Tennessee Rochelles

Tennessee Rochelles


The following ROCHELLE pictures were sent to me by Sue Gay Mason, they have been passed down in her family; and I am so grateful to her for sending them. Also a special thanks to John B. ROCHELLE and Imogene Rasbury PARSLEY for researching all the Tennesse ROCHELLES. Click on picture to enlarge.

This page is dedicated to Lillie Belle Rochelle HOLDEN.

This ROCHELLE family first came out of Wake Co., N.C., then moved to Tennessee. William ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1754 married 1)Rachel THOMAS, 6 Dec. 1779 in Wake Co., N.C. They had the following children:1)Thomas 2)Ann 3)Alsey A. 4)John & 5)Elizabeth. The 2nd marriage of William ROCHELLE and Mary RAY, 17 Feb. 1801 in Wake Co.; yielded the following issue: 1)William Wyatt 2)Wiley S.-b. 13 May 1802 3)Mason 4)Lucy 5)Nancy 6)Henderson B.-b. March 1812.

Please go to the ROCHELLE/KING Bible to see this family record.

Children of the 2nd marriage of William ROCHELLE & Mary RAY of Wake Co., N.C.

  Henderson ROCHELLE was born about 1812 in Wake Co., N.C., he married Frances ROBERTSON, on 22 May 1835 in Wake Co., N.C. He and Frances were living in the Lick Creek District of Wake Co. in the 1840 census, and appears in many court records there until 1848. He then is listed along with Frances and their children in Lawrence Co., Tenn. in the 1850 census along with his mother Mary R. ROCHELLE, age 76, birth N.C. Henderson & Frances had the following children: 1)Wiley George Washington ROCHELLE, b. 4 May 1836, Wake Co., N.C.-d. 1910, d. Hickman Co., Tenn. - 2) Alphis N. ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1839-3) Marcellus Rux ROCHELLE, b. 10 April 1842, Wake Co., N.C.-d. 6 Oct. 1916, Hohenwald, Tenn.-4)William Thomas ROCHELLE, b. 2 Oct. 1845, Wake Co., Tenn.-d. 8 Aug. 1910, Hickman Co., Tenn.-5)Joseph B. ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1847-6) Mary Frances ROCHELLE, b. 15 July 1850-d. 3 April 1905, Lewis Co., Tenn.
Henderson ROCHELLE and his wife Frances Robertson ROCHELLE, moved to Hickman Co., Tenn. sometime about 16 Aug. 1866, when his daughter Mary Frances ROCHELLE married on that date Ulysses CHURCHWELL.
Henderson B. ROCHELLE served in the Civil War, Co. C, 32nd "Allen Guards", Tenn. Infantry as a private in the Confederate Army. He was discharged after 25 days. The reason "too old to serve." Discharge papers state he was 51 years old in Jan. of 1863, was born in Wake Co., N.C.; and he had blue eyes and grey hair. He was paid $9.17 for his 25 days as the monthly rate of pay was $11.00 on his payroll record. He died on 24 Nov. 1868 in Hickman Co. and is buried in Campground Cemetery.

The following picture is the tombstone of Henderson B. ROCHELLE buried Camp Ground Cemetery, Swan Creek, Hickman Co., Tenn. "May He Rest in Peace" Born March 1812 Died 24 Nov. 1868

Wiley S. ROCHELLE moved to Lawrence Co., Tenn. sometime in the 1820's, his brother William Wyatt, (also known as William Wiley) came to Lawrence Co. in the 1830's; and Henderson B. brought their mother Mary Ray ROCHELLE to Lawrence Co. in the 1840's; after their father William died. After the Civil War most of these lines moved into the Hickman Co. area.

Please note: there were many ROCHELLE'S in the Carroll Co., Tenn. area. These were in fact the children of Capt. John ROCHELLE and his wife Patience THOMAS (brother to William of Wake Co.) This family line had left Wake Co., after the Rev. War and moved to the Richlands District of S.C.; the children of John & Patience Thomas ROCHELLE moved to the Carroll Co. area of Tennessee. They were 1st cousins. Please see Doris Johnston's website at http://OurTexasFamily.com for information on the S.C. line of ROCHELLE families.

