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{William ROCHEL II Bible, of St. Mary Parish, Louisiana

Owned by Tim ROCHEL of Raceland, LA.

Transcribed and submitted by Sloan S. Mason, with gracious permission of Tim Rochel.

Any mispellings of names done by the original writers were intentionally left in the transcription.

E-mail: Salmon2010@aol.com

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William ROCHEL, son of William ROCHEL and Susan MIXER was born Feb. 22nd, 1816.

Margaret IVY, 1st wife of Wm. ROCHEL, Nov. 20, 1826.

Amanda SOJOURNER, 2nd wife of Wm. ROCHEL, Nov. 18, 1828.

Wilmoth Linnaeus SCOTT, 3rd wife of Wm. ROCHEL, July 21, 1837.

Venetia, daughter of Wm. ROCHEL & M. A. IVY, July 26, 1848.

Teresa, daughter of Wm. ROCHEL & M.A. IVY, Nov. 24, 1849.

Vivian, son of Wm. ROCHEL & Amanda SOJOURNER, Feb. 25, 1854.

Eustace Scott, son of Wm. ROCHEL & W. L. SCOTT, Feb. 21, 1858.

Kenneth Eudolpho, son of Wm. ROCHEL & W.L. SCOTT, June 30, 1859.

Ivy, son of Wm. ROCHEL and W. L. SCOTT, Jany. 1, 1861.

Mary Vivia, daughter of Wm. ROCHEL & W. L. SCOTT, Jany. 10, 1863.

Mary Clare, daughter of Wm. ROCHEL & W. L. SCOTT, Sept. 9, 1865.

Vivian ROCHEL, son of Ken ROCHEL and Eva. LANCOIN, July 30th, 1887.

Caroline ROCHEL, born Feb. 4th, 1888.

Glennie ------ born Aug. 14th, 1890.


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Vivian ROCHEL, son of Ken ROCHEL & Eva LANCOIN born July 30, 1887.

Evaline ROCHEL, daughter of Ken ROCHEL & Eva LANCOIN born 4 November 1888.

Glennie ROCHEL, daughter of Ken ROCHEL & Eva LANCOIN, born 13, August 1890.

Mary Estelle ROCHEL daughter of Ken ROCHEL & Eva LANCOIN born Dec. 6th, 1893.

Mary Alice ROCHEL daughter of Ivy ROCHEL and Estelle MAHONEY born Feb. 7th, 1892.

Ruth ROCHEL, daughter of E. S. ROCHEL and Ella CONTIELLA born 1892.

Estelle ROCHEL, daughter of Kenneth ROCHEL and Eva LANCON, born Dec. 6th, 1894.

Edna ROCHEL daughter of Kenneth ROCHEL and Eva LANCON, born March 16th, 1895.

Eustace ROCHEL, born May 13, 1914.

Wilmer Ervin ROCHEL son of Kenneth ROCHEL and Eva LANCOIN born March 30th, 1898.

James William ROCHEL son of Ivy ROCHEL and Fannie CANNING, born February 8th, 1903.

Joseph Kenneth ROCHEL son of Ivy ROCHEL and Fannie CANNING, born October 30th, 1904.

Stuart Dunkin ROCHEL son of Ivy ROCHEL and Fannie CANNING, born May 4th, 1906.

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Louise Marie ROCHEL, daughter of Ken ROCHEL and Eva LANCOIN, born August 20, 1900.

Mary Wilhelmina ROCHEL daughter of Ivy ROCHEL & Fanny CANNING, born May 21st, 1910?

Marguerite Lenious ROCHEL, daughter of Ivy ROCHEL and Fanny CANNING, born January 31, 1908.

Victor Ernest BRAUD, Jr., Sept. 19th, 1913; son of Alice ROCHEL & V. E. BRAUD.

Ivy Roy Joseph ROCHEL, Jr., born June 20th, 1912, son of Ivy ROCHEL and Fannie CANNING.

Claude Edward ROCHEL born September 21st, son of Ivy ROCHEL and Fannie CANNING.

Bernard Scott ROCHEL born December 28th, 191?, son of Ivy ROCHEL and Fannie CANNING.

Jane Louise ROCHEL born October 7th, 1920, daughter of Ivy ROCHEL and Fannie CANNING.

(other names and dates listed in bible were after 1920, so they will not be listed here)


M. A. IVY 1st wife of Wm. ROCHEL, died Nov. 29th, 1849.

Amanda SONJOURNER, 2nd wife of Wm. ROCHEL, Oct. 9th, 1855.

Vinetia, daughter of Wm. ROCHEL & M. A. IVY, Aug. 22nd, 1849.

Teresa, daughter of Wm. ROCHEL & M. A. IVY, Sept. 29th, 1854.

Vivian, son of Wm. ROCHEL and A. SONJOURNER, 1861

Mary Vivia, daughter of Wm. ROCHEL & Wilmoth SCOTT, Nov. 8, 1865.

Mary Clare, daughter of Wm. ROCHEL & Wilmoth SCOTT, Sept. 11, 1866.

Wilmoth L. SCOTT, 3rd wife of Wm. ROCHEL, Dec. 16th, 1882.

E. S. ROCHEL, son of Wm. ROCHEL and Wilmoth SCOTT, Dec. 16th, 189?

Estelle MAHONEY wife of Ivy ROCHEL, Dec. 26th, 1893.

Wm. ROCHEL, son of Wm. ROCHEL and Susan MIXER, Feb. 4th, 1894.

Wilmer Erven ROCHEL, son of Kenneth ROCHEL and Eva LANCOIN, died May 21st, 1900.

Eva LANCON, died May 21st 1900.

Joseph Kenneth ROCHEL son of Ivy ROCHEL and Fanny CANNING died April 27th, 1910.

Stewart Duncan ROCHEL son of Ivy ROCHEL and Fannie CANNING, died November the 4th, 1917.


William ROCHEL to M. A. IVY Mat 8th 1846.

William ROCHEL to A. SOURJOURNER May 6th 1853.

William ROCHEL to Willie SCOTT April 23rd 1857.

Ken E. ROCHEL Eava LANCOIN Oct. 27th 1886.

Ivy ROCHEL to Estelle May MAHONEY Feb 9th 1891.

