b. 1823-d. 10 June 1892


Benjamin ROCHELLE was the youngest son of Benjamin ROCHELLE and Susannah JAMES of the Holly Shelter District of New Hanover Co.,N.C. (Present day: Maple Hill, Pender Co.) Benjamin ROCHELLE was born about 1823 in New Hanover Co. His father died in 1824, leaving a will; none of his children were named in this will. His mother Susannah James ROCHELLE died in 1836. His oldest brother Amos ROCHELLE was appointed guardian of the minor children after his father's death.

Benjamin ROCHELLE was married 3 times. His first wife was Ann J. LANIER, who he married sometime about 1846/47. Ann was born 2 Nov. 1829 to Spious LANIER and Catherine PADGETT of Duplin Co., N.C. They had 3 children: Spious, b. 1847; Jacob, b. 1849 and Catherine, b. 1850. By the 1860 census; his wife Ann and daughter Catherine were deceased; as they are not listed in the 1860 census. An obituary notice in the "Daily Journal" states that a meeting was called by the students of Grove Academy in Kenansville, on the recent death of Spious ROCHELLE on 31 Dec. 1861. By 12 Sept. 1872, his son Jacob ROCHELLE appointed Benjamin ROCHELLE his attorney to sell his lands in N.C.; as he was living in Troy, Alabama; Pike Co. We do no know whether Jacob moved back to N.C.

His second wife was Sarah L. BATTS, daughter of William Hance BATTS and Elizabeth Jane PICKETT of Duplin Co.,N.C. Sarah L. BATTS was born about 1838. She and Benjamin ROCHELLE were married 20 Nov. 1860 in Duplin Co., N.C. (An original marriage record has been passed down in the family) The marriage was performed by Jeper BATTS. She must have died sometime after 1861; there was no known issue of this marriage.

Benjamin married his 3rd wife Indianna SLOAN, daughter of Gibson SLOAN and Minerva WILLIAMS of the Cedar Fork area of Duplin Co. Indianna SLOAN was born 15 July 1845. He was about 20 years her senior. They had 9 children. By the 1900 census 5 children were still living. The following children were born to them: 1)Zumor Hill ROCHELLE, b. 2 July 1866-2) Sarah Louisa Indianna Jane ROCHELLE, b. 16 Feb. 1868-3)Minerva Sussanah Katie Civil ROCHELLE, b. 6 April 1870-4)Isaac Sloan ROCHELL, b. 16 May 1872-5)Minnor Julian ROCHELLE, b. 17 March 1874-6)Hattie Francis ROCHELLE, b. 1 Aug. 1876-7)Amos Andrew ROCHELLE, b. 22 Nov. 1879-8) Alonzo Gibson ROCHELLE, b. 23 Aug. 1881-9) Mattie Pearl ROCHELLE, b. 29 Oct. 1889.

By Sept. 1st, 1864; Benjamin ROCHELLE enlisted in the Civil War; at Camp Holmes, by Major MALLETT. He was a private, in Co. A, the 38th Regiment, N.C. State Troops. He was present Nov. 14, 1864. He was captured by the Union Army at Appomatox, Va. on April 3, 1865; and arrived at City Point, Va., taken as a prisoner of war to Point Lookout, MD. on April 13, 1865. His payroll records state he was released June 17, 1865. His place of residence was Duplin Co., N.C. His description is as follows: Complexion: dark hair; Eyes: Brown, Height: 6 ft. 1/4 inches tall.

A family bible states that Benjamin and Indianna were living in Magnolia, N.C.; Duplin Co., in 1875. Family history states that he was not happy as a farmer; loved horses and always wanted to open a livery stable. He thought that the ten mile area near Pollocksville in Jones Co. would be a good area. So they packed up everything and moved to that area. An outbreak of malaria killed several of the children. They were so poor that Indianna had to sell her jewelry that her father had given to her to the next door neighbor so they could eat. He was said to have opened the livery stable and operated if for several years before having a stroke. He died in 1893 in the Elam Grove area of Lenoir Co., where he and Indianna were living with their son Isaac Rochelle at the Nobles farm. On Aug. 3, 1954; his body was removed and moved to Maplewood Cemetary in Kinston, N.C.; Lenoir Co. The Daughters of the Confederacy donated a headstone.


Indianna SLOAN

b. 16 May 1845, Duplin Co., N.C.

d. 1 Sept. 1927, Lenoir Co., N.C.


Indianna SLOAN was the oldest daughter of Gibson SLOAN and Minerva WILLIAMS of Duplin Co., N.C. Children of Gibson SLOAN and Minerva WILLIAMS were: 1)Indianna SLOAN, b. 16 May 1845 2)Mary E. SLOAN, b. abt. 1847 3)Andrew SLOAN, b. abt. 1849 4)Sarah Jane SLOAN, b.27 Sept. 1850 5)David William SLOAN, b.29 Nov. 1854 6)Henry Pickett SLOAN, b.24 Dec. 1856-7)Ransom H. SLOAN, b.12 Jan. 1860. She also had 2 stepsisters by her father's 1st marriage to Esther PICKETT; their children were 1)Celia SLOAN, b.13 March 1834 2)Civil SLOAN, b.21 May 1836. Her father Gibson SLOAN, died and his will was probated 17 Jan. 1867; leaving his land and property to his children-Indianna ROCHELLE was named. After the death of her husband Benjamin ROCHELLE, she moved to Kinston, Lenoir Co.; where her daughter Kate McAVERY and son Isaac ROCHELLE lived. Indianna ROCHELLE applied for a Widow's pension on May 10, 1910. She was age 64; and states she was the widow of Benjamin ROCHELLE, who enlisted in Co. A, 38th Regiment, N.C. State Troops. Her application was approved and she collected $17 a month for the rest of her life.