Below is a picture of Wiley George Washington ROCHELLE and his wife Sarah Osborne ROCHELLE, sent by Sue Gay Mason.

Wiley George Washington ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1836 in Wake Co., N.C. -d. 4 Jan. 1915 and is buried at Campground Cemetery; Swan Creek, Hickman Co., Tenn. and was the son of Henderson B. ROCHELLE and his wife Frances ROBERTSON. Henderson B. ROCHELLE along with two brothers and their families were in Lawrence Co., Tennesse before 1850. Wiley George Washington ROCHELLE, his oldest son married Sarah OSBORNE, (b. abt. 1838-d.1908) on 16 Dec. 1856 in Lawrence Co., Tenn. She was the daughter of William & Perrin OSBORNE. Their known children were: (1)Francis Marion-b. 5 July 1859 (2)Louisa Emline- b. 16 April 1860 (3)George Newton- b. 18 Sept. 1865 (4)Benjamin J.- b. Feb. 1868 (5)Sarah Francis-b. 12 May 1870 (6) William Leonidas-b. 25 August 1873 (7)Mary Lona.-b. 25 August 1873 (8)Albert Sidney-b. abt. 1875.

Wiley, along with his father and brother Marcellus ROCHELLE served in C Co.; 32nd Regiment of the Allen Guards for the Tennessee Confederate Troops.

Wiley G.W. ROCHELLE wrote the following letter to family in Wake Co., N.C. about 1879.

"The Wheelers of Granville County, N.C.: Their Ancestors and Descendants
Okeckeobee Genealogist, Vol.14, no.1.
Written-about 1879
Swan Bluff, Hickman Co., Tenn.
Dear Uncle,
It is through mercies of an alwise providence that I am once more permitted to try to address you in my aukward manner, this leaves me to day 43 years old & my self & family enjoying a reasonable potion of helth at this time, hoping at the same time that this will reach you in due time & find all of you living & enjoying the best of helth. as I have ritten to you many times and no ancer as yeat rec'd, I shall make my remarks short, I wish to kno the whare abouts of your family & also of all my relatives in the old Birthrite country of mine, who is ded & also who are living, who are married & who to, and if cousins Phebe Ann, Frances & Elizabeth are living. I would like to read a letter of thire hands, as well as yours, your boys names I have about forgotten though I think that one of them was Columbers (Columbus "C.C."), I would be truly glad to have a correspondent with all of you & also if there is a paper in Oxford I would like to take a paper. I surpose that you have long since lern Father & Mother are boath ded years gone by, I have two Brothers & one & only sister living, all married & all own good homes & doing well Sister Frances & Brother Marcellars R. lives on Big Buffalow River about 30 miles from me sister in Wayne Co. & bro. in Lewis 3 miles from each other. Bro. Wm. T. lives about 10 miles below me on Duck River though I live on Big Swan Creek but in site of the river. I think this country fare superior to that. it purdeces cotton, corn, wheat, oats, tobacco. Uncle Ben I wish to make some inquiry concerning of what should have ben my dear old mothers. to Viz what did become of mothers dues of old grandmas esstate, what was the amount of the whole esstate & what was due mother & what become of it, she did not get any thing neither did any of us, pleas ancer these few remarks as it would be first and only scratch of a pen ever rec'd of you be me.
Dear Old Aunt Elizabeth,
I have no rememberence of seeing you more than twice yeat I would be much pleased to see & converse with you boath Uncle & Aunt. Is my Old Aunt Julia living if so give her my well wishes for all time to come. I have to day lying before me an address of Uncle Silas T. (ROBERTSON) He writes they are all in common helth. I will now ---- for this time an das this is a potion of the selabration of my birth day.
pleas ancer me soon,
Wiley G. W. ROCHELL & Sarah ROCHELL wife
address Swam bluff Hickman Co., Tenn.