Glenny ROCHEL to Edward PARR Sept. 26 1910.

Mary Alice ROCHEL daughter of Ivy ROCHEL & Estelle MAHONY to Victor Ernest BRAUD Dec. 18th 1912.

Ruth ROCHEL to Robert CHATHAM June 5 1908.


Newspaper clipping in bible (There are others post 1920)

Wallie BRAUD (Picture included)

Many Attend Funeral of Young BRAUD

New Orleans Boy who Died at Training Station is Buried Here.

A large number of surviving friends followed the body of Wallie BRAUD,the 17 year old New Orleans boy who died at Great Lakes naval training station April 1, to Greenwood Cemetary Wednesday afternoon. The funeral was conducted from the residence of his bother, H. E. BRAUD,5356 Laurel Street, where the casket was taken on the arrival Tuesday night and where it was in state draped in the folds of the American Flag and guarded by six of his sailor comrades, who acted as pallbearers. He was given a soldier's funeral, representatives from the Washington Artillery, Naval Brigade and United States navy being present. As the cortege entered the cemetery the bugle called "taps." Father RICKEN read the funeral service and as the casket was placed in the tomb an officer of Battery B, Washington Artillery caught up the battle flag and unfurled it to the breeze while the bugle sounded the last call and the sailor boys stood at attention. W allie BRAUD was the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. P. BRAUD 3532 Constance Street and came from a family that always responded in their country's call. He was a pupil of Jackson School until about two years ago. When the Washington Artillery was called to mobi l ization camp last summer he was amoung the first to report to duty, but was rejected by the federal examiners on account of being under weight. He returned home despondent, and his parents, thinking the change would be beneficial, sent him on to a visit to a brother in Galveston. But the longing for service was too great and he enlisted in the navy, was sent to Great Lakes training station and had been there less than six weeks when death claimed him. Besides his parents, he is survived three sis ters, Mrs Nettie Braud Ewing, Mrs John Fitzpatrick, And Miss Louise Bondreau, and three brothers, Messrs. Henry E. Braud of New Orleans, A.P. Braud, United States navy, and V.E. Braud of Galveston.


Transcribed and submitted by Tim Rochel

Any mispellings of names done by the original writers were intentionally left in the transcription.

William ROCHEL II of St. Mary Parish, Louisiana \par Owned by Tim ROCHEL of Raceland, LA.

E-mail: Salmon2010@aol.com

Copyright:Tim Rochel


TAXES-MAY 23, 1858-------Slaves listed below

Shades (Shadyside) Plantation Taxes, Louisiana, May 23, 1858

1.) CURTIS- 45 1.) REBECCA- 16 1.)LEVEY*

2.) GREEN -35 2.) HARIET- 14 2.)SIDNEY*

3.) SALOMAN -45 3.) CILIA* 3.)CLINTON*

4.) APPLE -30 4.) ROSE- 10 4.) MORRIS*

5.)SOLOM- 30 5.) SALLIE- 10 5.) MANA*

6.) MUNRAE- 45 6.) JANE- 10 6.)ARMINOT*

7.) SURRY- 32 7.) MARION- 8 7.) ARLINE*

8.) TOM- 28 8.) BETSY- 6 8.) WALTER*


10.) NEW JOHN- 25 10.) EASTER- 15 10.) JOHN*

11.) AVA JOY- 23 11.) LAURA -5 11.)LEON*

12.) JIM BRADFORD- 23 12.) LIDIA- 4 12.) JOHN W. TYLER*

13.) JIM MILLS-45 13.) LIJA-16 13.) YELLOW WILLIAM*

14.) WORKING-73 14.) JULIA-16 14.) ELE*

15.) APPLE-32 15.?) JOHN TYLER*

16.) BOB BERRY-40 16.) MARY-12


OLD MEN -----------OLD WOMEN

1. ADAM* ---------1.EDY*

2. WILSON*-------2. CEELY*


(* Indicates age not given)

TAXES 1859

(only children under age 15 are named)




















Copied from original bible records by Randy ROCHELLE, 17 Feb. 1979. Original Bible owned by Mrs. BRANSON of Bradford, Tenn.


What Therefore God Hath Joined Together Let Not Man Put Assunder

That James N. ROCHELLE and Cyndia R. MOUNT were united by me in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at J. M. MOUNT'S Residence on the 13th day of October in the year of our Lord 1872; in the presence of Miss Vina ROCHELLE and others. Signed: Joe SMITH, J. P.


W.M. ROCHELLE and Emma PRATT were married Oct. 9, 1898.

J.T. WINGO and Flora ROCHELLE were married Sept. 8, 1901.

T.F. ROCHELLE and Eva LOWRENCE were married Oct. 13, 1901.

L.C. BAKER and Eugenia ROCHELLE were married Sept. 14, 1902.

Jack MOOR(E) and Bennie ROCHELLE was married December 22, 1907.


James N. ROCHELLE was born Feb. 25, 1850.

Cyndia R. MOUNT was born Dec. 12, 1853.

Thomas F. ROCHELLE was born Oct. 29, 1873.

W. M. ROCHELLE was born June 12, 1875.

J. Luther ROCHELLE was born Oct. 26, 1878.

Eugenia F. ROCHELLE was born Oct. 24, 1880.

Flora Viola ROCHELLE was born Feb. 6, 1882.

Vera Agnes ROCHELLE was born Aug. 31, 1884.

Banana A. ROCHELLE was born May 2, 1887.

Lottie Beatrice ROCHELLE was born Dec. 30, 1892.

Russel L. ROCHELLE was born Oct. 13, 1899. (William M. and Emma PRATT'S son)

Ruth Mozell BAKER was born March 5, 1904.

Eva Geraldine was born Sept. 17, 1908.

Nola Mayble BAKER was born June 14, 1912.

Mary Frances BAKER was born March 13, 1916.

(the next 4 births are after 1920, so they will not be posted here for privacy purposes)



Russel L. ROCHELLE died July 15, 1900.

Cyndia R. ROCHELLE died March 9, 1936. Age 82.

James N. ROCHELLE died April 6, 1937. Age 87.

L.C. BAKER died May 9, 1939.

J.S. ALEXANDER died FEb. 1939.

Emma ROCHELLE died May 1, 1946.

