b. 24 Feb. 1869-d.7 April 1954 (her mother is listed as Missouri HALES). Their children were: 1)Henry Russel RACHEL, b.1889-2)Young RACHEL, b. abt. 1890-3)Thelma RACHEL-4)Harry R. RACHEL, married Nina HAYES-5)Evie RACHEL, married Willard Roukey WARD-6)Nathan E. RACHEL-7)Ollie Leslie RACHEL-8)Maggie Elizabeth RACHEL-9)Lela RACHEL-and 10)Mack RACHEL, married Lola STOKES.
Lila COATS has recently sent me a picture to be identified. It was from her great grandfather Benjamin Franklin RACHEL of Monroe Co., Ala. He was born about 1888, and married Lila ENZOR. They had 5 children. She does not know if these are RACHELS or ENZORS or who the family might be. Also Lila is asking for any help on finding Benjamin's ancestors. Please contact her at Lila COATS
Unknown Family


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