The following Obituary of Wiley G. W. ROCHELLE was sent by Lee FORTNER. It was in his great grandmother: Lizzie Rochelle FORTNER'S things after she passed away. He thinks it was in the "Hickman County Pioneer" newspaper; dated 1915.

Newspaper clipping owned by Lee Fortner

Aged Confederate Veteran Answers Final Summons

Wiley G. W. ROCHELL, aged 79, for many years a resident of Swan, died Wednesday Jan. 6, at 6 p.m., of age infirmity, at the home of his son in law Frank WALKER, at Forty Eight, Wayne County.
The deceased was a member of the M. E. Church, South; a Confederate Veteran and a most worthy and esteemed citizen. He lived the simple life, honest and neighborly, and endeared himself to all.
He is survived by five sons, Ben of Celina, Tenn.; Will of Denver, Tenn.; Marion, of Swan; George, of Beaverdam, and Sydney ROCHELL of Gainesville, Texas; two daughters, Mrs. Frank WALKER and Mrs. Brown SHORT, and one brother, Sylvester ROCHELL, of Hohenwald. He was an Uncle of Mesdames Ed RUSSELL and W. M. MURPHREE and grandfather of Mrs. Davis ROBERTS of Centreville.
The remains were brought here last Thursday afternoon and conveyed to the residence of David ROBERTS, and Friday the interment occurred at Campground, the services being conducted by Rev. Geo. L. BEALE. All the children of the deceased were present except Sydney ROCHELL.

His tombstone at Campground Cemetery in Hickman Co., Tenn states:
ROCHELLE, Wyley George W.-5/4/1836-1/4/1915 CSA, C Co. 32nd Tn. Inf. "Upright and Just in All His Ways, A Bright Example in All of His Days" (Born in Wake Co., N.C.) Son of Henderson B. ROCHELLE and Frances ROBERTSON.

Francis Marion ROCHELLE, was the oldest son of Wiley George Washington ROCHELLE and Sarah J. OSBORNE. He was b. 5 July 1859 in Lawrence Co., Tenn. He married Lillian Ann Virginia HUGHES on 24 Dec. 1879. She was born 2 Nov. 1867, daughter of James H. HUGHES and Virginia BRYAN. They had the following children:1)Arthur Lee b.17 Dec. 1883 (2)Doris Thomas b. 17 Dec. 1883-d. 17 Dec. 1883 (3)Evie b. Dec. 1885 (4)Lillie B.-b. 14 Dec. 1887 (5)Roland Hull-b. 9 March 1889 (6) Willie Elise (7)Nora Ethel-b. March 1893 (8)John Braudas-b. 7 Jan. 1895 (9)Mary Amelia (10)Sallie Jane (11)Willie M.-b. 1901 (12)Tommie-b. 16 Aug. 1904 (13)Luna Belle- b. 4 Nov. 1906 (14)Tempie-b. 2 August 1908 (15)Howard Pike-b. abt. 1911 (16)Fannie. Francis Marion ROCHELLE died 4 Oct. 1934, in Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. and is buried at Arlington Cemetery. His wife Lillian Ann Virginia Hughes ROCHELLE, died 17 Nov. 1938, and is buried at Arlington Cemetery.


This is the family of Francis Marion and Lillian Hughes ROCHELLE. (left to right) Bill, Tommie, Tempie, Ethal and son Rush, mother: Lillian, father: Marion, Howard, Wiley, granddaughter: Macy and her father Roland Rochelle. (date of picture unknown)

This is a family picture of Lillie Belle ROCHELLE and husband William HOLDEN and family. Lillie Belle ROCHELLE, b. 14 Dec. 1887; was the daughter of Francis Marion ROCHELLE and Lillian Ann Virginia HUGHES. From left to right: Hughes (1908-1960) Willie HOLDEN (1879-1970) Susie (1910) Elease (1906) Lillie and Alice (1912). The HOLDENS had 3 more children: William (1917-1973) Dude (1921) and Rossie (1928). This picture was taken about 1912.

Another picture of Lillie Belle ROCHELLE appears below-age 110.