Eva ROCHELLE died June 16, 1949.

Jack MOORE died Jan. 25, 1925.

Bille ROCHELLE died March 6, 1954.

Tommy ROCHELLE died Sept. 30, 1953.

Luther ROCHELLE died May 7, 1956.


This ROCHELLE/GREENHAW Bible records was sent to me by Annis P. BRELAND, a direct descendant. Please contact me if you have any further information: Sloan Mason, slomas7@comcast.net Or contact Annis BRELAND at annis@istate.net Owner unknown at present.

Bible of Julia Ann Rochelle GREENHAW

NAME ------------------------------Birthdate----------------------------Death

W.W. ROCHELLE -------------Jan. 12, 1810

F.C. ROCHELLE----------------Jan. 9, 1821------------------------Aug. 13, 1883

E. T. ROCHELLE---------------Nov. 10, 1841

W. G. ROCHELLE -------------Nov. 24, 1843

Nancie E. ROCHELLE---------March 30, 1840

Layette ROCHELLE ------------March 9, 1848

Arlinesey ROCHELLE----------Aug. 14, 1849

Evelina ROCHELLE-------------April 20, 1854

Eunice ROCHELLE-------------Sept. 23, 1856

Fannie ROCHELLE--------------Aug. 21, 1860

John S. GREENHAW----------------------------------------------------Died Dec. 21, 1855 (Joseph GREENHAW'S father)

Julia Ann GREENHAW-------- Nov. 8, 1851

This is to Certify that W. W. ROCHELLE and Fareba C. WARD were Solemnly United in Marriage on the first day of January 1841.

This is to Certify that John D. MOORE and Ruth Lee GREENHAW were Solemnly United in Marriage in Water Valley, Miss. -28th of Jan. 1907.

This is to Certify that J. H. MURRAY and Laura Belle GREENHAW were solemnly united in Marriage (no further entry)


J. E. GREENHAW-------------------born Sept. 13, 1843--------------------------------died 1913.

Julia GREENHAW-------------------Nov. 8, 1851------------------------------------------died 1940.

First Child-------------------------------Oct. 22, 1871

Vezie May GREENHAW------------Nov. 8, 1872-----------------------------------------May 8, 1888.

Eppy GREENHAW--------------------Jan. 7, 1874

George William GREENHAW------March 18, 1876

Edward Wallace GREENHAW-----Dec. 22, 1878

Lawrence Wesley GREENHAW----Sept. 27, 1880

Mary Julia GREENHAW-------------Sept. 10, 1882

Ruth Lee GREENHAW----------------Dec. 2, 1888.

Laurie Bell GREENHAW--------------Aug. 31, 1894

Anna Lois GREENHAW---------------------------------------------------------------------------died Sept. 18, 1886

This is to Certify that J. E. GREENHAW and Julia Ann ROCHELLE were solemnly United in Holy Matrimony on the third day of March 1871.

Oct. 28th, 1912 in Grenada, Miss.?

This is to Certify that Frank Nesbit GREENHAW and Mary Julia GREENHAW were solemnly United in Marriage at Clarksdale, Miss.-June 28, 1901.

This Bible was Presented to Julia Ann GREENHAW by J. E. GREENHAW-1897

End of Document





The Holy Bible

The Old and New Testaments, translated out of the Original Tongues
Southern Methodist Publishing House, Nashville, Tenn.
  Certificate of Presentation (no names or dates) containes a preprinted line that ends 188_.
  (The bible contains the following)
Certificate of Marriage

  Clarissa Josephine HASSELL and William Thomas ROCHELLE, dated May 15, 1889 (handwriting of Hattie Rochelle RUSSELL)

  Hardiman H. HASSELL and Mary Lacy WEBB were married September 28, 1848.
Wm. J. FIELD? and Sarah E. HASSELL were married December 24, 1876.
H. T. PETTY and Priscilla J. HASSELL were married March 11, 1877.
Jas. C. CAROTHERS and Mary C. HASSELL were married March 7, 1878.
Wm. T. ROCHELLE and C. Josephine HASSELL were married May 15, 1889.
John H. HASSELL and Athelia HASSELL were married December 25, 1889.

  Hardiman H. HASSELL was born January 18, 1823
Mary Lacy HASSELL (nee WEBB) was born November 6, 1823.
William B. HASSELL was born October 21, 1849.
Sarah E. HASSELL was born August 15, 1851.
John H. HASSELL was born Oct. 8, 1853.
Priscilla J. HASSELL, was born Nov. 30, 1856.
Mary C. HASSELL, was born June 28, 1859.
Jos. A. HASSELL was born Oct. 31, 1861.
C. Josephine HASSELL was born September 27, 1863.
Hiram HASSELL was born Dec. 6, 1865.

  Hardiman H. HASSELL departed this life July 11, 1897.
Joseph Andrew HASSELL departed this life Feb. 6, 1932.
Josephine Hassell ROCHELLE departed this life Monday-November 28, 1932.
  (A sheet from another book is taped into this bible. Entitled "Family Record" it has the following lists)

  Hardamon H. HASSELL was borned January the 18th 1823.
Mary Lacy HASSELL bornd November the 6th 1823.
Jsoeph Andrew HASSELL was born October the 31, 1861.
Clarissa Josaphine HASSELL was borned September the 27th 1863.
Hiram HASSELL was borned December the 6th 1865.
William Boliver HASSELL was borned oct.t he 21st 1849.
Sarah Lizabeth HASSELL was borned August the 15th 1851.
John Hardeman HASSELL was born Oct. th 8th 1853.
Priscilla Jane HASSELL was borned November the 30th 1856.
Mary Catherine HASSELL was borned June the 28 1859.

  Hardamon HASSELL & Mary L. WEBB was married Sept. the 28th, 1848.
William J. FIELD and Sarah E. HASSELL was married Dec. 24th, 1876.
Hardy J. PETTY adn Priscilla J. HASSELL was married March 11th, 1877.
James C. CAROTHERS and Mary C. HASSELL was married March the 7th, 1878.
  (added later in my grandmother's handwriting):
Clarissa Josephine HASSELL and William Thomas ROCHELLE were married May 15, 1889.
  End of Document




(The following bible record was sent by Florence ROCHELLE of Texas-this ROCHELLE family came to Texas from the Edgefield District of S.C.)