She died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Kate Rochelle McAVERY; age 82. Surviving children were Mrs. W.F. BUTLER of Youngstown, Ohio; Mrs. C.A. KETCHUM of Jacksonville, N.C.; Andrew ROCHELLE of Norfolk, Va.; Mrs. Lou McAVERY of Kinston and Isaac S. ROCHELLE, a well known building contractor of Kinston. The funeral was officiated by the Rev. George WOOD, Universalists Church and William M. MOORE, of the Baptist Church.


Children of Benjamin ROCHELL and Indianna SLOAN:

1)Zumor Hill ROCHELLE, b. 2 July 1866. Died young.


2)Sarah Louisa Indianna Jane ROCHELLE, "Lou" was born 16 Feb. 1868 in Magnolia, N.C.; Duplin Co. She died 3 July 1951, and is buried in Jacksonville, N.C. Lou married Charles L. KETCHUM, b.28 Jan. 1862-d.3 June 1931; on 7 Dec. 1902. They had the following children: 1)Cyrus KETCHUM 2)Herman KETCHUM 3)Louise KETCHUM 4)Ruie Lee KETCHUM 5)Gus KETCHUM b.22 Nov. 1910.

3)Minerva Susannah Katie Syble ROCHELLE, "Kate" was born 6 April 1870 in Magnolia, N.C. and died about 1945 in Kinston, Lenoir Co., N.C. She first married Stephen KETCHUM, 21 May 1893; no issue from this marriage is known. Her second marriage was to Lewis McAVERY, b. 21 May 1870-d.16 Aug. 1948. They had the following children 1)Sadie Belle McAVERY b. 29 June 1901 2)Lewis Benjamin McAVERY b.19 Sept. 1906 3)John Clifton Ketchum McAVERY b. 7 Dec. 1916 (adopted son). Many descendants of this family still live in Kinston, N.C. (McAvery family picture)

4)Isaac Sloan ROCHELLE, b. 16 May 1872 in Magnolia, N.C.; d. 23 Feb. 1961 in Goldsboro, Wayne Co., N.C. He married Eleanor Olivia RHODES, b. 24 Sept. 1876-d.10 Nov. 1955 in Kinston, Lenoir Co., N.C. They married on 24 May 1894 at the home of her father Zacheous RHODES and his wife Mary Elizabeth James RHODES in Kinston, N.C. "Ike" was a well known contractor and carpenter in Kinston; and built many buildings and homes there. Their children were: 1)James Marvin ROCHELLE, b.27 April 1897 2)Minnie Lou ROCHELLE b.26 July 1906 3)Benjamin Hanson ROCHELLE b.25 Aug. 1907 4)Isaac Fred ROCHELLE b. 2 April 1908 5)Zollie Allison ROCHELLE b. 11 Oct. 1912 6)Zee Rhodes ROCHELLE, b. 14 June 1914 7)Mary Anna ROCHELLE b. 14 April 1916 8)Eleanor Kate ROCHELLE b. 8 May 1920. Many descendants still live in Kinston and others states; including myself.

5)Minor Julian ROCHELLE b. 17 March 1874. Died young.

6)Hattie Francis ROCHELLE b. 1 Aug. 1876. Died young.


7)Amos Andrew ROCHELLE was born 22 Nov. 1879 and died 2 Nov. 1957 in Norfolk, Va. He married Mrytle L. KENNEDY of Lenoir Co., N.C. They moved to Norfolk, Va. and lived there for 35 years. They had 1 known daughter Virginia Lee ROCHELLE (pictured above) who married Richard E. BARCLIFT.

8)Alonzo Gibson ROCHELLE, b. 23 Aug. 1881. Died young.

9)Mattie Pearl ROCHELLE was born 22 March 1889 in Pollocksville, Jones Co., N.C. She married Walter Frank BUTLER. They had the following known children 1)Carlos BUTLER 2)Walter Frank BUTLER, Jr. The BUTLER'S lived in Youngstown, Ohio; then moved back to N.C. where they lived in the Asheville area.

This is a picture of Indianna Sloan ROCHELLE and her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Indianna is in front with her hands in her pockets. This picture was taken sometime before 1927. The following people have been identified: Front Row:Indianna ROCHELLE, Johnny MCAVERY, Frank BUTLER, 2nd row: Lewis MCAVERY, Kate MCAVERY, unknown. Behind unknown woman: Walter BUTLER, Louise HAMILTON, Gus KETCHUM, Lou R. KETCHUM & husband Charlie. Leaning against tree: Herman KETCHUM, Back row: Mutt STEPHENSON & wife Ruie? Taken in Jacksonville, N.C. at Lou Rochelle KETCHUM'S farm. If you can identify anyone in this picture please contact me. [email protected]


This is a picture of the home of Kate Rochelle and her husband Lewis AVERY in Jacksonville, N.C. It was located near the old courthouse and jail, near the water in the downtown area. The house is no longer standing. When the AVERY'S moved to Kinston, Lenoir Co.; they changed their last names to MCAVERY.

The following pictures are probably the children of Indianna SLOAN and Benjamin ROCHELLE, but have never been identified.





If you can identify any of these pictures, please let me know. [email protected]

A special thanks to Pat Faulkner of Kinston, N.C. for the use of these family pictures.


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