A special thanks to Doug Pollock for sending the pictures of Ms. Lillie Belle. Doug POLLOCK



These are also children of Wiley George Washington ROCHELLE and Sarah OSBORNE.
George Newton ROCHELLE & wife Susie MCCALEB (left) & Benjamin J. ROCHELLE (right)

George Newton ROCHELLE was the 3rd son, b. 18 Sept. 1865-d. August 1926 and was buried in Swan Creek, Hickman Co., Tenn. On 7 Oct. 1894, he married Susie Selena MCCALEB, b. 1876 in Hickman Co., to Hille MCCALEB and Mattie GREGORY. There children were: 1)Carl Madison 2) Benjamin Hill 3)Georgia Mae 4)Alphesus Rux 5)Sarah Ophelia 6)Lela Belle 7)Willey Patterson 8)Claude McCaleb 9)Herbert Charles 10)Hubert James 11)Kenneth Edward and 12)Anna Lorraine.

Below is the Obituary of George N. ROCHELLE, dated 1946

George Newton ROCHELLE, born in the Swan Community of Hickman County on Sept. 27, 1865, died Aug. 5, 1946 at his home. He was the son of Wiley & Sara Osborne ROCHELLE. He is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Mary SHORT of Mt. Pleasant and Mrs. Fannie WALKER of Waynesboro, Tenn. and his widow, Mrs. Susie Mccaleb ROCHELLE, to whom he was married Nov. 4, 1894. To this union were born twelve children, 8 boys and 4 girls, all of whom survive: Carl M. ROCHELLE of Centerville; Ben H. ROCHELLE of Beaverdam; Al ROCHELLE of Culleoka, Tenn., Patterson ROCHELLE of Beaver, W. Va.; Mrs. Georgie Mae Rochelle BATES of Toledo, Ohio; Mrs. Sara Rochelle CUSTER of Toledo, Ohio; Mrs. Lela Rochelle BUNKER of Toledo, Ohio; Claude M. ROCHELLE of Percy Jones General Hospital, Battle Creek, Mich.; Herbert ROCHELLE of Oak Ridge, Tenn., Hubert ROCHELLE of Toledo, Ohio; Edward ROCHELLE of Gatlinburg, Tenn.; and Mrs. Lorraine Rochelle DEPRIEST of Columbia.
Mr. ROCHELLE was a member of the Raliegh's Chapel Methodist Church for more than fifty years.
Funeral service were held Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 6, at the home of Rev. J. Fort FOWLER of Centerville. Burial was in Camp Ground Cemetery Wednesday afternoon. McDonald Funeral Home was in charge.

Benjamin J. ROCHELLE, was the 4th son; he was born Feb. 1868 in Swan Creek, Hickman Co., Tenn and died 31 Jan. 1940 in Houston, Harris Co.; Texas. He was a Methodist Minister. He married on 21 July 1899, Edna Mae COOLEY, in Humphreys Co., Tenn. She was the daughter of David D. COOLEY and Emily Elizabeth ELLIS. She was born August 1872 in Humphreys Co., Tenn. They had the following children: 1)Wiley ROCHELLE, b. 6 May 1900, Humphreys Co., Tenn.-d.7 Dec. 1946, Atlanta, Fulton Co., Ga.-2)Robert Craig ROCHELLE, b. 28 Jan. 1903, Waverly, Humphreys Co., Tenn.-d.1949 Houston, Harris Co., Texas-3)Wilburn Tillet ROCHELLE, b. 30 Sept. 1904; Waverly, Humphreys Co., Tenn.-d.21 July 1992, Angelton, Texas- 4)David Benjamin ROCHELLE, b. 27 Feb. 1907; Humphreys Co., Tenn-d.29 January 1978, San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas-& 5)Mamie Edna ROCHELLE, b. 24 Aug. 1909; West Point, Lawrence Co., Tenn.-d. 23 Feb. 1991 in Abilene, Taylor Co., Texas. This family all moved to Harris Co., Texas.