(Father's Father) Jno. W. ROCHELLE-b. June 10th, 1817 in S.C. d. Feb. 23, 1866, Brazus Co., Texas

(Father's Mother) Mary F. (JENNINGS) ROCHELLE-b. Dec. 4, 1821 in S.C., d. May 25, 1869, Brazus Co., Texas.

(Mother's Father) B. F. YERBY-b. Nov. 1st, 1820, in Miss., d. April, 1905 in Brandon, Texas.

(Mother's Mother) Catherine S. (GILDART) YERBY-b. Dec. 9th, 1826, d. July 4th, 1860, in Miss.


(Father) W. J. ROCHELLE-b. Dec. 7th, 1843 in S.C., d. Oct. 31, 1929 in Brandon, Texas

(Mother) M. J. (YERBY) ROCHELLE-b. May 28th, 1844 in Woodville, Miss.; d. Dec. 1, 1931 in Brandon, Texas.

Married Oct. 9th, 1866, at Brazore Co., Texas by Rev. SUMMERVILLE.


Mary C. ROCHELLE, b. Sept. 1st, 1868, in Brandon, Texas; d. Aug. 1st, 1888 married Dec. 29th, 1881 to R. B. HORN?

Ferrar Y. ROCHELLE, b. March 14, 1870 in Brandon, Texas; d. Oct. 2, 1888.

John J. ROCHELLE, b. March 28th, 1876 in Brandon, Texas; d. July 25, 1894.

William W. ROCHELLE, b. Nov. 8th, 1881 in Brandon, Texas; married: June 24, 1902 to K. Dessie CROWE?

Clara M. ROCHELLE, b. July 12th, 1883 in Brandon, Texas; married: Feb. 24th, 1904 to Chas. E. BOONE.

2nd page



(Father's Father) W. J. ROCHELLE, b. Dec. 7th, 1843 in S.C., d. Oct. 21, 1927 in Brandon, Texas

(Father's Mother) M. J. ROCHELLE, b. May 28th, 1844 in Miss., d. Dec. 1, 1931 in Brandon, Texas.

(Mother's Father) J. A. CROWE, b. Ark., d. La.

(Mother's Mother) E.A. CROWE, b. Ark, d. La.


(Father) W. W. ROCHELLE, b. Nov. 8, 1881 in Brandon, Texas, d. Nov. 1, 1957 in Brandon, Texas.

(Mother) K. D. (CROWE) ROCHELLE, b. Sept. 27th, 1886 in La., d. Feb. 28, 1920 in Brandon, Texas.

Married June 29th, 1903 in Brandon, Texas by R. B. HOWE?


Mary C. ROCHELLE, b. Dec. 1, 1904, Brandon, Texas

Margaret E. ROCHELLE, b. Feb. 18, 1912 in Brandon, Texas.

J. Yerby ROCHELLE, b. 1919 in Brandon, Texas.



(This bible record was sent by Tana SMITH of Texarkana, Texas--any births after 1920 will not be listed)



Rhendolph D. ROCHELLE was born June 30th, 1894.

Garland Lee Bryant ROCHELLE was born December 23rd 1897.

Massack H. ROCHELLE son of C.P. & C. L. ROCHELLE, Feb. the 15th 1902.

E. J. ROCHELLE, daughter of G. B. ROCHELLE was born Oct. 17th, 1920.

M. G. ROCHELLE daughter of G. B. ROCHELLE was born Jan. 26th, 1924.

Agnes Faye ROCHELLE was born July 2, 1904.

Agnes ---- ROCHELLE was born ---------------

Massack - ROCHELLE, Jr. was born ----------

James Charles ROCHELLE was born to Garland B. & Ira N. ROCHELLE on ------------------

Pink ROCHELLE was born July 28th, 1857.

C. L. ROCHELLE was born November 27th, 1875.

W. C. ROCHELLE son of C. M & E. J. ROCHELLE was born Nov. 15, 1873.

Mrs. E. J. ROCHELLE daughter of M. JANES? was born Aug. 12th, 1833.

Rudolph Duglis J. R. ROCHELLE was born ----------.

William Stelsie? ROCHELLE was born ------------------.



C. P. ROCHELLE was married to Clemmie L. NEWTON September the 21, 1893. (in Stateline cemetery)

G. B. ROCHELLE was married to Anie M. ARMSTRONG June 1st, 1918.

R. D. ROCHELLE was maried to Gladys T. SHIPP, ----------------------

Massack James ROCHELLE was married to Agnes Faye TAYLOR, -------------------.

Agnes Jean ROCHELLE daughter of M. J. and Agnes Faye ROCHELLE, was married to James Herman THOMAS-------.

Massack James ROCHELLE, Jr. was married to Doris Elaine JONES, ----------.

James Charles ROCHELLE was married to W. Maxine HUBBARD,----------------.

(mother's maiden name ARMSTRONG)

son-Jay Bryant ROCHELLE was born to James Charles & Maxine ROCHELLE ------------------.

dau.-Paula Jeanne was born -------------------.



Mrs. E. J. ROCHELLE departed this life Oct. 10th, 1904.

Mr. Massack ROCHELLE died January 21, 1883.

Mr. C.P. ROCHELLE departed this life March 17th, 1919 at 5:35 P.M.

Mrs. Clemmie Lou ROCHELLE departed this life Thursday May 16th 1929, 11:35 p.m.

Massack James ROCHELLE died May 29, 1938 at 8:20 a.m.

Betty Geraldine ROCHELLE died March 29, 1935 at 1 a.m.

T. J. NEWTON died March 11, 1902.

Mrs. T. J. NEWTON died August 21, 1895.

Miss Cora Elizabeth NEWTON died July 18, 1895.

Mrs. A. L. PETTERS daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T. J. NEWTON died September 11, 1915.

Garland Bryant Lee ROCHELLE departed this life 6, April 1968,




(sent by Tana Smith)

American Bible Society-1892



David Thomas HARRISON, and Mary Florence ROCHELLE, Feb. 28, 1883.

Harry S. WITTERSTAETTER, and Cordelia H. HARRISON, Sept. 17, 1902.

