SLOAN Family Pictures

SLOAN Family Pictures


Both of these pictures are of Indianna SLOAN, b. 15 July 1845 in the area of Hallsville, Duplin Co., N.C. The first picture was probably taken when she was about 16 and could have been her wedding picture to Benjamin ROCHELLE. The older picture was taken when she was about age 40-50 years old.

She was the daughter of Gibson SLOAN, b. abt. 1810-d.1867 in Duplin Co., N.C. and his 3rd wife Minerava WILLIAMS, b. abt. 1825-d. Bef. Jan. 1867 in Duplin Co., N.C. Gibson SLOAN was also married to 1)Ms. ANDREWS 2)Esther PICKETT, whom he married 2 March 1831; and had the following children:1)Celia SLOAN b. 13 March 1834 2)Civil SLOAN, b.21 May 1836.

Gibson SLOAN and Minerva WILLIAMS had 7 children:1)Indianna SLOAN, b. 15 July 1845 d. 1 Sept. 1927, 2)Mary E. SLOAN, b. abt. 1825 3)Andrew SLOAN, b. abt. 1849/50 4)Sarah Jane SLOAN, b. 27 Sept. 1850-d.8 Sept. 1928 5)David William SLOAN, b. 29 Nov. 1854-d.7 Sept. 1934 6)Henry Pickett SLOAN, b. 24 Dec. 1856-d.6 June 1933 7)Ransome H. SLOAN, b.12 Jan. 1860-d. 14 Dec. 1922.

The following pictures have been handed down in the family, only 3 have been identified. A special thanks to Pat McAvery Faulkner for letting me use these pictures. They seem to be all of this SLOAN family. (The eyes all look alike) If you are a family member and can identify any of them, please let me know.


The following picture was sent by Conrad SLOAN, a direct descendant of Henry Pickett SLOAN. It probably was taken about 1865 of 3 of the SLOAN boys. From Left-Right are: David William SLOAN, Ransom H. SLOAN & Henry Pickett SLOAN


The following pictures were also sent by Conrad SLOAN, they are of Henry Pickett SLOAN and his wife Mary Ann SOUTHERLAND, daughter of John D. SOUTHERLAND & Catherine WILLIAMS. They were married on 13 March 1876 and had the following children: 1)Bertha SLOAN 2)Henry Dunn SLOAN 3)John Gibson SLOAN 4)Sula Catherine SLOAN 5)Edward Marshall SLOAN 6)Eula May SLOAN 7)Macy Belle SLOAN 8)Ruby SLOAN & Dollie SLOAN.

The next picture was sent by Conrad SLOAN also: it is of his grandfather Henry Dunn SLOAN, b. 17 Dec. 1877-d.13 Sept. 1954. Son of Henry Pickett SLOAN & Mary Ann Southerland SLOAN

The next picture was taken by Conrad SLOAN in 2001, it is the old Henry Pickett SLOAN farm in Duplin Co., N.C.


The rest were handed down in my family:1st picture below has the following photographer's inscription:Potter's patent March 7, 1865. It is identical to the child labeled as Henry Pickett SLOAN in the picture above. The picture in the middle is of David William SLOAN. Indianna SLOAN is shown here again.



David William SLOAN, is pictured above in the middle. David William SLOAN, b.29 Nov. 1854 d.7 Sept. 1934 in Duplin Co., N.C. He married 1)Sena Anne EDWARDS on March 1874 and had the following children:1)Joy Anne SLOAN, b. 11 Aug. 1879 2)James SLOAN 3)Bertie SLOAN 4)Paul SLOAN 5)David William SLOAN 6)Lola SLOAN, b. 17 July 1889 7)Beulah SLOAN. His 2nd wife was Martha Ann SANDERSON, b.7 Sept. 1870-d. abt. 11 April 1952 ,who he married 14 May 1902 and had the following known children: 1)Mamie SLOAN 2)Lila SLOAN. If anyone can add any information to this family, please contact me. The photo was identified by a descendant of David William SLOAN; Jesse Murphy of Duplin Co., and her mother. A special thanks to them.


These picture are possibly of Mary E. SLOAN who married Thomas J. COLE.


Mary E. SLOAN married Thomas J. COLE, on 10 Jan. 1867 in Duplin Co., N.C. They had the following children: 1)Alice J. COLE 2)Henry Don COLE 3)Catherine N. COLE 4)Oscar Richard COLE 5)Emily C. COLE 6)Mattie C. COLE 7)Callie COLE 8)John L. COLE.


The next pictures are possibly Sarah J. SLOAN, she married Bethel THIGPEN on 26 Dec. 1867 in Duplin Co., N.C. They had the following children: 1)Joseph Bithal THIGPEN 2)Percy E. THIGPEN 3)Walter THIGPEN 4)Murphy THIGPEN 5)Eddie Paul THIGPEN 6)Dora THIGPEN 7)Cora E. THIGPEN 8)Minnie THIGPEN 9)Etta THIGPEN 10)Ida THIGPEN.



The next 2 pictures have not been identified. I believe them to be Ransome SLOAN on the left and Henry Pickett SLOAN on the right. Until proof is made that is just a guess.
Ransom H. SLOAN married Martha Almira SANDERSON (date unknown). They had the following children:1)Cyrus Thompson SLOAN 2)Gibson SLOAN 3)Hayes SLOAN.




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