This is a wedding picture of William Leonidas ROCHELLE and his wife Lula Hester COOLEY. William Leonodis ROCHELLE was born August 25, 1873 in Swan Creek, Hickman Co., Tn., son of Wiley George Washington ROCHELLE and Sarah OSBORNE. He married Lula Hester COOLEY, December 27, 1900 in Plant, Humphreys Co., Tn. She was born Oct. 17, 1875 in Humphreys Co., Tn. Both died in Nashville, Davidson Co., Tn.


William Leonidas ROCHELLE was the son of Wiley George Washington ROCHELLE and Sarah OSBORNE; b. 25 August 1873. He is pictured on the left. His son William Rayburn ROCHELLE, b. 17 Feb. 1904 is pictured on the right. Both were educators. W.L. was a Superintendent of schools, and W.R. was a high school principal at Coalfield School in the 1930's. The Coalfield football field is named for him. Thanks to John B. ROCHELLE [email protected] for sending the 2 pictures inserted above and the pictures below.


This apparently was the old home place of Wiley George Washington and his wife Sarah Osborne ROCHELLE. Their youngest son Albert Sidney ROCHELLE, stands beside them. (date of photo unknown-probably about 1895-1900). Albert Sidney ROCHELLE married Lillian WHITTENBERG. They moved to Texas. According to John B. ROCHELLE, this farm where the photo is presumed to have been taken was sold in 1905, and the cabin is no longer standing. All that remains are the chimney stones & porch steps.


Marcellus Rux ROCHELLE

Marcellus Rux ROCHELLE, was the 3rd son of Henderson ROCHELLE & Frances ROBERTSON, b. 10 April 1842 in Wake Co., N.C. & died 6 Oct. 1915 in Hohenwald, Tenn. He married his 1st wife: Eliza Voorhies JONES (b.25 April 1841-d.20 May 1890) and had the following children:
  • Madison Ervin ROCHELLE, b. 17 Oct. 1867, Lewis Co., Tn.-d.29 March 1890
  • Thomas Jefferson ROCHELLE, b.19 July 1879, Lewis Co., Tn.-d.18 Sept. 1939
    His 2nd wife was Cynthia Elizabeth HARBINSON, b. 28 July 1854-d.8 Feb. 1945; whom he married on 25 June 1891. Their only child was:
  • Minnie ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1892.

    Below is a picture of Marcellus Rux ROCHELLE & Cynthia Elizabeth HARBINSON probably taken close to their marriage on 25 June 1891. The pictures shows Mannie, Tenn. which is an old community in Wayne Co. G. FRENCH & wife are the photographers. pictures sent by Marion Wallace ROCHELLE.

    This is a possible picture of Marcellus Rochelle & Cynthia HARBINSON
    sent by Jean Parsley

    Marcellus Rux ROCHELLE was a Confederate Veteran. He died at Hohenwald, Tenn. on 6 Oct. 1915 at the age of 73. He was born April 10, 1842 in N.C. and went to Tenn. with his parents Henderson B. & Frances ROCHEL who settled in Lawrence Co. Tenn. where they remained until the war between the states started. Comrade ROCHELLE then enlisted in the Confederate ARmy serving in Co. C.(Davenports Co.) 32nd Tenn. Regiment. Col. EDWARDS of John C. BROWN'S brigade. He was taken prisoner at Fort Donelson and was 7 months in Camp Morton at Indianapolis, Ind. He was then exchanged at Vicksburg. Comrade ROCHELLE was a member of the Cumberland Presby. Church. He was buried with Masonic honors in the Cemetery at Hohenwald, Tenn. He lived and became a man and died in full faith of the resurection. His second wife survived him and one daughter, Mrs. John THOMSPSON of Hohenwald. "Confederate Veteran".