Thomas Henry FISHER, and Elizabeth Rives HARRISON, April 2, 1907.

Sylvester Douglas HARRISON, and Irene Beth, Dec. 1921.



Cordelia Rochelle HARRISON, born June 14, 1885.

Elizabeth Rives HARRISON, born FEb. 28, 1887.

Jimmie H. HARRISON, born April 3, 1890.

Sylvester Douglas HARRISON, born July 8, 1892.


Lillian Marie FISHER, born June 21, 1909.

Dorothy May FISHER, born May 21, 1914.

Thomas Douglas FISHER, born May 27, 1919.

Janie Florence FISHER, born Oct. 19, -----------.

Eli Watts FISHER, born --------------------.

David Franklin WITTERSTAETTER, born May 25, 1905.

Marvin Ross WITTERSTAETTER, born Aug. 21, 1906.

Harry E. WITTERSTAETTER, born Aug. 1907.

Margaret WITTERSTAETTER, born Jan. 1914.

Mary Florence WITTERSTAETTER, born ------------.

Geraldine WITTERSTAETTER, born ------------.

Albert Douglas HARRISON, born -------------.

Eloise HARRISON, born ----------------.

Katherine HARRISON,------------------.



David Thomas HARRISON, died Oct. 7, 1893.

Jimmie R. HARRISON, died Feb. 23, 1903.

(Copied by Lillian M. Fisher Reed (Mrs. Luther A. REED) Bible owned by Mary Florence Rochelle HARRISON. Born in Myrtle Springs area of Bowie Co., Texas. April 3, 1861. David Thomas HARRISON was born in Fairfield District, S.C.; Sept. 19, 1858.




(The TINLEY-JOHNSON Family Bible, published in Philadelphia in 1803, is in the possession of Miss Mae RACHELS; Martinez, Ga. The original pwner of the Bible was her great-great-grandfather, David TINLEY, 1794-1845. Mr. TINLEY and most of the other family members listed in the Births, Marriages, Baptisms, and Deaths columns lived out their lives in Richmond Co., GA. Several branches of the family have lived there since the early 1800's.)


New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ


Printed for Mathew Carey, no. 118, Market Street

July 25, 1803.



John TINLEY was born the 3rd of October 1791.

Elizabeth TINLEY was born the 31st of December 1796.

Mary TINLEY, daughter of John & Betsy TINLEY, was born the 3rd day of July 1819.

James TINLEY was born 12th of September 1821.

Eli TINLEY was born the 5th January 1827.

Martha TINLEY, daughter of Jas. TINLEY, was borned the 20th of December 1829.

Anamous?, son of David and Martha TINLEY, was born 1st July 1832.

James Edward, son of David & Martha TINLEY was born 1st day January 1837.

John C. DILLARD was born the 28th Oct. 1806.

Thomas GABARD, son of John GABARD & Mary was born the 18th day of May A.D. 1765.

Elizabeth GABARD was born the 28th of September 1766.

Mary Ann GREEN, daughter of Gershom & Elizabeth C. GREEN, was born Sunday, the 13th of December 1812 between 12 and 1 o'clock P.M.

David Wesley TINLEY, son of David and Martha TINLEY, was born 19th June 1838.

Martha WEATHERS was born the 21st of July 1794.

Elizabeth WEATHERS was born the 31st December 1796.

John TINDLEY was born the 3rd of October 1791.

David TINDLEY was born 23rd January 1794.

John Laseter TINLEY, was born on Thursday the 26th of December 1816 and Thomas Gabard TINLEY, both sons of David TINLEY and Martha TINLEY, was born on Thursday the 26th of December 1816.

William TINLEY, son of David and Martha TINLEY, was born the 16th December 1818.

Elizabeth TINLEY was born the 16th January 1821.

Rebecca TINLEY was born the 8th SEptember 1823.

Lieuezar (later changed to Louisa) TINLEY was born the 12th of May 1827.

Nancy TINLEY was bornt he 19 October 1829.

William RACHELS was born September 6, 1791.

Berryan RACHELS was born October 16, 1820..

Frances E. RACHELS was born December 25, 1836.

Mary W. RACHELS was born March 1, 1856.

Preston B. RACHELS was born December 12, 1858.

Kathryn Laverne JOHNSON, daughter of Clifford & Mae Ida JOHNSON, was born -------.

Martha Elizabeth JOHNSON, daughter of Claude & Emily JOHNSON, was born ------.

Jesse S. JOHNSON was born on the 29th May 1856.

Fannie Louisa JOHNSON was born on the 6th December 1879. no. 2.

William Clifford JOHNSON was born October 31st, 1881. no. 3.

Mary Eugenia JOHNSON was born June 24, 1883. no. 4.

Mattie Corine JOHNSON was borne Februar 1st 1885. no. 5.

Annie Lee JOHNSON was borne January the 10th, 1887. no.6.

Julia Belle JOHNSON was borne December the 28, 1888. no.7.

Jesse Berrian JOHNSON was borne October 24, 1890. no. 8.

Claude Sylvester JOHNSON was borne the 30th of August 1893.

Josie May JOHNSON was borne the 9th November 1895.

Floyd Capers JOHNSON was born Aug. 26, 1897.

Luther Eugene CADLE, born Nov. 28, 1903.

Berrian Sylvester TINLEY was born Nov. 9, 1916.

Bennie Carl RACHELS, child of Florence & Bellie (sic) RACHELS, was borned -----------.

Henry Capers RACHELS, child of Florence & Bellie (sic) RACHELS, was borned ----------------.

Mary Cathrine RACHELS was born June 17th, 1917.

Fannie Louise RACHELS, child of Florence & Belle RACHELS, was borned Dec. 15, 1918.

Mae RACHELS, child of Florence & Bell RACHELS, was borned Oct. 16, 1920.

Jessie Berreon RACHELS, child of Florence & Belle RACHELS, was borned ----------------.

James Callon RACHELS, child of Florence & Belle RACHELS, was borned --------------.

Lucretia GRIFFIN, daughter of Comfort and Ritcherd GRIFFIN, was born the 8 of May 1786.

Jesse JOHNSON was born the 15 of June 1793.

Mary Ann Sarah Permelia, daughter of Lucretia WATSON, was born the 5 November 1814.

Elvina Penninah Ann Bell, daughter of Lucretia and Jesse JOHNSON, was born the 31 of October 1824.

Florence Britton RACHELS was born 22 Nov. 1925 and died FEb. 22, 1926.

Helen Wynona, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. HOLLINS, was born ---------------.

Virginia Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. LAMB, was born -----------------.

Louisa TINLEY, sixth child and third daughter of Martha and DAvid TINLEY, was born the 12 of May 1827.

Jesse JOHNSON, first son of Lucritia and Jesse JOHNSON, was born the 15 of June 1827.

William David, first son of Louisa and Jesse JOHNSON, was born the 16 of October 1849 in Burk Co.

Jesse Warren, second son of Louisa and Jesse JOHNSON, was born the 27 of October 1851 in Lee Co.

TLiathia Ann Amelia, first daughter and third child of Louisa and Jesse JOHNSON, was born the 23rd of January 1853 in Richmond Co.

Elvira Lucretia, second daughter and fourth child of Louisa and Jesse JOHNSON, was born the 12 of December 1854 in Richmond Co.

Jesse Sylvester, third son and fifth child of Jesse and Louisa JOHNSON, was born the 29th of May 1856 in Richmond County.

Clovis Mecca Koran, fourth son and sixth child of Louisa and Jesse JOHNSON, was born the 11 of February 1858 in Richmond County.

Martha Eugenia, third daughter and seventh child of Louisa and Jesse JOHNSON, was born Sunday morning, the 29 of May 1859, in Richmond Co.

Mary Louisa, fourth daughter and eighth child of Louisa and Jesse JOHNSON, was born Sunday morning, the 17th of November 1861, in Richmond Co.

Jesse Francis, first son and first child of T'Liethia A.A. and T.L. GANTT, was born on Monday evening, 7 o'clock, the 22nd of May 1871 in Richmond Co.

Carol Lucile, daughter of J.C. and Helen RACHELS, was born ----------------.

Jesse Hahn, first child of Elvira and William BEALL, wa born Wensday morning, 4 o'clock, March the 18th, 1874.

Kate Willard, second child of Elvira and William BEALL, was born August 6th, 1876.

William Gasaway, second son and third child of Elvira and William BEALL, was born the 24th of August 1879.


On Sunday evening about sunset the 2nd of Feby 1812 was married Gershom GREEN to Elizabeth C. GABARD.

On Wednesday, the first day of October 1823 was married William WIGGINS to Betsey TINLEY Jur. his wife.

On Thursday morning, the 26th of December 1805, was married Thos. GABARD to Elizabeth GABARD, his wife.

On Wednesday the 21st day of Feby. 1816, was married David TINDLEY to Martha WEATHERS his wife.

On Thursday the 21st day of March 1816 was married John TINDLEY to Betsey WEATHERS his wife.

Thomas TINLEY to Leathia Ann GREEN, his wife, married on March the 9, 1842.

William A. AVRETT and Elizabeth TINLEY was married the 7 of December 1837.

Thomas G. TINDLEY was married to T'Liethia Ann GREEN, the 9 of March 1842.

Jesse JOHNSON was married to Louisa TINDLEY on Sunday morning, the 21 of January 1849.

John L. TINDLEY and Christian LEMMONS was married the (no date given).

James BURCH and Nannie (Nancy) TINDLEY was married the 11 of January 1852.

Jesse BURCH and Rebecky TINDLEY was married the 11 of January 1852.

Thomas Laurence GANTT and T'Leathia Ann Amelia JOHNSON was married the moring of the 23rd of December 1869 by Rev. Wyman H. POTTER.

William B. BEAL and Elvira L. JOHNSON was married December 22nd 1872 by Rev. James T. BARTON.

Jessie S. JOHNSON and Mary W. RACHELS were married December 20th, 1877.

Clovis M. K. JOHNSON and Mary Alice GODLEY were married Dec. 27, 1881.

Daniel CRAMER and Mary L. JOHNSON were married October 2, 1883.

Clifford JOHNSON and Mae Ida PARRISH was married Nov. 3, 1918.

Jesse JOHNSON and Pear (Pearl) GRINER was married Oct. 23, 1920.

Claude JOHNSON and Emily JOHNSTON was married Sept. 3, 1921.

Josie Mae JOHNSON and Pat SHARKEY was married Dec. 18, 1920.

Jula Belle JOHNSON and Florance RACHELS was married Sept. 10, 1916.

Eugene C. CADLE and Fannie Louisa JOHNSON were married Feb. 5, 1902.

Walter A. WATKINS and Mattie Corene JOHNSON was married March 1th, 1902.

Luther Eugene CADLE and Mary Lue CLARK was married Aug. 8th, 1926.

Fannie Louise RACHELS and Ralph C. ALBRITTON were married Easter Sunday.------------ at Oak Grove Baptist Church byt he Rev. Leroy HARRIS.

James C. RACHELS and Helen W. HOLLINS were married Sat., --------, at the home of Rev. A.G. TURK.

Mary Catherine RACHELS and William James LEE were married Sund. -------------------.

Jesse Berrian RACHELS and Virginia Clark LAMB were married Sunday, -----------------, at her home in Langley, S.C. by the Rev. J. P. MCGRAW.

Carol Lucille RACHELS and Siesel E. WALL III. were married -------------.

William Ralph ALBRITTON and Sheila HILL were married --------------.

David Gregory ALBRITTON and Mary TATUM were married ----------------.


Elvira Lucretia and Jesse Selvesta, son and daughter of Louisa and Jesse JOHNSON, was baptised by James T. BARTON at home, the 31st of May 1857.

Clovis Mecca Koran, Martha Eugenia and Mary Louisa, children of Louisa and Jesse JOHNSON, were baptized by me, at their house, Sept. 19, 1866. ---John A. REYNOLDS

Fannie Louisa, child of Mary and Jesse JOHNSON, was baptised September the 12th, 1880 by Clement C. CARY, R.C.

William Clifford and Mary Eugenia and Mattie Corene was baptised the 16th of May 1886 by E. W. JOHNSON, at home.

Annie Lee, child of Jesse and Mary JOHNSON, was baptised May 12th, 1892 by Jas. D. MILTON.