    William Thomas ROCHELLE, b. 2 Oct. 1845 in Wake Co., N.C. was the 4th son of Henderson B. ROCHELLE and his wife Frances ROBERTSON. William Thomas came to Tennesse as a small child some time about 1849 with his parents and grandmother Mary Ray ROCHELLE. He married 1st Emaline OSBORNE on 1 Nov. 1866 in Hickman Co., Tenn. She was born 24 March 1837 in Wayne Co., Tenn. and died 2 Jan. 1888 and is buried in the Frazier Cemetery in Pine River, Tenn. They adopted a child: Eva CONNOLY.
    After Emaline died; William Thomas ROCHELLE married Clarissa Josphine HASSELL, b. 27 Sept. 1863 in Centerville, Hickman Co., Tenn. They were married at the bride's home on Piney River near Vernon on 18 May 1889. They lived at Easley's Bend, in Hickman County and had the following children:

  • 1) Mattie Jane ROCHELLE, b. 22 Jan. 1890, Easley's Bend, Hickman Co., Tenn.-d. 25 March 1970.
  • 2) Hattie Josephine ROCHELLE, b.22 Jan. 1890, Easley's Bend, Hickman Co., Tenn.-d. 16 DEc. 1979. (twins) Hattie Josephine ROCHELLE married John Edward RUSSELL.
  • 3)William Hassell ROCHELLE, b. 3 April 1891, Easley's Bend, Hickman Co., Tenn.-d. 29 Dec. 1946.
  • 4)John Hardeman ROCHELLE, b. 14 Sept. 1892, Easley's Bend, Hickman Co., Tenn.-d. 21 June 1957.
  • 5) Mary Frances ROCHELLE, b. 24 May, 1894, Easley's Bend, Hickman Co., Tenn.-d. 25 Jan. 1912.
  • 6) Joseph Benjamin ROCHELLE, b. 30 Oct. 1896, Easley's Bend, Hickman Co., Tenn.-d. 12 June 1983, Centerville, Hickman Co., Tenn.
  • 7) Anne Elizabeth ROCHELLE, b. 21 Nov. 1898, Easley's Bend, Hickman Co., Tenn.-d.1990, Dickson Co., Tenn.
  • 8) Marcellus Rux ROCHELLE, b. 18 May 1900, Easley's Bend, Hickman Co., Tenn.-d. 7 April 1975.
  • 9) Beaulah Pauline ROCHELLE, b. 5 Nov. 1902, Easley's Bend, Hickman Co., Tenn.-d.1988.
  • 10) Bessie Ruth ROCHELLE, b. 10 July 1904, Easley's Bend, Hickman Co., Tenn.-d. 6 Jan. 1930.


    Jodi HORTON also sent the HASSELL-ROCHELLE Family Bible--please visit it by clicking here: "Rochelle Bibles


    The following picture was sent by Jodi HORTON a direct descendant. She believes this to be a picture of William Thomas ROCHELLE and his wife Josephine HASSELL. Jodie's grandmother Hattie Josephine Rochelle RUSSELL, had the picture among her things and also an enlargement of the man's head and shoulders without his wife. If you can positively identify it please contact her at Jodi HORTON.


    Below is a wonderful picture of the house at Easley's Bend, Hickman Co., Tenn. The William Thomas Rochelle family are on the front porch; taken about 1903. This was sent by Marion Wallace Rochelle. The house is still standing today and occupied by a ROCHELLE descendant.

    The next picture is of the William Thomas ROCHELLE family sitting on the porch taken at the same time (1903).
  • Back row:L-R-William Hassell ROCHELLE, Hattie "Hat" Josephine ROCHELLE, Mattie "Mat" Jane ROCHELLE, John Hardiman ROCHELLE, Mary Frances ROCHELLE.
  • Middle row:L-R-Beaulah Pauline "Polly" ROCHELLE, William Thomas ROCHELLE, Clarissa Josephine "Josie" Hassell ROCHELLE, Bessie Ruth ROCHELLE, Ann Elizabeth ROCHELLE.
  • Sitting:L-RMarcellus Rux ROCHELLE, Joseph "Joe" Benjamin ROCHELLE.

  • William Thomas ROCHELLE, died 8 August 1910 and his wife Clarissa Josephine "Josie" ROCHELLE died 28 Nov. 1932. Below is a picture of their tombstones in the Frazier Cemetery in Hickman County, Tenn. It was kindly sent by Marion ROCHELLE a direct descendant.