Julia Bell, child of Jesse and Mary JOHNSON was baptised May 12th, 1892 by Jas. D. MILTON.

Jesse Berrian, child of Jesse and Mary JOHNSON, was baptised May 12th, 1892 by Jas. D. MILTON.

Claud Sylvesta, child of Jesse and Mary JOHNSON, was baptised October the 14th, 1894 by W. I. DELPH.

Floyd Capers JOHNSON was baptised Oct. 12, 1899, by E. H. WOOD & Rev. W. I. DELPH.


William TINLEY, departed this life the 10 December 1820.

John TINLEY, Jun., departed this life the 27th of June 1823.

A boy child, Anonamus, son of David TINLEY & Martha, his wife, departed this life the 3rd July 1832.

James Edward TINLEY departed this life the 8 of August 1835.

David TINLEY died ont he 29th September 1845.

Martha TINLEY, the wife of David TINLEY, departed this life the year of our Lord 1851, May the 2.

Thomas GABARD departed this life the 24 November (sic) 1826.

Elizabeth GABARD departed this life the 8th of March 1828.

Elizabeth WIGGINS departedt his life on the Eight day of May in the year 1841.

James TINLEY died on the 11th of November 1845.

John L. TINLEY departed this life January the 2? 1852.

Rebecca BURCH, wife of Jesse BURCH, and daughter of David TINLEY, died quarter past 9 o'clock the evening of the 8th of September 1854, aged 31 years.

Jesse S. JOHNSON died May 13, 1930.

Pearl Greiner JOHNSON died ---------------.

Jesse Berrian JOHNSON died --------------.

Mrs. J.S. JOHNSON died ---------------.

Preston B. RACHELS died at the residence of his daughter Mrs. A.B. CRAWFORD on --------------.

William Clifford JOHNSON died ----------------.

Steve B. CARTER died ------------.

Annie Lee CARTER died -------------.

Florence RACHELS, husband of Belle Johnson RACHELS, died Thursday morning about 4 a.m. -----------.

Josie Mae Johnson SHARKEY died Saturday morning, ------------.

Mary Eugenia Johnson TINLEY, died-------------- age 83 years.

Julia Bell Johnson RACHELS died --------------age 83 years, 3 months less 4 days.

Claude JOHNSON, last child of Jesse & Mary JOHNSON, died ----------------, age 80 years, 16 days.

William David, first son of Louisa and Jesse JOHNSON, died the 20 of February 1850 in Richmond Co., aged four months and four days.

Jesse Warren, second son of Louisa and Jesse JOHNSON, died the 25 of June 1852, in Richmond Co., aged 8 months, lacking two days.

Jesse JOHNSON, Sr.died the 30 August 1853, aged 60 years, 2 months, 15 days.

Penninah JOHNSON, daughter of Jesse and ------------ JOHNSON, died the 2nd of March 1870 in Columbia County in her eightyeth year.

Jesse JOHNSON, son of Jesse and Lucretia JOHNSON, died in Augusta, Georgia, on Wednesday morning, May 21, 1884, aged 56 years, 11 months, and six days.

Louisa JOHNSON, wife of Jesse JOHNSON, died August 9th, 1890 at her son Jessie's at six o'clock a.m.

Mattie E. JOHNSON, daughter of Jesse and Louisa JOHNSON, died August the 2th, 1889 at 25 minutes past 9 o'clock at night, in Richmond Co.

William RACHELS departed this life December 14, 1873.

Clovis Macca Koran, son of Jesse and Louisa JOHNSON, died Nov. 14th, 1890.

Berrien RACHELS departed this life October the 14th, 1891.

Mrs. Fannie E. RACHELS died April 16, 1904.

Mrs. Fannie Louisa CADLE died Sept. 16, 1904.

Mrs. Mattie C. WATKINS died Wednesday, May 26, 1915.

Mrs. Clifford Bennye JOHNSON, wife of Clifford JOHNSON, died Feb. 17th, 1914.

Mary, wife of Clovis M. K. JOHNSON, died June 1, 1915.

Capers Floyed JOHNSON died Nov. 25th, 1918.

Richard Leonard "Ricky" ALBRITTON died ----------.

Kate Willard, second child of Elvira and William BEALL, died the 28th of October 1881.



South Carolina



(this family was originally from Fairfield Co., S.C.; then moved to Lowndes Co., Ala.--owner of bible unknown)


Charlotte E. ROCHELLE-daughter of George and Elizabeth ROCHELLE, was born 28th day of August 1823.

Sarah Davis ROCHELLE-daughter of George and Elizabeth ROCHELLE, was born the 23rd day of January 1826.

George E. ROCHELLE-son of George and Elizabeth ROCHELLE, was born the 22nd day of October 1829.

Thomas Jefferson ROCHELLE-(line inked out under this and next column shows)

Thomas Alexander? ROCHELLE-son of G. & E. ROCHELLE was born April 28th, 1832.

Elizabeth K. ROCHELLE-daughter of George E. and Sarah P. ROCHELLE, was born Oct. 8th, 1850.

Ellen ROCHELLE-daughter of G. E. and Sarah P. ROCHELLE, was born June 17th, 1852.

Estelle ROCHELLE-daughter of G. E. and Sarah P. ROCHELLE, was born 22nd Nov. 1854.

Sallie ROCHELLE-daughter of Geo. E. and Sarah P. ROCHELLE, was born Sept. 11, 1857.





Bible owned by Anne VIETMEYE, records sent by Dr. William BLAIR.

(This ROCHELLE/BLAIR family lived in Kershaw Co., S.C. )


James BLAIR and Charlotte ROCHELLE were married 6 Feb. 1820, being Sunday.

Lovick William Rochelle BLAIR (son of James and Charlotte BLAIR) and Miss Sallie T., second daughter of William C. and Sarah J. WORKMAN of Camden, S.C.; were married at 10 o'clock a.m. on Wednesday the 10th day of Aug. A.D. 1859; and the bride thenceforth assumed the name Sallie Workman BLAIR.

Julian J. NEVILLE and Bessie Louise, second daughter of L.W.R. and Sallie W. BLAIR, were married at 7 o'clock a.m. on Wednesday the 27th day of October A.D. 1884.