    Below is a picture of 3 of the daughters of William Thomas and Josie ROCHELLE, sent by Marion ROCHELLE.

    Ruth, Anna & Hattie ROCHELLE taken in 1917.

    Mattie Jane ROCHELLE, daughter of William Thomas ROCHELLE and Josie HASSELL, was born 22 Jan. 1890 and died March 25, 1970 in Nashville. She is buried in the Centerville Cemetery in Hickman Co., Tenn.
    She married William Monroe MURPHREE, Sr. in 1912. He was the son of Monroe MURPHREE and Fannie LOWE. He was born 23 Dec. 1880 in Hickman Co., Tenn. and died 23 Sept. 1953 in Centerville, Hickman Co. Tn. They had 1 known child: William Monroe MURPHREE, Jr., b. 9 Jan. 1926-d. 10 Dec. 1961. He married Mary Henrietta JONES.

    Below is a Wedding picture of Mattie Jane ROCHELLE and William Monroe MURPHREE, taken in 1912. It was sent by Marion ROCHELLE. Please contact him if you have any further information.

    William Hassell ROCHELLE, was the 3rd child of William Thomas ROCHELLE & Jodie HASSELL. He was born 3 April 1891-d. 29 Dec. 1946. He served in WWI as a Seargent.
    Below is a picture of William Hassell ROCHELLE, taken about 1926 at the Capitol Building in Nashville, Tenn. Sent by Marion ROCHELLE.

    John Hardiman ROCHELLE, the 4th child of William Thomas and Josie ROCHELLE was born 14 Sept. 1892 and died 21 June 1957 in Hickman Co., Tenn. He is buried at Oakmont Cemetery at Shipps Bend. He married Pearl DOWNEY on 12 Dec. 1912. She was the daughter of John DOWNEY and Lelia URSERY. She was born 27 Sept. 1894 and died 3 March 1985. They had the following children:
  • John Thomas ROCHELLE
  • William Glenn ROCHELLE
  • James Downey ROCHELLE
  • Paul Hassell ROCHELLE, b. 12 April 1918

    Below is a picture of John Hardiman ROCHELLE & Pearl Downey ROCHELLE and their children. It was sent by Marion ROCHELLE. The picture is of John Hardiman ROCHELLE and his 3 sons. It was taken in 1917 before his last son was born. It was taken in front of his house, which was the next farm beside his fathers William Thomas ROCHELLE'S house pictured above.

    Below is a picture of John Hardiman ROCHELLE taken in 1915; also sent by Marion ROCHELLE.

    Here is the complete picture of John Hardiman Rochelle, Rob STILES and and Pearl's Uncle Joe GADDY. Nice Fish!!

    Marcellus Rux ROCHELLE, the 8th child of William Thomas & Josie ROCHELLE was born 18 May 1900 and died 7 April 1975 in Hickman Co., Tenn. He married Lorena SPENCE, daughter of Samuel SPENCE and Lenora SHOUSE. She was born 1906 and died in 1972. There was one known child: Marcellus Rux ROCHELLE, Jr., b. 1934-d.1973. He married Johnnie M. STEPHENSON daughter of Floyd STEPHENSON and Alice ANDERSON.

    Below is a picture of Marcellus Rux ROCHELLE & Lorena SPENCE, taken in 1930- sent by Marion ROCHELLE.

    Bessie Ruth ROCHELLE was the 10th and last known child of William Thomas Rochelle and Josie HASSELL. She was born 10 July 1904 and died 6 January 1930 at Whitson Farm, Hickman Co., Tenn.
    Below is a picture of Bessie Ruth ROCHELLE, taken about 1919. Sent by Marion ROCHELLE.

    Below is a picture of Bessie Ruth ROCHELLE on her wedding day, she married Emitt WHITSON.

    William Wyatt ROCHELLE, son of William and Mary Ray ROCHELLE, was born in 1806 in Wake Co., North Carolina. He married Obedience KEATH/HEATH?, 9 Oct. 1827 in Wake Co., N.C. Shortly after he and his new wife and family moved to Lawrence Co., Tenn. to be with his brother Wiley S. Rochelle. William Wyatt and Biddy ROCHELLE had the following children: 1)Rufus b. Oct. 1828 (2)Mary Marsha, b. 1833 in Lawrence Co., (3)Nancy E., b. 14 Nov. 1836 (4) William James b. 16 May 1839 (5)Sarah A., b. 1842 (6)Obedience Elizabeth, b. 1844 (7)Eliza Adeline, b. 1847 (8)Wiley Thomas, b. Oct. 1848. William died in 1882 and his wife Biddy died in 1885.


    The Estate Records of William ROCHELLE & Biddy ROCHELLE. 6 Dec. 1886. Rufus ROCHELLE etals Vs. Fannie PASCHAL etals. The undersigned clerk, respectfully reports that in obedience to an order of reference as to the several facts herein after reported, as follows, to wit: He has taken the deposition of Rufus ROCHELLE and N.B. SIMMONS upon the facts stated in teh deposition of said Rufus ROCHELL, the clerk reports, that Wm. ROCHELLE died in 1882. His wife died in 1885 and upon the further proof made by said Rufus ROCHELLE, he further reports that there is eight (8) original heirs to the estate of said Wm. ROCHELLE, Dec'd., namely to wit: Rufus ROCHELLE, W. J. ROCHELLE, W. T. ROCHELLE, Martha M. M. ROCHELLE, Sarah W. WILLISMS, wife of E. M. WILLIAMS, Elizabeth HOLT, wife of Robert R. HOLT, Eliza A. AYERS, wife of William AYERS, and Nancy E. PASCHALL, who is dead; leaving five (5) children. Namely, to wit: Nancy A. AYERS, wife of Joe AYERS, R. I. PASCHAL, Cynthia C. PASCHALL, and Alonzo PASCHALL. And as to whether the lands should be sold or divided, upon the proof made by Rufus ROCHELLE and N. B. SIMMONS,t he clerk reports that from the nature and situation of the lands belonging to the estate of said Wm. ROCHELLE, Dec'd, said lands could not be advantageously divided for the reason that said lands would not make more than one reasonable good home, therefore it would be manifestly to the interest of all parties interested to have said land sold and the proceeds divided among the heirs. It also appears from the disposition of said Rufus ROCHELL that two small tracts or parcels of land was sold off said 200 acre tract, to wit: about 7 1/2 acres on the N.B. of said tract to on ----- THOMPSON and 3,4 or 5 acres to John W. PASCHAL or A. P. LUNA. It further appears from the proof and cross examination by the guardians and ---- that after the death of said Wm. ROCHELL, his widow took charge of the personal and real estate without administration. After the death of said widow ROCHELL, the said Rufus ROCHELLE was appointed administrator upon the estate of Wm. ROCHELL and made a sale of the personal property left at the death of said widow, amounting to $31.35, there also being a note for $64.13.
    The proof further shows that the proceeds arising from the said sale ---- will perhaps pay the indebtedness of said estate. Respectfully submitted 6 Dec. 1886. J. M. Gibson, Clerk


    The following picture is of their 4th son William James ROCHELLE, b. 16 May 1839, in Lawrence Co., Tenn.

    William James ROCHELLE married Nancy Melviny DUGGER, on 22 Jan. 1859 in Lawrence Co., Tenn. Nancy was born 22 Nov. 1836 and died 13 Sept. 1906. William James ROCHELLE died 3 March 1917, they are both buried in Lawrence Co. They had the following children: 1)Nancy A.E., b. 1861 in Wayne Co., Tenn. 2)Joseph R., b. 1864 (3)Martha J., b. 1867, Lawrence Co., (4)William Thomas, b. 5 May 1872.


      The map above shows the general location of William George Washington ROCHELLE'S farm. Tapley ROCHELLE lived North northeast of the top of the picture. W. G. W. ROCHELLE'S farm sat in the valley tot he right of Swan Creek Road, below Highway #50, North of Bond Road and left of Blue Buck Road.



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