On the 29th Dec. 1886, James G. STROTHER and -------- Kinrg? G. BLAIR at Wilhalla, S.C.


James BLAIR was born 26 Sept. 1786 and wife Charlotte ROCHELLE was born 21 June 1787 at Red Oak Camp.

Lovick William Rochelle BLAIR (their son) was born at Red Oak Camp, S.C. on Tuesday, July 10, 1821.

Sallie T. WORKMAN (afterward Mrs. L.W.R. BLAIR) was born in Camden, S.C. on 12th day of March A.D. 1830.

1)Sarah Charlotte was born at Log Town Farm in Camden, S.C. on Sunday, July 1, 1860 at half past eleven p.m.

2)Bessie Louise (2nd daughter of Mr. & Mrs. L.W.R. BLAIR) was born at Log Town on Nov. 20, 1862 at 3 1/2 a.m. and baptized by the Rev. Manning BROWN of the M.E. Church on 19 May 1863.

3)Rochella (3rd daughter) was born at Log Town in Camden, S.C. at 15 minutes past one o'clock a.m on Sunday, 25 Feb. 1866.

4)Mary Gwynne (4th daughter) was born at Log Town cottage or farm in the town of Camden, S.C. on the 19th day of May, on Tuesday; 1868 at 15 minutes past 11 o'clock a.m.

5)Eva (5th daughter of the same) was born at the same place as the foregoing on 11 April 1872 at 10:30 a.m.

6)James William BLAIR (6th child, 1st son) born at Daisie Farm (near Dixie's Retreat, Kershaw Co., S.C.); Dec. 24, 1873 at 15 min. past 1 a.m., it being Wednesday.


General James BLAIR departed this life Tuesday, 1st April 1834 at 6 p.m. at Washington City.

Mrs. Elizabeth ROCHELLE in the 83rd year of her age; departed this life 29 April 1843 at the residence of her daughter Mrs. C. R. BLAIR.

Mrs. Charlotte Rochelle BLAIR departed this life about 4 a.m. on Thursday the 2nd of September A.D. 1852 at Wilson Springs in North Carolina.

William Clark WORKMAN departed this life 1st March 1861 at 9 o'clock at his residence in Camden, S.C.

His consort, Mrs. Sarah Young WORKMAN departed this life Feb. 16, 1863 at Log Town Cottage in Camden, S.C. Both of the above having exemplified in a most eminent degree the virtues of the true Christian.

Mrs. Sallie Workman BLAIR departed this life at 9:30 p.m. Nov. 1st, 1879 at her residence, Dixie's Retreat, near Camden, S.C. with the calm appearance of a blessed immortal.


On Sunday, Nov. 17th 1833, James and Charlotte R. BLAIR (his wife) joined the Methodist Episcopal Church being received by the Rev. James JENKINS.

Miss Sallie T. WORKMAN (afterwards Mrs. L.W.R. BLAIR) joined the M.E. Church at Camden, S.C. in the year 1852, the Rev. - H. PARSONS bing their pastor.


July 4th, 1882, Col. L.W.R. BLAIR was assassinated in the streets of Camden, S.C. by James L. HAILE. He fell a martyr in the cause of liberty and free government. A noble, gentler, more fearless spirit than his does not exist on earth.

On Tuesday, 22 Aug. 1882, Rochella, third daughter of the above named ended her young and glorious life voluntarily.

"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"


I want my brother, James William BLAIR, to remember always that when his father was murdered and -------------. Mr. C. S. ELLIS was the only personal friend who boldly took up the gauntlet (and endangered his life) in his defense. Let him never skip an opportunity to repay in some measure, the debt of gratitude he will ever owe him. S. C. B. -Aug. 1882.

Sarah Charlotte BLAIR (1860-1917) appears to be the author of the note and of other items which she could have recorded.m home on

Family History

Note: We knew S.C.B. (1860-1917) as "Aunt Lottie" who was head of the family after Rochelle's murder, since she was the oldest.

Red Oak Camp was Lovick ROCHELLE'S (1754-1809) plantation (and afterwards Blair Plantation) on Lynches River, comprising lands in Kershaw and Chesterfield Counties. The mansion (built by Lovick ROCHELLE) was burned by troops of Sherman's 17th Corps.

Log Town Cottage or "Farm" was Rochelle BLAIR'S (1821-1882) town house in Camden. He bought it in 1860 as a house in Camden for his wife. He lost it in the carpetbagger tax sales after the war. It still stands, now "Aberdeen," a Bed and Breakfast Inn, across fromt he Camden Archives.

Dixie's Retreat was Rochelle's postbellum home on Big Pine Tree Creek near Camden. It was a three hundred acre tract he purchased from James CHESNUTT, Jr. Behind the house, which he built there, was the gorge known as "the Precipice". The area is also known as "Paint Hill." The house burned in the 1930's. When he bought the tract, there was a house on the property which he named "Daisie" or "Daisie Farm". The family lived there until he built the house across the road known as "Dixie's retreat."




(Owner unknown at present time)

On the fly leaf:

"Lovick W.R. BLAIR, Jany. 29th, 1825"

Between Old and New Testament:

"James BLAIR and Miss Charlotte ROCHELL were married the 6th Feby. 1820 being Sunday.

L.W.R.BLAIR born 10 July 1821."

In Back:

"James BLAIR and Miss C. ROCHELLE married on Sunday evening 7'oclock, Feby 6th, 1820. L.W.R.BLAIR their son was born about 5 o'clock on Tuesday, July 10, 1821, being in the morning."

"L.W.R.BLAIR and Miss Sallie WORKMAN were married on the 10th of Sept. 1859 at Camden, South Carolina by the Rev. Dr. BOYD.

Sarah Charlotte BLAIR, daughter of the above was born at Camden on 1st of July 1860 at the Farm Cottage above Monument Square."

The Bible was published by Collins and Hannay, no. 230 Pearl Street, New York. J and J Harper, Printers, 1818.

Records copied from the old Bible purchased several years ago in Hawkins Book Store, Birmingham, Ala. Property of Mrs. H. P. CULLIGAN, 740 9th Ave., West. Birmingham 4, Ala.

SOURCE-Allen Co.Public Library, Indianna-"PERSI"-shown with their permission.






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